So yes, I’m not studying (I can’t be bothered and I feel that I need some time out).

We had the idea of going clubbing in Melbourne, so I dug out 2 dresses I thought were appropriate – including the sequin dress I was supposed to wear for R‘s birthday bash at Slide. The reason why I ended up not wearing that one was because I thought it didn’t fit me – I tried to wear it, but I failed.

I tried again last night and I realised what the problem was – I tried to zip it up while the dress was on (and dodgy zipper does not zip properly), when it was actually large enough to be zipped and then pulled up – *facepalm*. My mum actually suggested that to me, but I said “of course I can’t do that!” – so errr yeah ._.
I can totally wear this dress over and over again because I haven’t gotten any larger at all! If anything I’ve only gotten smaller! It’s one of my happy dresses because it’s one of those one size fits all dresses made in China so if I can fit into that, I’m pleased!
The thing that annoys me about the dress is that it’s a tube dress, so I’d be super paranoid about it slipping down and causing a wardrobe malfunction. The elastic is super dodgy and does NOT hold. But then again, if I wear it, it means that I can tone down and not dance like crazy hehe, since my arms will be pinned by my sides to keep the dress up XD. It’s a good thing in a way. Plus it’s quite warm and I like the dress. Looks a lot nicer now than back then when I first bought it. YAY! I might figure out a way to keep it up though. I might end up attaching a strap or two somewhere.  If only I had more bust 😦 That would keep the dress up – sigh.
Then again we might not even go clubbing sooooo that’s cool by me too 🙂
As for the other dress, it was a semi-military inspired dress (I only say this because of the black and gold as well as the fit of the dress) by Sass and Bide I bought some two years ago which I haven’t worn. It’s extremely thick (warm = good in winter) but a tad too formal. I think I might wear it for a graduation exhibition instead, which seems to be more appropriate.
I’m still torn over what shoes to wear/ bring. I’ve been expanding my Zipia wedges (which consequently have killed my toe nail – and still has – currently waiting for it to grow out OTL sad) and I’m pleased to say it’s working! They are a lot looser now, but still a bit too tight at the very front (I can’t put the shoe expander in there because it’s so wide). I wish they’d just fit because it means that I can bring a pair of super small, lightweight wedges. Sigh. I don’t trust myself with heels either – several hours in heels – could be very painful.
I’m also confused as to what bag I should bring! I’m thinking of just traveling light with just a small bag, plus my instax camera bag, but I’m thinking I’ll look noobish if C walks into Louis Vuitton! *stresses* Too much to think about!
Not to mention breakfast is definitely on me 🙂 I will need to shop for ingredients and I’m going to cook up a storm! It also means I need to pack very soon – hmmm. (I always pack way in advance, by the way. I’m very paranoid that I’d forget to bring something and yeah… that’s not good.)
I’m starting to consider doing my hour hula hoop sessions with heels on lol. Carpet is different to hard floor surfaces, but it’s worth a try I suppose.
I shall study tonight. The test isn’t really something you can study for anyway. As for now I’m going to chillax and think about what to bring. I have 12 things in my shopping list already. I’m sure there’s more, but I just haven’t gotten round to writing them down. Heh.
Until next blog!

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