Melbourne Day/ Night 2

I’ll have to make this post quick because I really need to get started on my submission due tomorrow >_>

Oh well I’ll try my best lol.

The day s tarted off very early for me since I was making bathroom trips by the hour -_- It’s just my way of  “doing something” hoping that time either passes faster or ít’ll tire me out enough so that I don’t want to wake up. Didn’t work 😦 I’m definitely not a person who does night bathroom trips, so it was uncharacteristic of me. I guess I didn’t have anywhere else to go ._.

We left early because R wanted to try one of the McDonald’s breakfast wraps, and the destination for the day was Federation Square.

I’ve seen plenty of photographs of Federation Square and how awesome it apparently is. It looks very large in photos, but when I got there I was pretty disappointed.

If you click you will get a larger image.

Sorry to C, 😛 Now you know why there were so many random photos flying around (she uploaded and sent me 200mb worth of photos I took!) – I wanted to make panoramic shots – and this is what it looks like on street level. I think the paving is really interesting, but there’s nobody really there. I know it was morning (like 10am ish) but still, it was empty and well, not very exciting. Not even the architecture made me excited. The building to the far left looks to me like a variation of a Libeskind building only with LED messages on it (if you’re interested in what I’m talking about, just google the Jewish Museum of Berlin – even the material treatment is the same, only this time there’s no reason why this building is like that). Speaking of LEDs, it seems like Melbourne loves them. There are LED bus stops, displays, screens – everywhere. Makes things really cool, but I think it gets a bit boring since you really just need one for it to be memorable.

Again if you click you will get a larger image.

This is the view when you’re on the platform. There was actually more for a 360 shot, but I stupidly missed out the shot in the middle so I couldn’t put the photo together. *shrugs*

Really, the square isn’t that big. I just think there are a lot of interesting elements here and there – but together it’s… I dunno. I guess there’s a strong sense of place, but it didn’t really fascinate me all that much. It’s worth a visit though – I tried to take a photo of the balloon with my Instax but I failed. I even dropped my Instax because I had so many cameras I wasn’t sure which one I had on my wrists 😦

Overexposure – cringesauce.

So then we went to McDonald’s. Saw Flinders St station, but I don’t want to put a photo up because there’s a huge ugly shadow across the facade I couldn’t get rid of.

Did you know that when they change the menu to the normal menu they just turned the menu?? It was so weird watching that.

I got myself some hotcakes and a hashbrown – they also threw in a free something or other muffin (I think bacon and egg?) – the Maccas ran out of sausage – wth – but yeah, the hotcakes were awesome. I didn’t use the butter though – I can’t stand the thought of eating butter Dx

After that we just made our way down the street.

It’s CH2!!

For the non architecture student, this is a really interesting building. It looks somewhat blended into the streetscape. Too bad it’s really difficult to get a photo of it that’s nice. The yellow bits I think are air vents to regulate exhaust heat/ regulate heat.

Our next stop was QV, a development in the city that is comparable or similar to World Square in Sydney. The photograph above is a bit dodgy, but it’s the Denton Corker Marshall part of the development. I didn’t take any photos inside, but the shopping was alright – it really was all about the Woolworths in the basement. The clothes stores were alright, but nothing new or amazing. There was one store selling Japanese tees, but for the 4 days I was in Melbourne I saw about 5 people wearing the same ninja tee – so yeah… not that exciting lol.

The laneways in QV were quite interesting but they were also confusing. Even though my design partner N worked on this development for design and was trying to explain to me all the different lanes, I still can’t get it or understand them even after I’ve been there. It’s just too many levels and I don’t even know how there even is a slope in Melbourne – everything was more or less flat Dx But then again I had bad directional sense out of everyone that day LOL. Sigh 😦

We continued because we wanted to visit the library.

Well, it was nice. Unfortunately they search your bags and everything so we didn’t go inside. It’s the same with State Library NSW how you need to use a locker and stuff, but well, yeah – we didn’t go inside. The interior is quite nice considering that they use the one building for entrance and library, unlike ours which has the classic entrance facing the Botanic Gardens (not very good) and our entrance being a rather average modern building.

The advantage of this library is that it faces the main street. I still like Mitchell Library better – the perspective is so directional and strong with lots and lots of books. State Library of Victoria however has a radial perspective and not enough books in the dome section from photos I’ve been. Then again it might be different actually being inside – but oh well.

We had some fun outside the library using R‘s fisheye lens – LOL can’t wait to see those being posted up. >_>

We went to Queen Victoria Markets because there was a computer store near/ behind it that P wanted to go to because of a harddrive thingo.

I think it was double the disappointment – the markets weren’t that great. It was airy, bright, wide, and not crowded which was really pleasant – they had some cool stalls too, but all the stalls were so similar and there wasn’t much to look at. For example Paddy’s is just filled with crap – like lots of lots of clothes in the one stall. Perhaps I’m just used to it, but oh well.

The second disappointment was that the computer store didn’t have any stock left (I think even if they did they wouldn’t have sold it U_U) so we made our way back to the city centre and decided to meet up with a friend of C, K, and also look around Chinatown.

On the way back we passed the RMIT campus. It was hideous. Lol. I just can’t understand why they would do that next to a lovely building. I don’t even care about the postmodern whatever reasons. I feel sorry for the beautiful sandstone building.

