Mazel tov

… and the weight is…

Well, new week, new goals – but achieve the ones you set in place first!

Stepped on the scales to lose another 0.1kg (100 grams) – in other words, it’s not water bouncing around any more (not at the moment anyway) – I’ve sort of hit a limit. I only did ONE hula hoop session the past week (I’m quite ashamed actually – I should start it up this week again) but only because I went to the Biennale and I was walking around the city for another 3 extra days on top of that. The funny thing is that I did my hoop session on the night I took my mum out… instead of the day I was miserable and stuck at home. At least, I can’t remember if I hooped or not, and if I can’t remember, let’s just say I didn’t.

I’ve been feeling bloated lately – poor sleep (lack and lack of sleep – it’s turning into a bottomless pit of insomnia and not-so-delicious [literally] dreams about zombies falling in love with humans and having indecent requests – oh how I loathe my dreams and capacity to imagine) and ridiculously unhealthy eating habits. One day I binge on rice and fried dumplings – fast forward a few more days I’m eating nothing but a mere salad. If I were my stomach, I’d hate me.

But the measurements aren’t bad – waist is now 26.5″ which makes me a really happy camper (this is disregarding the fact that once I eat my waist is nonexistent due to stupid bloating) and my leg measurements are all the same, just less jiggly.

I am also fitting into a size small with zero difficulty. Not that I had trouble before, but I didn’t like how I had a nonexistent waist and there were unattractive bulges in the wrong places. T_T

Me and my Gakkenflex – I gave it a strap and it’s all DIY and super pretty. Will post photos of it again later for another day.

I’m wearing a dress I bought yesterday. It amuses me how well the buttons are secured onto this dress, opposed to my zipia blazer which I lost a button of in recent weeks. (And yeah, sorry, my dress got scrunched up lol, it’s not meant to be :\)

I’m also amused at how fast my hair grows – or rather, how fast time flies – I dyed my hair in April already, with the generous help of C – it’s almost the end of July – wow, 3 months. No wonder the regrowth is about 2.5cm long 😦 And if anyone was wondering if I did anything to my hair, I didn’t. I rolled out of bed like that :\

Excuse the shoes. I actually took a semi decent photo of myself using the self timer with my shoes on – then when I was about to transfer my photos into the computer I accidentally deleted them all before I copied them to my harddrive 😦

I’m starting to quite like the capabilities of my camera – but yeah, I’m posting up just this one because the rest of them turned out blurry 😦 Boo.

I was talking about it just last night about doing portraiture shots but after the amount of sheer failure shots I took just today, I’m not so optimistic any more 😦 I didn’t photoshop the image above in terms of trying to make myself skinnier or anything by the way. That’s exactly how the shot turned out (colours a bit changed and cropped) – I need to work on those arms and legs badly. If only I grew another 5cm, then my problems would be solved Dx

But yes, I tried to buy a tripod today but then the ones that were nice and tall were so expensive ($100+)… gotta think of a cheaper alternative.

But anyway, this photo in relation to weight loss – not an accurate photo (the camera was sitting much lower than me), but after losing something like 4.6kg, this is what I look like. People say they can tell how slim I got, but when I look at a photo like this, I don’t think much has changed. Sadly, I still have a lot more work to do.

Phone strap blues

Well, I had a phone strap but it snapped a few weeks ago when I dropped my phone onto the floor lololol. I had to fix it again (the second time already!) and this time I was armed/ equipped with more materials.

I reused my rose mirror and this is what it looks like so far. Kinda matches the colour scheme of my phone, with the exception of the little bow 🙂 I didn’t make the bow – I bought it like that lol. They were so cute I just couldn’t resist.

Rainy weather today yo! Can’t do anything more and can’t write anything more about today. I should start my hula hoop session fairly soon now.

Until next blog!


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