My first online co-op gaming experience

I know next to nothing about games. The only games I’m good at are things like Bejeweled and Tetris. When I was a kid I was good at Street Fighter, but that was about it.

Games these days have progressed to be 3D, realistic, and not only that you can play online simultaneously amongst thousands, perhaps even millions of people at the same time, and most importantly with your friends, of course.

So, my friends play Left 4 Dead 2, which is a game about a zombie apocalypse. Basically 4 survivors kill as many zombies as they can and do what they need to get the hell out of wherever they are to the next place and yeah it goes on. Read about it through the wikipedia:

If I were designing the cover, I would have dipped the hand in flour-ey water and let it dry.  But now I realise the missing thumb. They should have had missing nails too. Just sayin’.
Img src: Wikipedia as linked above.

Well, the first bad thing about the game was that it took over 300MB of patch that I needed to download because STEAM IS ANNOYING.

Today I just got uncapped and this virtually means that – well, that’s almost 20% of my monthly data gone on the first day 😦 The upside is that I’m going out for the next few days (be it the city or to uni), so I can conserve quite a lot of bandwidth, but I hope these patches aren’t terribly often. If they are I’m just gonna download them all at uni via my laptop D: It sucks balls that a patch is that big – and I think all they did was just REMOVE something? Argh. Bad luck.

I was under the impression that I use the keys all entirely for movement, but it turns out when I move my mouse I change the perspective – in fact, most of the time I didn’t even know what I was looking at. I had trouble picking up things, I continually fell off ledges (I THOUGHT IT WASN’T POSSIBLE) – I even fell down a flight of stairs :\ The worst part was that I was always standing in that STUPID GREEN GOO which seems to creep up from BEHIND me so I couldn’t do much about it. In fact, I don’t even know most of the commands or shortcuts.

So yeah, my movement sucked. My plan to use a touch screen for aim also backfired because of said mouse movement that was required.

I PICKED UP A FRICKIN’ CROWBAR FIRST THING WHEN THE GAME STARTED – OMG – FAIL! And then I couldn’t put it down ;-; I couldn’t fit through the doorways because I just didn’t know how, and I was miles behind the boys 😦 In fact I didn’t even know that my microphone wasn’t working until I heard them saying I was tinkering with the settings D: GG.

I didn’t kill many zombies and I didn’t heal or help any of my teammates 😦 I was a bad, bad “team” mate. I seriously let the team down 😦

I killed one special zombie though 😀 Whichever that one happened to be… I have no idea…

I also kept shooting my teammates because of bad aim, and it was just a complete mess because I had to be saved and helped all the time >_< Oh my God – I would NOT be able to survive a zombie apocalypse :\

Left 4 Dead 2 can be bought off Steam for $29.99USD, which is what I paid – not bad considering it retails for a lot more. And it’s there for life. But oh dear – I hope that I’m better at it next time – I was so slow. Did I do alright for a beginner/ first timer? I don’t know. I know I really sucked though lol.

Did I have fun? I did though! It was really tiresome because I just was lagging behind so badly, and I had so much to learn and catch up on, but it really was fun >_<

FINGERS CROSSED I GET THE HANG OF IT MIRACULOUSLY, WITH ZERO PRACTICE – see you all again online in maybe a week… or perhaps… never… cuz I suck… :S

PS: I play the censored version, because we all play at night and I want to be able to sleep in peace. Even though I’m not easily creeped out by scary movies and such, better being safe than sorry 😉

PPS: OMG I JUST REMEMBERED we failed the final stage like twice (succeeded third time) and instead of helping my teammate up by hitting “E” I somehow got confused with USING MY LEFT MOUSE CLICK so instead of helping him, I was continually shooting him – FAIL!


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