Noble Hairdresser/ Beauty, Pitt Street, Sydney

Not sure if people are updated with my blogs (because most of the time people just stumble across it through google searches), but my current verdict is that Kim Sun Young Pitt Street is not as good as it used to be. In fact, it has now closed down. If you check my Twitter apparently it was moving down or up the street to somewhere else – frankly though, I don’t really give a damn because they sucked so bad (even worse than my Town Hall KSY cut) that I’m not interested in going back to them.

Uhuh. I find this ironic just after cutting my hair barely a week or two later that they closed down – and rightly so because my hair is still full of split ends, the hair is still breaking and the front parts aren’t layered as well as they should have been. Do I want to spend another $40 to cut my hair again? I think I might have to – I did after all cheap out on cutting my hair (usually I cut it once every 3 months without fail – this time I cut it in 6 months so I’m owing the hairdressers that one hair cut. DAMN IT.)

Keep reading for the review on Noble Beauty – I’m going to blog about my day first.

Sydney Fish Markets

We go to the Fish Markets every month or so and this time we came out quite light handed. Fish is getting quite expensive these days :\ Half a dozen of oysters though! Mmmm – can’t wait to try those – they looked awesome!

Energy Australia

The story was that we’ve been loyal customers of Energy Australia for years – until one day a mysterious man rang our doorbell, and my parents let him in. He scared my mum into thinking that her electricity bills were extremely expensive, and somehow managed to get her to sign a contract to switch to their electricity company.

All this happened while I wasn’t at home.

It wasn’t until after he left that my mum realised what a mistake she had made – I was furious that she let someone in despite not knowing much English and letting them talk her into something. Still, it was alright seeing that the bills weren’t too bad and that we got a free magazine subscription.

Come this last quarter’s bill the energy tariff BITES. We usually pay at most $280AUD/ quarter in the winter months but for some horrid reason it was priced at $404! That’s almost double what we usually pay (our previous bill was less than $200!) and we realised that it was this new energy tariff thing. We still don’t know what we did for the bill to be that high (we honestly don’t own a heater or use a clothes dryer – all our light bulbs are energy saving and I wasn’t even at home for a few days). The most expensive bill ever.

Took my mum to Energy Australia and compared the rates – exactly the same, but if we sign a 2 year contract we can get a 5% discount. Not bad.

I encourage you all to look at your energy bills and think of ways to cut down on it – we lost a Gucci wallet because our bill was just so high – don’t let it happen to you!

Madang Korean BBQ

I always seem to take my mum out to Korean restaurants when she rarely makes a trip to the city. I just decided to take her to Madang because the food is good Dx

Ordered a dolsot bibimbap and a large serving of fried dumplings. Soooo good Dx We were both stuffed.

Noble Hairdresser/ Beauty

So what happened was we saw that Kim Sun Young had closed down, and we walked past Noble on the way to Madang and noticed that there were a lot of people inside.

Curious, we just decided to try it out. They were a bit busy so we waited for about 20 minutes or so, but afterwards the rest was history.

The interior is long and narrow, but not too bad. It’s clean and well ventilated as they have an airconditioning system. My mum noticed cigarette smell but it possibly came from outside or the back passage – whatever that happens to connect to. I noticed that they offered things like Brazillian waxes, but I couldn’t figure out where they’d do it because the back room looked like a storage room rather than a private beautician’s room.

Bringing a friend along or waiting for someone? No problem, there’s enough space to place a pram (which is what happened today) aside, a long wooden bench to sit on, and 2 separate chairs you can sit on for waiting. There’s also a small tier of magazines available for reading.

While sitting there I noticed that all 3 hairdressers were highly skilled, friendly, had great English language skills (this is a plus if you are worried about communication) and were just really really good hairdressers. A lot of people go to Noble for hair treatments and stuff like that, but their cutting skills are really quite polished. The way they style your hair afterwards is more traditional (straighten, rather than a fancy schmancy curl blow dry, which covers up any hair cutting flaws) and they do keep their customers quite satisfied by asking them if the cut is good – and making adjustments where required.

After a cut they use a sponge to remove any hair off your face and neck. I also realised that they have quite a high level of attention to detail, so their margin for error is quite low.

My mum also commented that when she got her hair washed it was much better than at KSY (remember how I said I couldn’t even remember if conditioner was being applied…?) and her hair was cut a lot more and a lot better this time around.

