Song of the moment: “Ma Girl (feat. 미풍) – T-Blue”

I seriously hope that these guys make it big!

I was hoping that Infinite would make it big and it seems like their debut is doing well – more so I hope that these guys do really well!

Not to be confused with T-Max (another boy band who released around the same time as T-Blue), I think that T-Blue is made of awesomesauce. (Not that T-Max isn’t made of awesome either – they’re doing alright, but honestly speaking I couldn’t finish their album because it was starting to poke at my eardrums a bit)

It’s not often that you get something this RnB-ey in Korean music, and I think I can understand this song just by listening to how they sing. The message is sent out quite clearly – sort of lol. It will take me a few more listens to fully guess exactly what I think this song is about. But I think everyone can more or less get the same idea.

I dunno, I just really like this song D: I highly doubt they’d debut them with this song (they usually pick a less better song but is loud and catchy) but I hope that this song gets an MV or something ;_; Hoping these guys debut soon (and by that I mean perform and release an MV) – I’m very curious about them OTL

PS: I like all their songs on their mini album D: With the exception of “Christmas again…” because it sounds like something you’d hear at a Christmas concert and I’m not too into Christmassy themed songs… I find the bells and jolly melody everything overdone universally >_< Check these guys out if you want some old school R n B – only, new 😉


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