What other better way to procrastinate?


Note that the lowest point isn’t really the lowest point considering there’s still 14hrs ’til the end of the day.

Well boy am I starting this post with a “boom” – for those who have been following this blog for possibly even as long as the entire year I’ve been writing (it could be 11 months, but I can’t be bothered verifying my claim), I’m obsessed with stats. Always have been and always will be.

Statistics was one of those math subjects/ sub-branches that I was actually good at – despite that I’ve forgotten all about it, but wordpress makes it easy by generating a graph (with its own limitations, of course), which I like to look at every day because graphs are pretty.

To be not so slack on myself I’ve still been getting mostly 100+ views a day, but lately what’s with those sub 90 stats?!

By the way, hi! I realise I haven’t blogged for a while, and disappeared off the face of the earth.

Okay I’ve been lazy, I admit it.

This is a general statement about me, and I know it myself. I have a stack of assignments that I’m slowly going through and not fast or efficient as I’d like. I’ve just simply gotten to that stage of life where I’ve been studying for far too many years in a row and having it take over my life to care about it. I always put studying first as my priority, even wrongfully so by putting it before friends and family. Perhaps it was the right decision at the time, but looking back at it, it really wasn’t so much of a big deal. I would very much prefer to have the other people around me happy, rather than just myself being “happy”.

I’ve been skipping exercise and doing it on alternate days; cold weather, and researching on the Interweb has brought my spirit down.

The weight I’ve been losing for the past 2.5 months wasn’t even fat – it was all purely water content. How, may I ask, did I get in excess of three kilograms of water in my body??

It’s a very scary thought, and it’s making me think about it on a rather concerned level. Considering that I weigh more now than I did in my high school days and I have literally NO love handles left, it means I’ve been carrying around ALL THIS WATER FOR ALL THESE YEARS – and it has been accumulating.

I don’t know if it’s the inactive lifestyle (which I’m hoping is the reason) or if it says anything else significant about my health. Worries are worries.

The fact that I sweat excessively during exercise doesn’t appear to be right either (that is, badminton, even just throwing basketballs for a few minutes, a few DDR rounds), and I’ve talked to my mum about seeing a herbalist and getting some medicine that will help me dispel this water content. I’m starting to worry that my legs which haven’t budged in size are full of water. This is why stretching feels weird, and my legs get fairly tired quickly.

Just to let people out there know – if you feel that you shouldn’t be weighing so much, and that it makes no sense you don’t shrink even though you’ve been dealing with your diet, look into it. Most likely it’s water.

I had no idea that I’d ever encounter this problem. I’ve heard scary stories about swollen legs and having to be hospitalised due to kidney problems, and I’m certainly hoping it’s not going to happen to me.

Until then, I’ll be trying my best to try and get rid of this water problem.

Hello, makeup.

Okay, for those who may or may not know, I started out with the whole Photography thing by offering to be…. *drumroll*… the makeup artist.


I ended up doubling as everything, but I would always run away from modelling since I wasn’t happy with myself :\ (or when I did it, I never really felt comfortable 100%) I guess the water thing explains a great deal why I’d be feeling unhappy…

But anyway, I decided to just dig through my drawer and wow – I found so much stuff – unused lip glosses (I threw out my favourite Clinique gloss I think – or at least I can’t find it – because it was being used for too long)!

I usually have a normal routine where I fill my brows and put on bbcream. These days I’m so lazy that’s all I wear. Sometimes I even forget to do the brows since I’m in a rush teehee. It’s time to start using all that stuff and making a better effort. I have like 2.5 shimmer sticks to use, and I think I should use it since I bought it… I’m just not a fan of putting too much onto my face these days.

I also realised I have a crapload of samples I need to finish. I haven’t even finished my last set of Biotherm Acnopur skincare before they discontinued the line!

For those who are also battling the cold  Sydney weather, make sure to moisturise well, and also remember to exfoliate as well as use the sheet masks! I’ve completely forgotten about both exfoliation and sheet masks that last week was the first time in about a month I bothered to do anything. It should be weekly!

Hello, motivation!

Felt very craptastic on Friday because I was too busy working on *cough*Revit*cough* (by the way I just added the coughs not because I was sarcastic, it was in fact true – I just added them in for the heck of it), and didn’t get any feedback.

I’m possibly overthinking every possible thing that is expected. And you all know what the biggest problem about overthinking is – completely missing the point, derailing from what’s most important, and the best/ worst part – NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE!

I’m not going to overthink this and just produce a mind blowing set of drawings, renderings, montages, diagrams and presentation and hope that it makes up for my bad verbal skills. I always find it frustrating that I have to work almost doubly hard to produce something visually provocative just because I tend to not talk about things (I assume it’s common sense, when it’s just a thought embedded at the back of my mind I haven’t actually spoken out loud) and am not good at covering things verbally.

