Weekend oh weekend

Melbourne post coming up sometime shortly. I just wanna write about the weekend first before I forget.

On Saturday I met up with C and R once again ❤ Feels like a weekly routine lol.

I had to go to Myer and David Jones to buy myself some *cough* under garments and to my surprise I just ended up buying at Myer. There was a sale (30% off already reduced red ticketed items, plus another 10% if you’re a Myer One member, which I am). This happens every now and then- I just buy at whichever store is cheaper.

I was stoked because the lady even gave me the clothes hangers. It was very weird because she asked me if I would like them and I simply shrugged – she then was like “you could have them if you want” so sweet! I have 2 really awesome clothes hangers. For those who shop at Myer or enjoy the brand “Pleasure State” ask next time if you can keep their cute pearl looking clothes hangers – I think they get new ones with new stock, which is why she gave them away to me. I thought it was trippy and I could just use them for anything really.

I then met up with the lovelies and we just basically walked around all over the place – did some clothes shopping (window shopping for me), and then we settled down at Lumiere for “lunch” – and this was like, 4pm LOL.

Green tea icecream yoghurt with strawberry topping, and strawberry tart.

Now you all know what I mean by camera quality being good with lots of whites >_< But uhm yeah – the icecream yoghurt is like frozen yoghurt – pretty much 99% fat free and there’s a lot of good bacteria in it – filling too! The strawberry tart was so yum – best cream I’ve ever tasted (slightly sweet) and in between the strawberries is custard – YUM.

It all comes at a price though, I paid $13.90 – expensive T.T I should have said “takeaway” because it was at least $2 extra that I had to pay just to sit in >:\ But then again without the extra money I wouldn’t have a pretty photo to remember it lol. The yoghurt was healthy – the tart wasn’t – my diet is so out of whack.

We then did some more shopping around the arcades and C scored the best bargain on a pair of beautiful boots! Watch her Lookbook – it’s coming any time soon – and no copycats allowed!

I had a pretty crappy night after that and woke up this morning in a very grouchy mood. And I was planning to get a haircut anyway, since I was going to meet A for a movie and lunch since she’s going away to Broken Hill for two weeks. It’s gonna be freezing there – but I’ll see you when you get back to Sydney!

I get my haircuts done at Pitt Street Kim Sun Young. I’m that loyal that I’ve been a customer for the past 2 years without fail. I only went to another salon just once because I was seduced by the cheap haircut/ dye deal, otherwise it’s KSY all the way. I really liked the Pitt Street branch because if you’re a girl girl and know what girl girls look like in Korea, they’ll hook you up with a sweet casual hairstyle. Nothing fancy, but it does the trick and I’ve been getting the same hair cut ever since.

Well, I liked what they did to my hair, but I realised that when I walked in there wasn’t much going on, and I wasn’t even sure if the lady put conditioner in my hair when she washed my hair 😦 For some reason she removed the white cape thingy before they blow dried my hair and hair was getting onto my dress. The lady who was styling my hair realised this and put the cape on me again, but after styling she forgot to check over my face for hair. I ended up going to a public toilet and dusting the stray hairs off my face (and there was a lot, actually :(). I feel that the service in KSY has deteriorated ever so slowly – this time has probably got to be one of the most disappointing times – I guess because the basic needs of going to a hairdresser weren’t even nailed. It also had to do with the fact that they were kinda distracted… won’t write about it, but I seriously don’t blame the staff.

Sure, it’s a cheaper place to get your hair cut (the best word is budget) – it’s no doubt, but it’s still not cheap. My expectations aren’t that high, but at the same time, no conditioner and no checking the face for hair? I was kinda disappointed. I might try a different place next time, even if it means I pay a bit extra.

Blur is scary. Yeah.

Yeah it was a bit windy and my fringe got a bit out of place, but I liked what they did to my hair. Blurred for blurry fun. I don’t like posting pictures of myself up, but I guess this pic was alright.

I then met up with A and we originally wanted to have lunch at Musashi but it was closed and doesn’t do lunch on Sundays. We ate at Chat Thai instead, which is arguably the most popular and busiest Thai restaurant in the city. I ordered some rice noodle thingy that was spicy – it was SO HOT I could feel the chilli burning in my stomach long afterwards! I did a good job though, I almost finished the plate, and I could have finished if I didn’t drink a bit of my drink before the plate came. I ordered the Longan drink – it was really syrupy but I liked it. It’s soooo good for making chilli go away.

We then headed for the cinemas and watched Toy Story 3. I’ve heard good things about the movie and I haven’t seen 2 – in fact I can’t even remember if I’ve seen 1, but it was a really good movie! You’ve got to see it. Also it’s only $15 in the normal cinema 😀 I cringe at Vmax for it being so expensive ._.

Afterwards we just grabbed a drink from Starbucks – Mocha frappucino – omg yum. Browsed around Myer and David Jones and then headed home.

As I was waiting there was some guy who kinda creeped me out (he literally stood there for like 10-15 minutes and then walked off – omg) but while I was waiting I saw this:

It was a guy in an Elmo suit!!

Sorry it’s so blurry lol, but you can kind of make out the eyes and the massive yellow nose right? Elmo was giving out random hugs to strangers – so tempted to run up to Elmo and ask for a picture! I saw him come around from the other corner far away from where I was lol. Elmo! ❤

Anyway I’m going to end this post now. I am going to write another post soon with searches (so sorry for the spammage guys) – I’ll blog Melbourne in an hour or two 🙂 Adios amigas!


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