2010 Biennale @ Cockatoo Island

Well, so the day pretty much started off nice and sunny with rain (drizzly rain). I’m still waiting on that stupid memory card – in fact I cannot believe that it is taking this long for it to come! I’m quite annoyed and I’m just thankful that I gave up waiting and just went out, or else I would have been stuck at home all day waiting for nothing!

EDIT/ Sorry I forgot to say, I managed to take all of these photos thanks to P who kindly lent me his SDHC card – and with Alien Swarm on it too lol.

I heard about the Biennale and free ferries to it a while ago actually from P but I never really thought much into it until I heard that it was going to end in August 😡

So just to reiterate that, free ferries to Cockatoo Island for the Biennale – go there before August 1st!

We were all meant to go as a group (Lovigans) but it never quite fell through. Uni starts for me next week so it was ideal to go see it – especially now that I’m equipped with a camera and all. P needed to see it since he starts even earlier than me (Monday), so it was impromptu to just go see it today.

Had lunch at Ton ton @ Lumiere and I’m still very confused at their spicy Nira ramen – it’s like mince/ spicy bolognese. It looked terrible and the worst thing was it wasn’t the first time I’ve ordered it. I simply forgot what it was and I did it again. Admittedly it’s not that bad, but it wasn’t that great either. Everything was more or less busy during 1pm which was when we decided to eat, so that wasn’t too fun either.

We had to wait for the ferry for a while but since there was nothing at the Rocks to look at, I just ended up playing with my new camera.

I was using manual settings only  for the entire time and it was SO HARD. I’ve never used a DSLR before – sure I’ve held one and taken photos, but I don’t really know how to tinker with the settings 😦

I kinda regret leaving my Instax home because in my mind I was thinking “shooting with camera – umbrella in bag – top handle bag – too heavy”. I would have gotten gorgeous colours with an Instax :\

Well, the ferry arrived and this is what it tooked like:

We decided to sit on the top – we both hit our heads as we climbed up the ladder and my hair got terribly knotted in the wind. Oh, and it was very windy and freezing lol. The view was nice though – nice experience – but better to do it during the spring time!

This was the first installation we saw. It was pretty cool I must say, since the lights changed periodically and really did look like fireworks – all I can say is that I’m thankful that the shot even turned out.

There were essentially 3 types of installations – sculptural, visual (as in photographs or images or paintings) and video.

Video was very popular this year as there were double sided screens (you could see through the screens and watch from both sides) and there were just so many of them. We were a bit pressed for time because we needed to get home early, but I think we walked into each installation. The most we would have skipped would have been just one or two of them – but I think we probably visited them all.

As a result of the sheer number of random installations, I’m not going to post up everything – I’ll just post up what I think is interesting – you can leave it up to yourself to whether or not you want to go look at the Biennale! But as the name suggests, Biennale happens only once every 2 years – miss this one, you have to wait 2 years!

This was one cool looking installation that both P and I both couldn’t understand lol.

I stole this shot of P because of the nice blue light behind from a screen projection thingy. WHO AM I KIDDING, THIS PHOTO REMINDS ME OF MY LOVELY SONY THAT GOT STOLEN 😦 Awesome camera can take cool photos.

This photo is a bit exaggerated (see the elipses one instead), but it is quite dark inside the video installation rooms. You have to push a curtain to get in, so it’s quite dark lol. Be careful not to barge in because sometimes you might not see a step or realise there are people inside of the the rooms – go in quietly and try not to obstruct their view 😉

I had to take a photo of this screen – the beautiful woman on screen is a Hong Kong actress named Maggie Cheung (wiki). She’s probably most famous for being the female protagonist in several Jackie Chan movies (did I spell his name right? I’m so lost) – This woman is 46 years old and she’s still so lovely.

There was this piece of jewellery in a cabinet that I had to take a photo of and share with you all. I think the image speaks for itself – treasure what you’ve got guys! If you don’t, next thing you know it’ll be GONE.

I present to you this unphotoshopped lovely photo I took as we were waiting for the ferry to leave the island. The sky was a beautiful marshmallowy puffy cloud look and it was freezing, LOL.

I took this photo on the ferry on the way back to Circular Quay. This time I requested that we sit inside (outside would have been sooooo cold) and so that we didn’t have to bump our heads again going up the ladder. I was saying how fascinated I was at the idea of the west side having a slightly longer day since the sun still illuminates their sky.

I would have taken a beautiful shot of the harbour bridge and Luna Park, but my camera settings stuffed up and I couldn’t take the photos 😦 Well, maybe another time.

Sorry that I had to cut this post short – I would have loved to write more about the Biennale, but sadly, that was about it for the day. The day only lasted 5 hours, and I must say, we did a lot but at the same time didn’t really do anything either. There were some installations that were quite disturbing – most of the time, we were both confused.

If you’re going to catch a ferry to Cockatoo Island for free:

Ferries run EVERY HOUR (eg. 11am, 12 noon)

If you’re going to catch a ferry FROM Cockatoo Island for free back to Circular Quay:

Ferries run EVERY HOUR at the HALF WAY MARK (eg. 11:30am, 12:30pm)

It roughly takes 20-30minutes to get to Cockatoo Island, it’s free, and there are toilets, refreshments and there’s a temporary bar (look for the plastic green colanders – it was like looking at RMIT all over again >_<) – and they have alcohol. It smelled so strongly of alcohol in there we both just turned around and left >_<

But yes, get in there and see the installations – it ends 31st July 2010 – be there or be there in 2 years’ time!

Adios amigas 😀 Or amigos, for the male readers 🙂


2 thoughts on “2010 Biennale @ Cockatoo Island

  1. OOOHHHH Maggie Cheung ♥♥♥ I think I’m going to have to go Biennale before it ends – the exhibitions look awesome. And your new camera takes such sexy photos /pets


    • Lol yeah, Maggie Cheung is le gorgeous ❤ Do go have a look! It's mostly a lot of video installments that make you sorta go "what the…" but try to go early because if you want to watch the videos (esp like the Maggie Cheung one which is 40 mins!!!) you need time lol. Last ferry to leave the island is 5:30pm :S

      And thanks ❤ Wish I could take even better photos though – I'm still not used to the camera. 😉

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