Do NOT try to copy me – OR my friends.

Guess what? These girls were NOT serious when they sang this song or made the MV!

I put a great deal of my information online – photos, drawings, images of all sorts, even a large amount of text that could probably be printed into hundreds, perhaps even thousands of pages strewn across a multitude of sites.

Why do I do this?

Because I like to express my ideas. The Internet is a platform where I can share these with you and hopefully either give you insight, information, or just squeeze a smile or chuckle out of you all.

What is my point?

My point is of course I write reviews to encourage or discourage people to buy or not buy from places I go to or things I buy. HOWEVER – I absolutely hate it when my ideas are stolen. Especially before I even get to enjoy consuming my own consumption and telling others about it – then someone brazenly and crazily comes along and sweeps the idea and spreads it to their friends or whoever it is they want to share it with.

I have absolutely no problem pretending it’s just by pure coincidence. I’ve had various things about me copied throughout my life. It’s nothing new.

Nothing’s going to change because I’m not naive enough to ignorantly believe that things will differ; all I can do is just say, if you want to take ideas at least don’t make it so obvious, and do it in a way so that you don’t look stupid doing it. The worst thing that can happen is for me (or my friends) to set a trend, and then have someone try to copy or adapt the trend but fail horribly while doing so.

Also, if you’re going to do it blatantly, at least give some credit to the source where you copied it from. You all understand plagiarism and its academic consequences – it’s no different even if you think you’re just going to copy your friends. At least do it a bit differently, or do it in a way so that you’re at least credited a slight bit of creativity. Direct copies are merely in my eyes counterfeit wannabes. It’s a serious academic offence. And with offence, people do get offended that you were so lazy to credit, you just extracted an idea and translated a copy to gloat to other people.

Usually if someone is like “hey I’m going to wear a red dress for the party” wouldn’t your FIRST instinct be “oh crap, I better wear something DIFFERENT”? Why would you do the SAME?

People share their ideas not so that you can copy them – it’s so they can claim it’s THEIRS. They share it because they want to show how creative they are as an individual. I don’t think people appreciate it if you copy them – it implies that they’re no longer original (since you copied, and worse still, pretend you created the idea) – you ruin everything. Despite the smiles and the “oh, it’s okay”, as a designer myself, I know what it’s like – behind the smile is a great deal of hurt and offence  taken. It’s RUDE.

I’m not talking about any single person because I’m sure everyone knows someone like the type I’ve described. I’m merely expressing my strong dislike for the distasteful nature of such copycats.

Please, if you think you copy someone – just don’t do it any more. In my case, if such a person possibly exists, I advise you please stop or else I will just stop publishing any of my ideas online so you can’t steal them from me.

On a final note – I’m really happy and fine and dandy when people just discuss about things before we buy them.

One classic example is with C – we regularly talk about designer handbags and we generally take a step back when we discover that either one of us likes a bag we were thinking of getting. We discuss it, draw a balance or a result somehow, and everyone’s happy (I get a Boston, C gets a Speedy)- we don’t complain that X copied Y or anything because we acknowledge that both of our tastes are awesome and remarkably similar (hey, we bought the SAME military jacket on the SAME day but at different sides of the city!). We respect that.

Unfortunately, some people lack discipline or respect.

Just my two cents in the cyberworld.

Just a final repeat of the most essential part: start to credit people or else people will eventually stop sharing their ideas on the Internet.


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