Filler post before I end up with too much at the end of the week!

Sorry – I disappeared again. Hehe.

Hisamitsu Lifecella Eye Mask Sheets

Img src:

I bought these from for the longest time but they were sitting in my closet.

For those who know me or have seen me without makeup (which is sadly quite often) I have dark eye  circles, but they’re not too large or bad. I don’t have bags and I don’t really get bags, even after all those sleepless nights doing assignments. In a way I’m sort of lucky.

I was sleep deprived for design last session, and I never really fully recovered because straight after that I had to work on a 160 page document with A and then study and sit for an exam like 2 days after that was due in. Barely 4 days later I went to Melbourne, where I was sleep deprived actually for 3 nights (contrary to the 2 nights AT Melbourne, I keep forgetting to include the night we left – I woke up at 5am) and I really started to feel old.

I decided to give these a go – they’re cheap, and it’s actually a mask you CAN use on your undereyes.

Tried it out and I must say I’m very impressed. Half of the darkness I had  pretty much disappeared, and I’m looking fresh all over again. I’m not exaggerating this either – you can see it in my Gmarket Haulage 5 post.

Each box of these contains 5 sets (that is, 5×2 [one for each eye]) for 5 uses. It recommends that you use this  every 3 days or so (like every single Japanese mask) to keep up the good results. I don’t see the need for it being that often unless if you find that this does significantly reduce your eye circles and that your eye circles are bad enough for you to need it on a regular basis. For me, I just need to use it whenever I feel like my dark eye circles are creeping – which is typically once every few months. It’s always a good habit to do it once a week or once a fortnight – but currently I just don’t have enough of these.

The biggest thing I regret was giving a set to my ex bf who used it and told me it didn’t do much for him. Should have kept it and used it myself.

If you’re in Sydney You can buy these from AKA or even Maruyu/a(?) sells them. They won’t be as cheap as $6USD a box though. You’re typically looking at maybe $15 or something like that.

I’m sure you can find these on ebay, and you can definitely find it on or thefacewhateveritisonline shop.

Boy bands make me giddy

I realised that there was a new influx of boybands in the Korean music-o-sphere and it makes me happy 8D

FYI I can’t stand listening to girls singing – mostly because I know I will never be able to sing it. I can’t hit high notes and I don’t have a particularly high pitched voice. Hence I like to listen to guys 🙂 Easier to sing for me!


I’ve been listening to DN-A (aka Dae Guk Nam Ah) and I was surprised to see that they had an MV.

I currently have a girl crush on the kid who starts off this video. He is that pretty. Okay who am I kidding, he’s adorable >_> He’s probably way too young for me to even be watching, but I’m quite impressed with the video clip and the styling. However, this guy clearly needs to be lectured:

Screenshot courtesy of miketsu blog.

… pretending to shoot yourself with a plastic toy gun is NOT cool. Props to him to trying something NEW, but I don’t think that will go down terribly well with the kiddies.

Apart from that, it’s a really catchy song (watch and listen – actually never mind, just watch the part where Mr Pretty sings “oh oh oh …” – hmm. Curious.) and the dance is really easy to follow. I myself can do the “stumble stumble” bit as wobbly and jelly as it looks. Apart from that the other two guys have the same raspy voice and also look very similar cept for fringe or no fringe.

I enjoyed watching their MV so much (apart from the wrestling and inner voice telling me that 5 guys was not enough for a football/ Superbowl team) that I went ahead and watched them live.

Admittedly they’re not bad. They sound pretty good and they have good stage presence.

Only thing that is bothering me is the jacket I like to call the “spiky cheese jacket”. It’s a combination between a rock climbing wall, with spikes – on a block of cheese. Just watch it and decide for yourself.

I was hoping that DN-A would do well, and I’m sure they will. They have cuteness explosion in it – I’m already sold.

“Best clip” for me, but not the best song.

Code V

The highlight for me in terms of songs of the songs is this song, “Poisoning” or “Addiction” by Code V. Another 5 member group, only they aren’t so young and they have more of a ballad feel. Together they sound marvellous – with the exception of the rapper which I really don’t think meshes well.

“WAI DONTCHU LUB MEH?!?” – Hmm, I wonder why.

Apart from that I hope that they do well.

PS: Tarantula is not naice – hopefully this warning wasn’t too late.

Although it’s a really nice song, beautiful singing and all, I didn’t like the MV, there’s no dance, the spider makes sense, but the globe/cage doesn’t. I don’t know why there’s bird crap running down his arm (okokok lololol I’m just keeeding) and the last 2 lines of the song make no sense and ruined it for me.

This wins “best song” but doesn’t win “best clip” for me.


This has got to the highlight in terms of drama galore.

As the name of the group suggests I’m assuming they’re all teenagers.

Without knowing any of their birthdays or such, I’d like to proclaim that Teen Top is probably actually made of 4 boys and 2 men.

Can you spot which ones are the men?

Namely the guy who played the violin and the rapper dude. Only because it creeps me out that a teen has that much muscle, it’s somewhat frightening. Don’t take me too seriously, they’re probably teens as well, but they seriously all look mature Dx

This clip wins “best dance” in my books. I can do the chorus!!! Oh it’s so fun.

Don’t think I’ll be following these guys much. They’re way too young and just from their voices I can tell they’re only about 16/17.

I’ve watched a bunch of other video clips but hmmm yeah – I won’t write about them. Those were the three I’ve been listening to or watching on repeat 🙂

Sydney is warming up

No more thick winter jackets! It’s mid-winter and it should be freezing at this time of the year – but it’s not. Teehee. Well I guess that’s a good thing.

Hmmm it’s a bit sad that I don’t think there’ll be anything major on for tomorrow 😦 I would have loved to see you all again T_T I guess it’ll have to be saved for another day…

Until next blog!


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