Movie: Inception (2010)

So after seeing Twitter spammed flooded (PARDON THE PUN LOLOLOL) with people tweeting about Inception and having everyone rave on about it positively (“epic”, “awesome” – the list goes on), I went to see it today.

The original plan was that I was going somewhere to take photos, but given the crappy weather today I ended up going to see a movie *shrugs* – it happens. But I’ll be going to that place soon – that’ll be for another day!

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Wikipedia (WARNING: entire plot synopsis and spoilers galore):

Well, I never really knew what to expect. My impression of the movie vastly changed when I saw the television ads (that’s when I saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt and then thought to myself “maybe I should go see this”…) and then when I started to watch it it was even stranger.

I must say, this was a really good movie. It got a bit too long towards the end (but then again, that was the exact same feeling as “The Dark Knight” – it just started to get long), but it was indeed epic. The computer effects were amazing and the entire concept was so engrossing that the suspense was really high – literally you feel like you’re on a tense cable string and any time soon it was going to snap.

I loved the cast (ELLEN PAGE WAS IN IT – I AM FULL OF GLEE) – and well, what else to say? I really enjoyed it. I just really wish that we saw it in Imax instead (it would have been so much cooler) – and that Nolan made this in 3D (that would have been double the fun).

Otherwise there was a girl sitting behind us making crude comments throughout the movie – yeah, nice try, but maybe you should let people enjoy the movie, okay?

One thing she did say right though that everyone agreed with was at the conclusion of the movie, how there was an open ended ending: “F*** THAT” – indeed.

Methinks Mr Nolan will need to start considering making an Inception 2. If this sounds like a good idea Mr Nolan, you can pay me later for giving you the idea. 😉

The rest of the day consisted of eating at Takeru again and aimless wandering like lost souls in the city.

And that is all 🙂

Uni starts for me tomorrow. I just hope that I get a heck of fun on this weekend 😀

Until next blog!


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