Please be playin’, Shigga!

For Melbournians or the curious:
(Img src as above, image as always hosted on my own server – and look! The boxes are Nike boxes! Don’t ask how I know >_<)

The blog reader will say, “but dude(ss), you live in Sydney!”

Indeed, for readers who are confused about why I would post up a Melbourne clubbing event, the idea is very simple: Me, a Lovigan couple and a Lovigan by association – Melbourne.


I can’t contain my excitement. I think regardless of having work due in or not I definitely will be too excited to sleep the day before we leave! As a result my plan on the night before we leave is for me to make a yummy breakfast for the other 3 and do 2 hours of hula hooping to knock myself out before I have to get up early. No need having icky Maccas in the morning – have some homemade love from the one and only ❤ (that is, me ._.)

RE: Said clubbing event

I’ve been stalking Shigga’s photos and blog for the past few days just to check it out and I think it should be a lot of fun. For one, no entry after 1am sounds really good because when we were at Slide it was about midnight-1am when all these skater dudes rocked in (you know, Nike trainers – not even the fashion shoes). I’ve yet to stalk Shigga’s remixes, but D did say he thought the mixing at Bounce was extremely choppy and disjointed (ie. one song – then another unrelated one after) – worst part was they played the SAME SONGS AT THE END OF THE NIGHT in the exact same order as the beginning!

Screw that, even the Melbourne posters are designed better ._. (and remember I am a design student!)

It seems that Sydney clubbing posters have a tradition for sticking on semi-naked girls with big breasts in awkward poses which can make you facepalm pretty hard. But in Melbourne they have cool posters to appeal NOT just to guys but to girls as well! I mean, who doesn’t ❤ Nike boxes? Or the Queen? I on the other hand do not appreciate looking at Jessica from SNSD on a clubbing poster event – FALSE ADVERTISING – I don’t even remember them playing SNSD that night! (maybe they did, but uh yeah, y’know)

Maybe because it was my first clubbing experience I was expecting it to be fun x 10000, but when I heard the repeated mix, I was like “WTH?!” – is it seriously someone behind the tables mixing it or were they playing a tape or somethin’? Same beats, everything.

But anywho, apparently C&R heard that the Kpop nights at Melbourne are a complete blast – and it looks good to me already via photos – people aren’t bumping into each other (on the Slide/Bounce night, apparently N grabbed a guy by his collar and yelled at him to not bump into him – so yeah) and everyone has a smile plastered on their face – that was me at the beginning of Bounce (for maybe 1.5 hours then a creepy guy started following me and argh wtf) – hopefully Shigga would have a Kpop nite on the 26th June? I’m gutted we miss the Playbox Fridays OTL It looks so much fun…

But if there’s no Kpop night, then we go to Crown Casino and swallow our sadness probably at a bar later in the night.


So if Shigga ever gets to read this semi-desperate plea from a Sydneysider, please host something while we’re there? ;_;

And if I get rejected, I’ll just go to this, since it was in the papers:

Img src:

Just kidding. We already have a hotel room booked (I think), and I hate chocolate (I won’t say no to green tea or vanilla icecream or Melona though), so maybe I’ll just buy a 1kg of icecream and lots of soju and lift to make the most viscious ice cream soda known to man (or woman).

Pretty please, I hope that there’s a Kpop night when we’re there 😀

And I refuse to wish for a friggin’ shooting star – I haven’t even heard the song and it sounds cheesy already – I wish it upon the love of all things cute and T.O.P.

… and yeah I know that it’s probably more unlikely there’d be a clubbing event than having one coincidentally and magically timed for us, but a girl can hope, right? 😀


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