Leave it to the expert…


Because I can’t embed this video due to restrictions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjs5DdOzLl8

Here’s a crappier sounding one from the same performance but fillmed from the front with a low-fi video cam

Damn it @ 3:01 – HOLY CRAP.

I need to learn this version for next time then lol – a lot better variation than singing the original song, but then JJ is best at JJ songs. This is why I wanna see him live so badly! Too bad this song doesn’t have an MV (well there is a movie version at 6 minutes which I can’t bear to watch because the opening scene was already made of annoyingsauce) – can’t sing it at the Chinese karaoke places 😦 They have it at noraebang though! Which is really weird…


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