Super long day…

Today I was originally going to get to work, but then my mum wanted a new watch since her one was stolen. I did some research online and discovered that sales were on, so I decided to trek out. Ramille were also out, so that just made it doubly awesome!

So just to let everyone know, mid season sales are now on! I really hope that everyone buys stuff to keep the economy strong and help raise our dollar…

Had lunch at Takeru and ordered a karaage salad, which was good. Their deep fried green tea ice cream by the way is soooo awesome. I swear, Takeru has the best green tea icecream… wonder what brand they use?! YUM. I’m well aware I’m still on a diet lol, but we did sooo much walking!

I wanted to get the watch adjusted so the wrist band would fit, but the guy was closed on Sundays 😦 I didn’t trust the other stall in Market City (if I ask “how much is it to adjust a watch band?” obviously it’s a metal band… duh – if it was leather I’d ask “how much to punch holes into a leather watch strap?” – she asked me if she could see it – uh NO – because you’re gonna rip me off! It should be one standard price no matter how you think about this. FISHY MUCH.)

Went and bought some clothes (some particularly good buys in the hidden arcade place – I’m excited about that dress – it’s like a $15 version of a $90 dress I bought at Myer a few years ago – RAWR), had Starbucks, found a mini SIM for R‘s iPad, and went to Morning Glory and bought some stuff during their buy 2 get 1 free sale (not in this order lol).

I actually bought 2 cats, not just one, but these were for myself.

I needed a mouse for my laptop that was small and lightweight, and I guess the soap mouse would suffice (RRP $17.95AUD). The price is okay I guess. It was cheaper than the Microsoft optical one I bought, and well of course it’s just a standard mouse without any fancy features.

The speed of the mouse is quite fast though and it works well. What I didn’t know (well actually I should have known since it’s an optical mouse, but it slipped my mind at the time) is that it lights up that ugly red colour and you can see all the mechanism inside the mouse due to the thin plastic.

Colours weren’t captured well *sigh* but I think you get the idea.

The mouse is very well made, light, small, fits into the hand well, and I particularly like the feel of the cord and the USB connection. It’s made of the soft white plastic that your standard iPod headphones are made of.

I know I’m cutting this post short, but we did a lot from 1pm till 7:30pm! All that shopping and sifting through things on the rack and all – it’s a lot lol. I just can’t really go into detail or anything because I’m just so tired. All I can remember is watching Speed last night for the first time in my life and laughing at it the entire hour I was watching.

Uhm, I will be looking for a small easy retail part time job in the holidays and fingers crossed that I get hired somewhere lol. Sorry uni, but you dominated my life for the past 4 years. I’m kinda over you :\

I possibly am also considering going to see the Shanghai World Expo with a stop at Hong Kong. Saw a great deal in the newspaper last night, and it’s not going to be too surprising if I want to take it up. I’m not really sure if I will go or not though (I could go alone but then I’d rather just cut out Shanghai and just go to HK), but it’s a thought. I’m definitely going to travel to somewhere in Australia within the next few months to come 🙂

Anyway that’s about it for now lol. I’m gonna go try on my jumper and dress now. I so want a job. Hmm.


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