It comes with a slight price though – $30 opposed to the $22 we paid last time at KSY. We both thought my mum’s hair would have been counted as short, as it is short, but coming to think of it, the hair was almost touching the shoulders so it was kind of medium hair. It was a great job so we didn’t ask any questions and just paid for it. By haircutting standards, the prices are already very affordable in comparison to some crappy Chinese hairdressers who can’t cut for life.

Looking at Noble’s prices they should be identical to KSY’s prices, but before you cut, you should ask. For instance, there’s no guarantee that I could get a wash/cut/dry for $38 at Noble – I just wouldn’t know.

They’re all really highly skilled and can cater for quirky needs – so you can be a bit picky and tell them exactly what you want, and they’ll do it for you. All in all, really, not a bad hairdressing place – it’s quite good. If I had the choice to rewind, I wouldn’t mind getting my hair cut at Noble instead of KSY.

PS: For guys who are looking to cut at Noble, short hair is $22 for guys, and you even get your hair rinsed after cutting it. Then they dry it and cut it some more for the finishing touches. Not a bad place to take your boyfriend or recommend your guy friends to.

PPS: Cutting a fringe is $5.

There’s another branch of Noble just around the corner and when we walked past that, that was full/ busy too. They take appointments – so when you pay at the counter, you should ask your hairdresser for his/her name and they’ll give you a card!

UPDATE FEB 2014: Noble on Pitt Street no longer exists. The guy was alright (he did a pretty good job with my mum’s short hair), however I tried them twice and got the same lady twice and she was terrible. For now on, I’m staying away from Korean hairdressers, 😦


2 thoughts on “Noble Hairdresser/ Beauty, Pitt Street, Sydney

  1. Hi again!

    I haven’t commented for a while but I’ve been reading your posts 🙂
    I bought the Korean hula hoop…. >2mths ago (on sale for $15 yay!) but haven’t been using it very often… ==” And this might seem like a weird question but how do you manage hula hoop for an entire hour? Sometimes I play music when I’m hula-hooping but I can’t even keep it up for A song! :S

    Also, I SOOOO agree about the crappy Chinese hairdressers thing. No offence. Personally, I think Western hairdressers tend to cut chunky layers and Chinese hairdressers make your hair really wispy at the ends. (Perhaps a generalisation but that’s my experience xD) Perhaps I will go to a Korean hairdresser now! I’m desperate for my hair to grow out of its current wispy-ness but now that you’ve mentioned it I might get my fringe cut haha.

    Thanks ~~ 🙂

    • Hi again Bernice! 😀

      Well, it started off with just 5 minutes a day really lol. The first time I did it I literally could only do it 5 minutes – I didn’t know how to spin the hoop, it hurt, and I was sweating a lot haha. The next day though (it’s a bit like eating wasabi and still eating it even though it’s horrible hehe) I could do 30.

      I think if you can do 5 minutes, just do 5 minutes a day for maybe 3 days. If you feel up for it, do 5 minute spins periodically throughout the day (once a day, to twice a day – just separate it). Once you feel that it’s not hurting so much and you know you can spin it confidently without it slipping and hurting your legs, you can do 10 minutes. Then 15 – eventually you will be able to do 30.

      My feet get really numb when I do an hour nonstop, but it’s not too bad as long as you learn to spin it – I’ve just grown to automatically just swing my hips from side to side rather than around in a circular motion – saves a lot of energy. Periodically I also march on the spot with the hoop still going. I switch on the TV usually if I’m going to hoop for that long.

      My advice is just not to be too ambitious and try an hour in one go – it does take a while to get used to the hoop since it hurts >__<!)

      I don’t go to western hairdressers but I agree with the chunkiness – a haircut I got as a kid that I hated put me off western hairdressers for life haha – they’re overpriced too, anyway. I avoid the Chinese hairdressers because they’re ridiculously overpriced ($40+ for long hair, typically $55+ in the city T_T) and the quality is really dodgy since they are generally sloppy. I know what you mean by wispy ends! Esp the wiggly ends because of they way they cut :\

      Korean hairdressers are awesome because they are sort of in the middle – they’re slightly cheaper, but the quality is generally stable. "Budget haircut" is probably the best way to describe it since they're not cheapo lol.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting – hope this helps with your hula hooping ^^

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