Touch screen fun

Well, I’m a touchy feely person. Just kidding.

I have a touch screen computer, phone – and used to have a touch screen digital camera 😦

My logic in touch screen products is that you don’t need a mouse and you don’t have any buttons to mess up – my favourite thing about a touch screen is that you can still get really nice lines without the use of a graphics tablet (which I have – and never use :\).

I was just going through my phone for things to delete and stuff. I’m capped and I’m feeling a bit miserable but these made me feel a bit happier lol. Hopefully you’ll find these amusing too. I don’t use a stylus – all drawn via finger(nail) 😛

Yeah yeah. This is actually a doodle of myself LOL. This was all the way back in May and I was thinking about what to wear for the “bow” theme thing that I had going on. That bow is actually the white one I made and that dress does exist – I just didn’t wear it though because it’s so pink lol. Maybe when it’s super freezing I’ll consider wearing it or something since it’s made of wool 😛

Obviously I don’t look anywhere as glamorous as that hahaha – look at the length of those eyelashes!

I am so random. But it was inspired from the D: emote LOL. I must have been thinking of something terrible at the time and doodled this, but I really don’t know what was going through my head at the time >_>

Hmmm. I really love Domo, but I made him look like one of the zombies from the Left 4 Dead game =.= This is ONE ZOMBIE YOU CANNOT SHOOT OKAY.

I admit I’d be a bit scared if there was such thing as a zombie Domo though. FREAKY!

And I shall end it on this one LOL. It actually is better than the zombie acopalypse Domo hehe.

But yes, I am random indeed.


Today I went to Parramatta to pick up soap – lots of soap. I then also miraculously remembered that they had a Lincraft there and I picked up over $25 worth of supplies to decorate my cameras and various other things. I am working on the Gakkenflex and so far it looks like what I imagined it to be – sorta. I’m surprised that it turned out so well considering I didn’t really choose the materials to go with it. But camera strap FTW – I’ll complete it during tonight or tomorrow (because I am feeling crappy now). It’s because I’m capped 😦 I can’t get my daily dosage of news or anything since my net is so slow 😦 I’m shattered.

I also had a few supplies for the Instax but it didn’t work out too well lol. I’m trying to figure out how to attach/ glue stuff to the camera and I think I should be ordering my flatback rhinestones (NOT MENTIONING WHAT TYPE IN PARTICULAR AS I AM WARY OF PLAGIARISM) so I’ll only write / post about it when it’s done. Until then I’ll only be showing my work in progress to fellow Lovigans or Lovigans by association!

I have enough material left over to make a brooch and a choker or something. I also bought 2m worth of metal studs – anyone have a pair of old shoes you want to glam up? Let me know or something. I’d do it to my headphones but I don’t really like my headphones all that much.

I’m currently considering doing something to those black zipia wedges of mine. But then they are the only normal flats I own 😦 Damn. Oh well, if I’m desperate I’ll make myself a diagonal Taeyang suspender 8D WHEE.

Anime convention musings

Should I go this year? I really really want to dress up but I don’t want to compete in the competition and nor do I want to look weird walking around the city. I guess in a way it’s normal because there’ll be HEAPS of people dressed in a similar fashion, but I don’t have anything remotely comparable to a costume 😦

I’m sad/ torn 😦


2 thoughts on “Touch screen fun

  1. Camera strap! Where did you get one? My Gakkenflex still doesn’t have a camera strap /sadface. I’m not a huge fan of embellishments, but I think black lace would look really awesome on your wedges ❤

    • I made one myself – and it’s looking awesome so far. I might show you a photo later tonight perhaps 😉

      I think I might leave the wedges alone (I’ll think about them when I can stuff my feet into them T_T Something which needs to be improved on…) but I will consider adding embellishments to them later >:3

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