Along the way to Chinatown we stopped by and realised that the magical glass cone we saw was actually Melbourne Central – and it was HUGE! I will post photos of Melbourne Central for Day 4 since this post is getting overloaded, but Melbourne Central seemed pretty awesome. We wanted to go to Chadstone for Day 3 considering it was like the biggest shopping centre in Australia or something, so we skipped Central and had our fingers crossed for good shopping in Chadstone.

Ramille had Lord of the Fries for lunch while I grabbed a Boost.

Chinatown – what to even say about it? I didn’t take any photos of it because it wasn’t worth taking photos of. It was long, narrow, no pedestrian amenity (cars drive down the centre and everyone is pushed to the sides on narrow footpaths) and there was only maybe 2 mini arcade/ shopping centres with less than a handful of stores. Their clothes were also ridiculously overpriced and I think this was the place with the pushy sales assistants? I can’t remember. Anyway, Chinatown was a huge disappointment. There was nothing to buy or even look at. I mean I think our Chinatown is expensive, but at least we sometimes have $10, $20 tables and $30 racks with good deals like 2 for $50 or something. With Chinatown in Melbourne we’re talking about $280 for a dress. A THIN COTTON DRESS. I know Candy Hill is expensive, but you know that Candy Hill imports from Japan… so expensive…

I wanted to go find where Photoworld was because apparently on soompi it was recommended to go there. It’s known as the “hidden toy place” and apparently it was really good?

It was a bitch to find, and when we got there I was so disappointed. It wasn’t even half as good as Prize Paradise – it was about the quarter of the size of Capitol and used the same machines as Capitol. The worst part was because I was so excited after finally finding the damn place I didn’t see the notice at the front entrance about no drinks/ food. I was holding a Boost in my hand and the guy came practically running up to me asking if I wanted to leave my drink at the counter.

I replied saying “it’s alright, I’m going outside.” He was like “oh okay, bye.” – WTF?

Seriously, I’ve been in so many of these game places and not once do they tell you no food or drink – what makes this place so special? It’s not like I was going to spill it or anything. I mean, it was just a bunch of machines. You see plenty of people in Capitol holding drinks and icecream and stuff – that’s what makes it fun. How that place sucked! If you’re going to Melbourne and want to take someone you don’t like with you, take them to Photoworld – it was so crap!

We then went back to QV and sat there for about 2 hours and waited for dinner lol.

We had dinner at a place on La Trobe Street named By Korea R found on the Internet with 100% rating.

I had a spicy beef bulgogi (came with rice). It was nice, but it was very spicy, and not only that I think it was like $15 or something, which is significantly more expensive than Sydney, where you can get it for just $12. It was the first time I’ve ever seen chopped chilli on bulgogi and it was weird. The food was good, but yeah, see, food in Melbourne is overpriced.

After dinner we headed home and we all watched a movie called “Hidden (2009)”  or “SKJULT” which was a Norwegian horror movie. R was saying how scary it was.

I was laughing within 5 minutes of it starting >_>

Look, it’s Koko!
Img src:


I feel very sorry for Peter in the movie. But this movie was kinda funny in some bits. It made no sense why people were being murdered, and well we actually had to google the movie afterwards to fully understand exactly what was the point of the movie =.=

We all went to sleep and well, once again, not much sleep for me. Though this time I was rolling around in my sleeping bag giggling for a good 10 minutes at the rhythm of the boy’s snores. I’m surprised nobody woke up because I was rolling around and laughing quite a bit >_<

Day 3 will come up tomorrow 🙂 Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Melbourne Day/ Night 2

  1. Looooooollllllllll – dude you sound like you absolutely hated Melbourne. I get the sense that you thought everything was ‘sub-par’ and just not up to scratch. It’s a wonderful place to get away to when you’re sick of Sydney IMHO. It’s definitely a little artier and I do like the shopping personally. Did you guys go to the National Gallery of Victoria? I really liked that place last time I was there :3

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, I had fun in Melbourne – I think this “sub-par” shock was more to do with the fact that on soompi I keep reading ludicrous comments and articles about how much better Melbourne is, when I don’t think it really is.

      I’ve had my friend tell me how much better their city is, how good their shopping is, how cheap their food is, and even the abundance of good looking guys. I didn’t see much of that at all.

      There’s no real outdoor street shopping experience (eg, George/ Oxford/ King St in Sydney are classic examples, as is Pitt and even Castlereagh), everyone is shoved into shopping centres, and the shopping isn’t amazing either. Every mall we walked into had the exact same stores. DFO was the same as Chadstone, and Chadstone was the same as Melbourne Central. The only difference is that each Chadstone, Central and QV had a few unique/ exclusive stores, but even so they are pricey.

      I forgot to write about it in my post but at QV I really wanted to get a pair of Hunter wellies (they sell them here in Sydney) – I knew that they were $150 here but decided to just get them in Melb because I liked the quieter shop so I could try it on in peace, but apparently the same pair of boots cost $208 – only because it’s in Melbourne and carried by a boutique store.

      Of course there are a few shops here and there that were really really awesome, but I can’t even remember the number of times I was bumped into on the street without even the person turning back and saying sorry.

      We passed the gallery but we didn’t go inside.

      I really didn’t hate Melbourne – it was just that my expectations were much higher – the cost of living in terms of food and shopping is definitely higher there. It’s different if you live and work there. Also I have a lot of mumbles and grumbles before the trip which really ticked me off and probably ruined a great majority of my trip – I shall talk to you about them another time 😉

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