My biggest concern is making at least an extra model for next week. Luckily for me, I’ve been offered some back up support – but first I need to resolve the design and get the drawings done before any model can be made.

I just have to do my trademark “pull everything together in the last week” and hope it works. Unfortunately for me, that Revit submission is due in and it means I get LESS than a week. In fact it’s olny 6 days now – I’m so very doomed.

Had dinner with Ramille on Friday night with the inclusion of P to discuss holiday plans. Sounds good so far! But how come he gets an extra 20minutes sleep and I don’t?! RAWR! Guys don’t need sleep >_<

Feels like insomnia – aaa

The past two nights I haven’t been able to sleep. I thought that my brain was working overtime, but when I put two and two together, apart from that there was another commonality – coffee.

I had coffee Thursday morning, Friday morning – and by 6pm I had a mocha frappucino because I actually forgot I had one in the morning. Double dosage? Double the insomnia.

Because Wheesung is so awesome.

Current Music

I’m a bit slow – usually I replenish my music once a month when my Internet is about to renew to a new month.

4minute has released their second mini album and I must say I like 3 tracks off this album in particular: I my me mine (super catchy, makes you happy), Bababa (pop at its bopping best) and 태연하게 당연하게 (ballad ballad ballad!). Not as catchy as their first, but still a good album. At the moment it seems that it’s being overlooked for the meantime. I don’t know of anyone recommending their songs or playing them around me, but I think it’s worth a listen.

Well this is the MV they released.

I don’t really like it. Costuming and styling is way too greasy, the dance is unappealing, and when I first heard the song I didn’t even know that the song was called “Huh” – it sounded like they were singing “say hyung” – OTL

But listen to the other tracks I mentioned lol – “I my me mine” is a really good track.

This is another really cool and trippy mini album I’ve been listening to, by new rookie boy band Infinite (인피니트).

This is the new boy band that veterans Epik high have been working on. They all have remarkable talent (you can hear it and know it’s so), and they have some catchy tracks. It reminds me of feel good old school pop (we don’t get much of that these days), but it’s somewhat fresh.


I know how to sing the chorus! But I won’t romanise it because it will look like I’m typing in Japanese instead!

But I hope you know what I mean by feel good old school pop right? Even their dance is looking pretty trippy lol. I can’t wait for them to release more. They have some other really excellent songs on this album – GO LISTEN TO IT – 😀


I also saw the first album for T-Max (another guy group I haven’t looked into) and I will be going through these in the holidays.

In case if you haven’t noticed, I only really like a few girl groups (After School in particular, T-ara comes close and then 4minute/ Kara are sort of there but not really), but I like listening to guy groups! It’s because their songs are easier to sing! With the exception of One Way. You guys are freaky insane ._.


I know it’s premature to write about it now. But I know I will have very little time in the next two weeks to do something casual like this.

Go on a holiday!

HELLS YEAH! I haven’t stepped out of Sydney in AGES. By ages, I mean that last time I left “Sydney” was 2 years ago on a field trip to the Blue Mountains! And before that? I can’t even remember – Snowy Mountains? Before that? Hong Kong? Note that the last time I left this country was about 7 years ago! RAWR!

Currently in the “planning stages”  of going away for a few days 😀 Don’t want to write about it too much, but will blog when I’m out of Sydney even, perhaps! It’ll be a surprising trip because I’m going to be leaving at a very strange time (leaving me no time to rest from uni, but I don’t care!) but I can foresee it being a lot of fun 🙂

Get a casual job.

This is a must. I seriously can’t just study study.

Start dance lessons.

July. Seriously. Dude. GET UP AND DANCE.

DIY projects

Buy a sewing machine.
Make accessories – headband (at least two) – and some other special things. Mostly for photoshooting.

I had a great idea for a DIY project that I actually always had but never realised because I always thought that the things I needed weren’t enough for me to make them.

Go to an anime convention!

Would anyone like to come with me? Of course I have to dress up! I was discussing about it last night, and the easiest way out is a Lolita costume, but I’m not gonna pay $200 for a costume from Shibuya! I saw some at Paddy’s but I don’t trust the sizing. Perhaps I could also DIY this one? (By this I mean buying a cheap dress and altering it to look like a costume ;D)

And that’s all folks!

Sorry for the large bulk of text. As you know me, usually I have about 3-5 images per post to make it look normal, but I’ve spent a bit too long typing this entry up already. It’s time to get right into it. Wish me luck!

PS: Nails of the week coming soon at the end of June.

I know I haven’t painted them in a while and there’s no way I’m letting my money go to waste. Just after all this madness, okay? 😉


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