Mazel tov

On both Saturday and Sunday I met up with Ramille but on Sunday we were also accompanied by M and B!

Keep reading this entry for the “… and the weight is…”  section 🙂


Lunch at Milliore, Capitol Square. Spicy Chicken (with rice) was what I ordered – lunch special at $9.90AUD. It was spicy even though there wasn’t a single chilli seed in sight D: Later on that night though I did not feel too good – I kinda overate (it was lunch at like 2:45pm) but on the upside, C and I learned how to play the pachinko machines up at Capitol.

I like how they blurred it for censorship purposes.
Img src: (go here to read more about Pachinko).

I knew about pachinko machines ages ago back in high school and from watching Japanese drama, but I have no idea how they really work. In a sense it’s like a pinball machine but you can only control one knob (the one where the hand is on the photo). The pins don’t move. Once a ball goes into the right slot, the screen starts to move like a pokie machine and you need triple of the same thing to get a heck of a lot of bonus points and win something. Therefore the more balls that go inside the more chance you have of the pokie part getting a perfect match. A bit like how people play pokie machines just to wait until the computer gives them the jackpot, if you know what I mean.

A random passerby told me how to play the game and then it suddenly dawned on me how the system worked. I started off with 100 credits and somehow ended up with 180 at one stage – then it all went down from there on lol.

I got myself a Hello Kitty mat for $15!

I spend a ridiculous amount of time at my desk so currently I’m just using it for my desk. I’m thinking of putting it next to my bed so that I can stand near my table without getting cold, but I’ll think about it later.

To be honest I can’t really remember what we really did after that. We sort of browsed around and then that was about it. When I got home I started to feel sick from overeating lunch, so I skipped dinner.

Then I played Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam with R and B which you could read about here. I still cannot get over the fact that I was shooting B instead of helping him up. Apparently the keys did work – and he was getting up. Unfortunately I was lagging and couldn’t see it, so I panicked and then shot him repeatedly about 6 times OTL Failsauce is fail.

But I did kill ONE special zombie 😀 First time yo! I’ve never played first person dizzy look all over the place mouse control thingy game before 🙂


Raining. Used the umbrella I got from Duchess at Melbourne Central 😀 Cuteness explosion! I felt really self conscious using it though – bright pink and covered with love hearts – hrmm. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all. As we stopped at the cinemas to wait for M a guy came up to us and was like “those umbrellas are cute aren’t they?” or something like that. We all got a bit creeped out (R had just left us to go buy something D: omona) and all we could do was say “yes, they are” and my generic response was “thank you~!” – then he left o.o


For more information visit

M bought R and I each a pack of assorted macarons 😀 Thanks! She went all the way to The Rocks just to get them. YUMMY D: ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, we all had lunch at Poporo at Market City and I must say their Poporo salad is awesome XD The grilled chicken was really nice (crispy on the outside but oh so low in fat <3) – I also got a Green Tea Latte soft float and it came with an umbrella on top 😀 I would have taken a photo (it was really picture perfect indeed) but I thought that I’d look funny doing it, so I stopped lol.

We were supposed to go shooting! But it was raining and people just couldn’t make it out ;-;

Went to Paddy’s Markets (R got a new iPad – hohohoho jealous much people?? – and had to get a screen protector for it) and then went to Capitol.

There are some really rude people in the city these days! I guess that’s one thing I miss about Melbourne – less obnoxious people to some extent. We were standing outside Capitol on Saturday and as soon as these two guys started coming our way this guy started to sing and as he passed us he was like “that’s a nice bum”  or something like that – that is, until he noticed R standing there giving him a death glare. Then on Sunday this woman was like “tsk as if stand in the middle of the footpath!” – she didn’t even have the decency to say “excuse me” or perhaps walk around the other way. There was plenty of space. Footpath was about 4m wide yo – make your own way around! RUDE!

Played pachinko again. A guy at Capitol told us that he spent $15 just to win 2 capsules (one containing 20 points, the other with a small toy inside) and that was a waste of time. Indeed, it probably was a waste of time lol, but it’s really just a bit of fun and seeing how the machine works. Hey, at least I know how to play! I’m not good at it, but still, it was worth a try 🙂 C got his two capsules for free! Lol, what a kind fellow 😀 That’s when we realised getting balls into the slot was useless unless the pokie part gave you the right combo. Sad!

And since we were at Capitol anyway we just sat down at Passionflower for dessert/ a snack. Next time if I go, I’m going for lunch.

I ordered the Eastern sunrise but for some reason it wasn’t available. I don’t know why it wasn’t – the girl told us no fresh strawberries or oranges but they could have easily substituted the orange with something else or left it out. I wasn’t too fussed, and instead she told me they had Western Sunrise which I said okay to but thoroughly regret ordering. Biggest waste of $14 😦

Picture perfect, but there’s a HUGE difference between sticky rice ball, taro and green tea icecream (or whatever it was on the Eastern Sunrise) and vanilla, strawberry and chocolate icecream. I really dislike chocolate, especially in big amounts like such. In fact, I didn’t even touch the entire ball of chocolate icecream much – I left about 95% of what they gave me melting on the plate as I left. The star shaped cone/ waffle bowl was innovative but it tasted like a subtly sweet version of Grain Waves but very flourey in the centre. Despite all that though, I do love vanilla icecream and the strawberry icecream was great. The bananas weren’t really that great, and I didn’t use the chocolate dipping sauce at all. It wasn’t a total disaster, but I guess I used my money on something I didn’t even want to eat.

And – I did it again – I ate too much. I got home and had to skip dinner once again. The upside was that my mum wanted to make curry puffs so I made them for her last night. I made 63 of them! I had an early night and that was my Sunday.

… and the weight is…

I did 3 hula hoop sessions only this week. I skipped it on a few days because I was out and about and felt I didn’t need to do that extra bit of exercise, or I was just tired and had no energy (it’s not a good idea to hoop when you’re skipping dinner yeah).

I feel like my legs are finally getting slimmer – I think my body is starting to realise that it’s time to move onto other bigger and better areas LOL YAY! \o/

I measured myself today – waist lost that 0.25″ – I’m now currently at 27″. For those who are curious as to how I measure I just measure it right around. I don’t do the belly button thing. That’s not my waist – that’s  BELOW my waist.

I measured my thighs and I lost an entire cm :’D My calves lost half a cm.

Stepped on the scales and was delighted to have lost 0.7kg – my BMI is now currently 20.5. BAH I lost almost a kg and the BMI only drops by 0.2 – but oh well, let’s see how long I keep this up for. I still have yet to enrol in dance classes and invest in a skipping rope. Damn!

But I do feel a lot better about myself. Tiny goals step by step – I’ll do it until I think the measurements look right and until my BMI maybe drops to about 19 (I decided that 18 is underweight and not good). Then I’ll make some plans to maintain the measurements and weight – realistic, yes? Hopefully my arms will decrease in size too – but I’ll do some weight lifting for that every now and then (I do it sometimes now even, I lift 5kg dumbells).

For those who have lost track on how long I’ve been doing this for, it’s been about 3 months only lol. I still haven’t reached my 5kg weight loss target, but it’s getting so close – I can almost touch it…

Again, the moral of the story is to not starve yourself. Look at all that icecream and the food I’ve been posting up. Not the healthiest to say the least, but I am still losing weight due to an active lifestyle – and by active I mean doing stuff to burn off more calories you are taking in. Keep it simple and keep it under control – don’t go nuts and change too many things at once.

I think that’s the end of this post for me. I’ll write about the Lifecella eye sheet masks next (unless something life-breakingly awesome happens in the next 24 hours I must blog about pops up). Cheerios!


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