Mazel tov Monday

Well, it’s no surprise that after an uneventful weekend, I’m back with yet another uneventful post.

This is just getting beyond ridiculous.

“Giveth mine memory card, or the force which should be used for defense shall be unlocked upon you I’ll use.”
Img src:

My memory card? Still not here. Freaking customer service seems okay but it’s so poor since they promised me to email me a form (which I have to consequently sign and return – and guess what, that’ll add an extra day) but they DID NOT EMAIL IT TO ME. They take one business day (in fact since they don’t operate over the weekend, means I had to wait the entire weekend)  just to write a response, and they DO NOT DO THEIR WORK. Seems like it’ll take another day for it to happen, hmm? If so, I’m definitely going to blow up at customer service and I’ll most likely even bitch about it on their Facebook page. I am NOT a happy camper. A memory card does not take up to 3 weeks to ship especially when their warehouse I probably can literally see from my place! “LOST IN TRANSIT” – do they realise that it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE for items to get lost in transit unless it was so poorly packaged that the address is either unreadable or the packaging is completely ruined?! Are you kidding me?! I KNOW how the postal system works! This is a load of crap! Whilst the money I paid wasn’t that much, if they weren’t going to be competent enough to send it out to me in the first place, do me a favour, let me know so I can actually go somewhere and just BUY one instead of having to wait for… let me see… NOTHING?!

This isn’t just an “inconvenience”, it’s a complete waste of MY PRECIOUS TIME. I rather be sitting doing nothing peeling an apple, than to have to chase up for something that I’ve already paid for – it’s MINE. If the company had bothered to ACTUALLY SEND IT OUT VIA EPARCEL LIKE THEIR WEBSITE PROMISED IN THE FIRST PLACE, then NONE of this would have to happen. I’m simply just fuming because people entrust this place to send out their items SAFELY (their website says yadda yadda everything is insured so that it will get to you and they’ll replace it if it gets lost in the mail) when they turn around and then say “OH UH SRZ LOLZ WE SENT IT OUT VIA NORMAL MAIL CUZ WE WANTD TO SAVE MUNNEH – DIDDUN THINK U’D NOTICE” – WTH!?

If I still don’t get an email tomorrow, I will definitely not be happy. 3 entire weeks since I’ve paid and local ground mail does NOT take that freaking long. In fact I’ve made overseas purchases which are faster. I have no problem if they don’t want to deal with a dissatisfied customer, because I’m more than happy to take my business elsewhere. ARGH – FRUSTRATION x 10000.

I’ll write the full details on this place as a dedicated post another time. Be very wary buying from them – it’s NOT worth your trouble! I could have given my money to charity instead – this is just disgusting!

In fact right now I’m considering taking this to Fair Trading. This is just absolutely ridiculous.

… and the weight is…

Well. Bloatsauce. Comes as no surprise – I gained 0.6kg. Sigh.

My measurements are the same as last week though – no change, which means it’s just a temporary bouncing of weight here and there. To be honest I can’t be stuffed doing the 5kg weightloss target thing. I’ve lost 4kg already, and it’s just been dancing around those numbers. I think at the end of the day if my measurements are looking good then I don’t need to be too concerned with how much I weigh, yes? But in any case, I’ll still aim for those blasted 5kg and 26″ waist target – I’m still doing okay considering I’ve only been doing this for a few months… but anyway. I shall continue on with it.

Boys can be, and are ridiculous. Hence they are boys.

Someone just told me that guys don’t get girlfriends because “they have other things to do with the time instead of having a girlfriend”.

Forewarning – Mazel tov Monday should ideally be renamed “Bitchy Monday” – but I woke up on the wrong side of the bed to begin with this morning. Apologies, my lovelies.


Does anyone else agree with me but does that sound ludicrous or LUDICROUS?!

So in other words, from what I gather, other things may take priority over having a girlfriend. May I please ask, what kinds of things take priority over having a girlfriend?

This is what I immediately thought of:

Playing Starcraft II.

Img src: – two thumbs up – one for the username (Buffalo), and second thumb because xanga surprisingly still exists. No thumbs for the game itself, as this is the source of late night gaming, thus releasing tons of carbon/greenhouse gases into the atmosphere with the fuel needed to be burned to help fire extra CPU and graphics card for those millions playing worldwide. And for the girls who are burning photographs and voodoo dolls of boyfriends who left them to play this blasphemous game.
Just kiddin’, it looks freaking awesome.

So very possibly instead of having a girlfriend, a guy would rather play Starcraft 2. Well okay, it’s not surprising – it’s been a long awaited game release, and it’s so extreme that one of my friends actually called up EB Games at midnight, asked when they’d close, and ran downstairs to buy it – he bought the game 5 minutes past midnight on the day/ night of its release.

Usually you’d think that at midnight you’d be at home cuddled with either a bunch of soft toys (if you have no significant other) or your significant other.

Some guys would rather prefer to stroke their keyboards and mice all night long baby. Alllll nightt longgggg.

PS: The guy has a girlfriend, but I’m just saying that a lot of guys who don’t would still prefer to play SC2 over having a girlfriend.

Making a sandwich.

“Wait till I eat you… mmmmm nom nom nom.”
Img src:

Farfetched, but possibly for some guys, making a sandwich is more important than hanging around with a girlfriend.

And by sandwich, I really meant the food consisting of two slices of bread. Just sayin’ for those who are thinking otherwise…

Watching a game of football. Alone.

Ass grab, yours sincerely from miketsu blog – taken from the “Stumble Stumble” MV (D-NA)

Or possibly with a beer with a few friends. But generally, alone.

And generally quite close to the screen.


Seriously, the idea is still ridiculous in my mind. We all have our own lives and we have plenty of shizz to do every single day. There are things we need to prioritise, and perhaps a relationship really isn’t one of them. But saying that you don’t even have time to go out and see your girlfriend maybe an hour once a week because you have “other things” to do (note the list above)…?

No wonder some guys remain single. 🙂

Posts coming up in the next week or so –

Sorry this is going to take a while to complete – especially the long awaited DO-NOT-BUY-FROM-THIS-PLACE review, but the list of items I’m going to review/ talk about will entail (over the next month or two, depending on how long the list will be):

  • SK II Skin Treatment Cleanser (well I think this is the name of it anyway)
  • Skinfood Wash-off Rice Mask (I possibly got the words around, but meh you know what I mean)
  • THEFACESHOP sheet masks
  • Aveeno Dry Skin Body Lotion
  • Shiseido Benefiance
  • And at least one mystery slimming product. 😉 – perhaps 2, depending on what I feel like.
  • Something really awesome.
  • Etude House Easy Brow pencil (in comparison to Christian Dior eyebrow pencil)

I think that will suffice for now. I will have fun trying to think of how to review and photograph the above items over the course of the next month or so – for now, Monday will be my last “resting day” before I get cracking on my design work. I can’t work knowing I have at least a pimple on my forehead. I will feel too miserable to want to do anything.

In fact, I think I’ll review the SK II later today.

Once again this is a short post – sorry about that. I just really have nothing to talk about since I stayed at home all weekend lol.

Hopefully my next post is less grouchy (but then I guess you’ve all learned to not take me too seriously) 😉 Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Mazel tov Monday

  1. LMFAOOOOO dude I love you. Your boy theories are hilarious, but dudes are missing out when there are girls like you and me who’re willing to play SC2 to begin with xP

    YAY for beauty reviews ^^

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