Freaky Fridays

Well, I admit that my blog is a COMPLETE MESS.

From now on I’m going to try and give my posts names and categories that make sense.

Introducing to you the new “Freaky Friday” category. I’m changing “Mazel tov” posts to “Mazel tov Monday” – what do they have in common apart from starting with the same letter as the day written after it? It means I’ll regularly blog on Friday and then on Monday. Anything else random can go in between, as required.

Every Friday I’m going to aim to post one photograph, and every Monday I’ll also aim to post one photograph. Makes sense? Yeah, sorta.

Friday will talk about the crappy and boring week I’ve had; Monday will have the “… and the weight is…” section as well as whatever I did on the weekend.

I think it sounds like a plan to me.

I’ll try to go back and find my Mazel tov posts and add them into the new category – but as you know, when I promise to organise something that’s floating in cyber space, I never actually really do it.


So, I got intimidated by (again)

Lookbook is a fashion conscious community full of looks uploaded by average every day people like you and me, posting up outfits that look good (or fashion accredited) looks, and listing up the brands/ locations from which their outfit is comprised of.

What do you see in the top pages? Crazy platform heels, risky outfits (colours and in terms of possible wardrobe malfunctions), and gleeful photography which tickles your eyeballs with happysauce.

I started an account thanks to C (the site is invite only), but never posted a single thing up because it’s just so intimidating. I also don’t think I’ll do too well since I don’t engage in the community and don’t think I can stay around long in such an environment. I’d still like to try and just post something up though – it takes a lot of courage to post anything up, but I’d still really like to try.

Intimidating, encouraging, inspirational or just a popularity contest? Let me know if you have any thoughts!

Random portraiture of the day

You all know I don’t post up photos of myself.

I know all the risks to do with Internet security and a whole bunch of other stuff that entails. Usually I’ll only post up a photo where my face isn’t completely visible and so on and so on. And I’m not going to change any of that!

Annoying, random text is awesome. OMONA!

Well. There are a lot of things I could talk about this photo (so no, it’s not random and without a reason!) – Firstly, Clinique Skincare is complete fail. The reason why my hair is clipped back (and it’s usually um, never clipped back unless if I needed to for obvious reasons like not getting it wet etc) is because I’m breaking out.

Admittedly it’s my fault since I’ve been too lazy to get a new Shiseido cleanser (or squeeze out the rest of whatever that remains – or hack it open with a pair of scissors) but you’d think that cleansers are the same – they all do one thing: CLEAN. Not really I’m afraid. Sorry to Clinique skincare users who have to put up with this rant, but the 3 step business does NOT work for me. You can tell since I didn’t touch anything else but the rest of my face is spotless Dx I just simply don’t get pimples in winter usually… and when I just get a bump on my face I will try to annihilate it as soon as possible by trying to smoothe it out. Not good for my skin, but it’s just a bad habit.

PS: I photoshopped the pimple away (was on my forehead) – in case if you were wondering – lolololol. Everything else has remained untouched – just changed the colours slightly, cropped, and added text.

So for people with pimples on forehead – clip your hair back. I look horrible, but who cares – I’m sitting at home anyway.

Next up – wear glasses when you use a computer. I’ve now grown used to wearing a pair of glasses (as pictured) whilst using my computer. You all might not think that it’s that big of a deal, but the reason why I’m myopic (lolz)/ near-sighted in ONE eye (yes, one, my other eye is still 20-20 vision) was because I started at a laptop with really bright backlight for 10 hours. It was the first time I’d used a laptop (one of those old fashioned brick laptops from over 10 years ago). The sad thing was that I was typing for my aunt, and I never really liked her either 😦

Protect your eyes! I stare at a 22″ screen for at least 6 hours a day and it’s barely 40cm away from me (any further I can’t see what I’m typing anyway) – so wear glasses! Make sure they’re non prescription of course – your eyes will thank you for it.

(By the way, they’re just suggestions ^)

That was my outfit for today (add jeans). Went to uni for class, and it was an early finish. LOTS OF GOSSIP *sways* but unfortunately I think I am also a subject of gossip :\ I would have preferred to only engage in gossiping about others lol. Not good :\

And with all that, it leads to my lip colour review I was meaning to do a million years ago.

Etude House VIP Girl Lipstick (PK003)

These two are HOT. So hot your eyeballs might mildly scald whilst watching. Take caution, keep a glass of water beside you.

So I watched You’re Beautiful. That was HEAVILY endorsed with Etude House products. I saw the ad. I got completely seduced by it, and I looked on ebay at the colours and really loved the selection.

By chance one day several months ago (by several I mean many) I was at Campsie, found a place named Lovely House, and they were having 50% off their stock (depending on what it was). I found Etude House VIP Girl lipstick at the counter going for just $6! – And the beauty of it was that I could actually swatch and test out the colours on my hands and stuff instead of guessing several hours and timezones away on a computer screen what the colours would be like.

Originally I really wanted to get PK007 – I’m sure everyone is seduced by this colour; I know because people actually end up here on miketsu blog with the search but are disappointed to probably find any comments about it.

Comment about PK007: VERY PIGMENTED.

