The entire weekend was spent at uni doing an assignment. Crazy 160 page long assignment. Yeap.

We have an 85 degrees near our uni. For those who haven’t seen it on George Street, it’s a Taiwanese bakery chain (almost like Easyway) that sells bread, cakes and beverages – like a cafe style, rather than a takeaway style.

Their cakes are reknowned for being extremely overpriced.

Sexy photo.

One thing that saddens me is how cute the packaging is and how much thought is put into it just for it to be thrown away.

I mean, the handles and the box itself are ONE thing! And it’s high quality waxed paper too… not very environmentally friendly…

Strawberry tiramisu. Tastes nothing like tiramisu.

The cake is SO DAMN CUTE.

But as soon as I put my spoon into it (the spoon is short enough to fit into the box – it’s behind the cake), I knew it wasn’t worth the $3.80AUD. It was spongy and airy, the slice was small, and well, it wasn’t exceptional when it came to taste either. But then again, I just wanted to treat myself to something.


So of course my one week of exercise hiatus is over and I stepped on the scales to find no gain and no loss once again.

I think I’ve hit the point where I can’t really lose much more than I already have. I guess cardio will start after I get back to Sydney, and we’ll take it from there 🙂 I feel a lot better about myself though. No doubt those 2.5 inches off my waist made a huge difference. I feel less bulky.

Sorry for the short post – I’ve just got nothing to talk about because I’ve just been so damn busy these few days. We had a marathon though – we ran to the local print shop to get our document binded, and ran back to hand it in. It was a lucky call – there were only about 20 minutes before the office was going to close >_<

Until next post! (I might be in a better place and have more interesting stuff to write about then ;))


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