Monday not-so Mazel Tov. Perhaps this week?

And the weight is…

Sadly enough when I stepped on the scales I gained 1.2kg 😦 I was so devastated that I stepped on twice to double check – alas, same 😦

I’m pretty sure that the extreme 1.8kg I lost in the previous 2 weeks was largely water content and not fat, because my measurements have not changed at all. In other words, I still feel good about myself, since it means my body has more or less stuck to the same shape/ size, but I’m not happy with 1.2kg gainage. Then again, stomach bloating plays a part in this.

But do the math: -1.8kg+1.2kg = -0.6kg in 2-3 weeks.

This means I’m still on target since my average weight loss was about 300 grams a week. It’s alright. But it’s a bit disappointing. ALWAYS think positive if you hit a situation like this lol – you’re not getting fatter and it’s not that the exercise didn’t work/ pay off – it just means that there are possibly other factors contributing to it.

Easy come, easy go – I think this week I’ll be able to start losing again bit by bit.

The thing is though, what if I’m replacing fat with muscle mass? I don’t have a clue.

Yesterday when I was in the city, I saw an advertisement that was quite shocking yet somewhat relevant – a poster of a woman pulling the skin on her hip with the text “Fat or Fluid?”

I didn’t get the name of the medicine, but I should next time, so I can do my research about it. I’m well aware that a lot of the weight/mass I’ve lost is fluid retention. It wasn’t possible for me to “burn” all that fat in these recent months because I simply didn’t do cardio – wasn’t possible to burn anything.

So basically I’ve gotten rid of water retention and in early July I’m going to start cardio. My yo-yo weighings are screaming out to me that my workout has restored my body back to normal (metabolises well), and slowly optimising water levels. After this, the hula hoop won’t be so useful if I want to tone my legs (which hasn’t happened, since the measurements haven’t moved at all) or arms.

I mean yeah, I did eat out a bit the past week, but I worked it all off. Seriously a few nice meals wouldn’t mean THAT much gainage.

The hula hoop is very effective for sculpting the waist, hip and stomach area – but if you want something more (like me) and want to work out the legs and arms, do cardio and stretches. I’ve started to do the stretches (the last time I stretched was in high school – oh the shame), and I’m just waiting for July now so I can do the cardio/ jump roping.

For the meantime the hula hoop continues. Who knows, maybe I still have some more water to lose – it helped hack 2.5 inches off my waist, and that’s not a petty measurement – it has successfully STAYED off regardless of my weight. Stomach never protruded more and only just got less (unless it was bloated).

So, that’s my plan for now. The -5kg target has just gotten harder, but it’s okay! I’m pretty happy with the measurements and I’m sure they’ll get even better once cardio kicks in. For the meantime I’ll just continue watching what I eat, working it off, and I might start by doing some kicks. I used to be able to kick alright since I did a term of karate – I’m a bit sad that now I kick higher and I can feel the muscle pull. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHARHGAHRHG.

SUPER screwed for uni work. You cannot believe the amount of screwedness that’s involved. I might just go dig myself into a hole and hide there. Maybe.

Until next blog!


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