One swipe of that and your lips will look FLUORO. I’m not kidding. It looks like a gentle pink, but in actual fact all their lipsticks are really just one colour – a light pink (though not baby pink – slightly neon) with several softnesses/ pigmentation of colour. For instance if you swiped one of them, it’d take 3 swipes to get any colour out of it. Just swipe the PK007 once and you look like you’ve abused your lipstick.

With the SA’s help she found me PK003, which is actually a very similar colour (I reckon it’s the same), but it’s much less pigmented. However if I packed it on, I would probably get the same result of one swipe of PK007.

PK003 is more for a slightly subtle change in lip colour – one swipe = slightly pinkish. This is if you’re not into crazy colours.

It was the very last PK003 they had in stock (the rest were sold out) so I’m assuming it’s a really popular colour.

Click for a larger image

I ❤ my camera.

Anyway – the packaging is super cute. There’s no denying. I don’t think these come in boxes – these were kinda displayed in something similar to an egg carton (you know how you kinda stab the lipstick through a cardboard/ plastic hole) – there’s a silver sticker to show that it hasn’t been opened before though. The lid is quite secure (snaps closed) and on the very top of the lipstick (left frame) it says “ETUDE HOUSE” on it.

I absolutely adore the packaging. It’s super cute, light, and the pink is just gorgeous.

Take the cap off and you’re got the lipstick.

Let me just run through some other things: the lipstick doesn’t taste like anything terrible. There’s a slight lipstick taste, but it’s not as bad as other lipsticks I’ve tried. The lipstick smells of peach (yes, peach) which makes it fun. The colour itself also has very small glittery/ shimmery pigments in it (you can see this in the far right frame).

PROBLEMS? – the lipstick is very soft. I had no problems with this lipstick until I found it in my camera bag after neglecting it for a few months and I found that just by knocking my bag around the lipstick has been slipping out of the lipstick holder base and has gotten scratched. Look at the right frame for a closeup.

The staying power of the lipstick is also not very high. It comes off on your cups (so in reality, Jang Geun Suk would have gotten orange lips after pashing Park Shin Hye – just sayin’).

The moisturising power of the lipstick is okay – but not high. It does dry your lips somewhat, so if you were looking for plump, moist lips, you might need a layer of clear gloss over the top. Otherwise the finish is somewhat matte.

Would I recommend this lipstick? Why not? It’s cheap (please do not pay more than $6 for one of these – that’s how much they retail in Korea and you shouldn’t need to pay any more than that), there are some beautiful colours (I really want the orangey peach one now…) and the packaging is just so ridiculously cute I’d just buy a heap of these to display if I had the space and money to do so. The pigmentation is quite good (you might need a few swipes but it depends which one you’re using).

If you need a lipstick with high staying power and moisturising properties this might not be the one for you, but it’s not too bad. I’m wearing it in my portraiture photo/ OMONA! photo by the way, in case if you didn’t catch onto how I changed the subject into a lipstick review. It looks nice in photos (and I think that was the point – which is why the colour is quite strong – for photos, videos, stuff like that), but in real life, it was really quite bright when I took the photo.

Pretty pigmented I must say, which is quite impressive for a $6 lipstick.

I guess this concludes this week’s first Freaky Friday session (so y’all can get freaky with each other… hahaha I keeed).

What do I have planned for this weekend? Actually I don’t have anything planned. If by chance I’m lucky I’ll get to go out and take some photos, if not I’ll be at home using my brain power to think about this session’s design project and getting started on it. Making models sounds like a good idea – will probably do that on Sunday.

Oh, and I still need to buy a tripod – lolz.

PS: If you were all wondering about my photos and how they were all possible, I still haven’t gotten my blasted memory card. It’s getting just a wee bit ridiculous since I’ve been waiting for OVER TWO WEEKS NOW – the place I ordered it from is NOT going to get a positive review once I get the card – IF I get it. They are so slow and they don’t even follow their own promises on their web page! They have zero credibility in my eyes now; their story keeps changing!

So yes, a super negative review coming up for that one – and until then I’ll still be hanging onto P‘s memory card. I feel so bad for hogging it! DAMN IT – JUST SEND ME MY MEMORY CARD ALREADY YOU STUPID WEBSITE >A<

Until next blog!


5 thoughts on “Freaky Fridays

  1. Hi,

    I was going to leave a comment earlier suggesting that you should make some beauty-related posts and yay, you just made one! 😛

    I tried out Noble yesterday because I had alot of time to kill at the city! I am happy with the haircut, and the hairdresser was really nice and attentive. It was $35 for wash/cut/dry and I think my hair is about the same length as yours, or maybe a tad bit shorter. I didn’t know that they ‘style’ it afterwards and was really confused when she asked me if I wanted it wavy or straight! I said I didn’t mind and she waved the ends… I am now thinking of doing that myself more reguarly! ^^

    • Hi again Bernice!

      No problem 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the haircut – ^^

      I personally really like it when they curl the ends of my hair – I’ve been doing that a bit more lately lol ^^

      I’ll try to make more beauty related posts if I can – I have a few things (actually make that a bunch) I could review, so I’ll do that eventually over time ^^

      PS: Thanks so much for letting me know how much it is! I should probably be charged around the same then – YAYERZ >:3

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