Mazeltov for for for~ the week~

Superstitious: ‘of’ and ‘for’ make a difference

As I jokingly wrote last week, I should change the Mazeltov FOR the week ahead rather than restrospectively trying to impose luck on the week that already happened. Possibly it worked, my friends. Or not so friends. 😉 I kid – sort of lol.

And the weight is…

So a little recap on last week’s episode.

I lost 0.8kg, got sick, then lost another 0.3kg. After the recovery I promptly gained the 0.3kg last week, which ended up nulling that 0.3kg.

Today I stepped on the scales and I *drumroll*….

…. lost an entire kilo.


Therefore so far I have lost a grand total of 3.5kg since the 28th March 2010. That’s almost 2 months.

I know it’s a bit slow, but hey, it’s gradual weight loss and it will stay off.

If you check my diet diary I lost about 1.7kg the first month, so I’m fairly close to losing 1.7kg/ month without fail. That’s looking good to me. Extra bonus of an extra 100g too!

(Don’t forget that I weigh myself every Monday morning, and I haven’t cut my hair recently, so my hair has been adding more weight while I’m losing weight overall. Means I probably lost more than 1kg methinks.)

My BMI last week was 21. It has now dipped to 20.8. Good job! It’s getting back to the safe zone again.

What I did the past week:I didn’t hula hoop for 3 days the past week, which makes it seem strange I lost so much. Actually though, I’ve been sleeping at around 2am for the past 3-4 nights. Friday I skipped lunch and had a very small dinner. On Saturday I was running around the city like mad (not much food intake either).

Every time I hoop it’s 1hour non stop. It has been the case for the past month+. Please assume this is the same unless I state that I have made changes to my routine 😉

I am a fairly lazy exerciser if you think of how many hours I spend sitting at a computer. I do sit down and watch tv. I’m not particularly active – but I guess it’s working!


I wake up in the mornings and even if I didn’t hula hoop the day before my stomach is relatively flat (by that I mean I still have a stomach sticking out but nowhere near as big as it was 2 months ago) and my waist wouldn’t have grown much larger. I realised a big reason why my stomach sticks out (it always has since I was a kid) was because I noticed my back curves a lot where my waist is. So that’s how the stomach gets pushed out. Never fear, as long as it’s not major love handle grippage – I’ve lost about 80% of love handle and that feels good.

The waist is the same as last week – and I measured my legs again. Funnily enough the thighs were now measuring back at 50cm, but the calves were 34cm. At the time when I wrote the SNSD leg exercise thing, my calves were 32cm, and last week I measured them at like 38cm. So double ewe tee eff. I think it’s just water content bouncing around.

And if this 1.7kg/month thing is REAL, then I can nail my 5kg target weight loss by the end of next month. DONE DEAL. Only 3 months to reach a resolution I kept putting off for over 5 years?! CRAZY – I would have done it earlier if I had know it was that easy! At the end of the 3 weeks/ 5kg target that’s when I am supposed to start my gym/ cardio workouts too. It’ll be interesting to see how that’d go down. Since I doubt I’d be happy with just a 5kg loss I’m going to do the full 10. But I’ll concentrate on the 5 first. I don’t care if a BMI of 18 is borderline underweight. As long as I’m fit that’s all I care about.

Will you stop after losing 5kg?

Nah. Exercise wasn’t really just to lose weight, it’s now been incorporated into my lifestyle. Hooping while I watch Good News Week or glee is an essential part of my daily life now, and it makes me feel somewhat more normal than sitting at a computer hopelessly doing work and ending up on Youtube (or somewhere else because my bandwidth doesn’t allow me to Youtube too much). I noticeably find my metabolism much better and I’m less sluggish.

While I’m quite happy with the results, I can’t say much until I actually hit my target weight loss. There are still things I want to improve – although I’m slimmer and noticeably more agile, I don’t particularly think my body is toned. My arms and legs definitely need toning, and I want to up my stamina (I get breathless fairly easily – it’s also due to bad lungs – damn asthma). I was always paranoid if I ever was chased by someone or something down a street – I don’t think I would be able to outrun them. So I need that extra zing of fitness in my lifestyle.

What I am going to do:

Continue as usual. Hoop as many days possible. Biggest concern is that I will be sitting here for this week because of a submission. Even bigger concern is the risk of falling sick again. That week when I lost 0.8kg really made me vulnerable, and I don’t want that to happen again. I’ll be a tank this week and scull as much fluid as I possibly can.

Heh, forget about that Cabi vid, let me feed you some After School giddiness instead:

WOOT UEE – envious of her long legs. She’s so thin! Not putting Gahee up because she’s too perfect 😉

She’s definitely been working those legs. They are getting so slim – as if they weren’t toned to begin with – now it’s taken up another level. And because she’s quite modest from a video I saw (though possibly a bit outdated), she noted that she still had a lot of work to do – damn, I’d kill to have what she had BEFORE let alone her legs now – seriously, I think Kpop is really making me have self esteem issues OTL But toning and exercise is good, non?

Hotness x 8. Too bad SNSD has nine people, so they’d be x9, but After School > SNSD for me ANY DAY. But if After School gets 2 extra members (since their maximum is like 10), then it’d be hotness x 10 – SNAPPED! I’d totally buy an After School album, but definitely not an SNSD one. Most probably because everyone has a girl crush on Park Gahee, and I’m secretly a UEE fangirl.
Img src (both images):

Motivated? More like slapped down with burden over purdy bodies. But yes, it will motivate me. Damn it, After School needs to come out with a Cabi video too! *rawrs* I’d’do 2 hours exercise per day if they did.

And that’s it folks!

I actually left this post to add more stuff on to write for more than 2 hours but I decided that I had nothing else to write about, considering that (1) my bow project fizzled (2) I already blogged about everything else in the previous few days.

Have a glorious week ahead, and I’ll be back with some eye pokey content for you all in maybe 5 days’ time!



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