Mazel tov

A concoction of gloomy skies, dull mood and insomnia

Hello, and welcome to my life.

For the past 4 nights I’ve been sleep deprived and I can’t figure out why or what that is keeping me up. I’m extremely tired yet I don’t want to sleep during the day (means I can’t sleep during the night…).

The weather has been splendid for the past few days and now when I am thinking of getting out of the house the sky is grey 😦

I’ve had an uneventful week – but I did a few things that I needed to do and get out of the way. I’ve finally finished the charity flyer (I’m still hoping that it isn’t too craptastic since I did start over from scratch) and I’ve judged for round 1 of AP Clash 2010. It was interesting to read the various comments and how different judges reacted to different entries. The  scores looked very different at times, but well, we’ll see how things go. It was overall a really interesting first round and there were some really beautiful entries submitted.

… and the weight is

So it’s Monday morning again. I like waking up to a new week because it means I can weigh and measure – but it also means and reminds me what a boring past week I’ve had :\ Some time this week I need to trek to maybe Chatswood or something (I haven’t been in literally years and years) – or somewhere. I need one sunny day to trek to the Biennale.

I lost 0.1kg (that’s 100 grams) since last week. My waist is shrinking beyond 27″, but my thighs have bounced back up to 50cm. It was possibly the lack of sleep (water retention, bloatsauce galore), but at the moment I don’t really care, if the 5:3:2 leg ratio thing is meant to be a good ratio. I just really want my legs (thighs in particular) to tone up (which they have been – they’re less flabby), waist to shrink and I need to start working on my upper arms.

My BMI is now 20.4 – not bad and still going.

I need money. Lots of it.

I’ve decided on what camera I want – now the biggest challenge is sometime this week I’m going to attempt to get Myer to pricematch it.

I’m so excited and I can’t wait, but I just don’t have the money for it yet 😦 There’s an upcoming camera market sale but it definitely won’t be there on sale.

If you’re wondering what type of camera I’m after, it’s a DSLR – I’ll only reveal it later when I actually buy it.

I don’t want to hear any of that “but you could have bought this with your money” – I’m not after a 100% professional camera. I can still take good shots with a point and shoot (occasionally) – I just want extra control over zoom, focus and better picture clarity that comes with a DSLR. I don’t need 14mpx either, because well, I don’t really need it. Anyway, you’ll see when I get it. 🙂

And this week’s post ends here

Sorry for this post being super short – I haven’t done anything amazing this past week or anything. I’m currently emotionally and physically drained and I just want to sleep.

I’ll be back in the next few days with something really awesome – promise 🙂


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