Win a $500 wardrobe!

Just click on VOTE FOR THIS PHOTO as I’ve demonstrated in the following image where the bigass cursor is.

Leah took this gobsmacking awesome photograph (<– click to vote) of The Surfles minus one walking towards the water.

EDIT/ Sorry to subscribers, I wrote “godsmacking” by accident – the d and the be keys are totally next to each other OTL FAIL!

If I’m not mistaken it was taken with a lomo/ film camera. That’s skill!

It’s even 100% Domo approved, so what are you waiting for? Even the background pales in comparison to the photograph. CHYEAH!

The Surfles are NOT to be confused with The Beatles.
Img src:

Vote for the photo awesome Leah took for a chance to be in the running for a $500 wardrobe by Jeanswest!



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