Thanks Kpop for making us all have self esteem issues

Artistic surprise

Well, again a bit slow because I should have posted this up earlier, but it works now that I can do it in one go. YAY!

Both girls are lovely and have a tradition for making art for friends for their birthdays 😀 I feel super slack and l know I’m capable of returning the favour but I never do 😦

Visit Kitten at

Yeah well I added the bigass sig – as you can see her sig was really small in the lower right hand corner. I downsized it anyway, but I had to plaster a sig onto it anyway just in case I suppose. She drew and coloured it herself! Super big dual screen wallpapaer – thanks! ❤

Woke up this morning to find this goodie in my email inbox:

I’m not too sure how to credit this one to be completely honest lol, but I credit it to Viv Miu for the lulz 🙂 Thanks a lot girl!

I’m assuming that she made this using a digital graphics tablet on photoshop. Girl, without fail each year you send me an artwork – I feel uber bad x 50000000. I need to draw something for you one day D:

So my birthdays don’t really suck all that bad lol. It’s the friends who make it all better!

Cabi – sounds like Calbee the chip brand, but no, this is a boot camp.

Img src:

Definitely no to Calbee. I used to eat the above chips all the time (by this I mean a packet a week for maybe 6 packets and this was 2 years ago) because they are made of pure awesome. Corn chips BAKED in vegetable oil (yes not fried but BAKED) and covered in a red spicy chilli powder. YUM.

But I quit those a while ago. Definitely not eating these any time soon due to exercise/ diet, and especially not if I want to look hot like the following girls (and guys) in the video below.

Damn you Yuri for getting a hot oil body rub from Khun. Damn!

Yeah, I know, I’m late on the bandwagon, but only because I’m so not into SNSD and I only like Khun from 2PM. Personally, I think SNSD is overhyped – but that’s just me. I don’t care for their music, but I do agree they make fantastic idols – which is, after all, their profession.

What can I say about the video? Cleavage, milky skin, not a trace of cellulite or stretch marks anywhere.

I give them credit for promoting a HEALTHY body rather than a thin body, but argh – jealousy succumbs. The video clip is well and truly to make girls envy and want a body like that. Including myself of course.

This is an inspirational video for anyone who’s looking to keep fit or to work to get fitter. Aside from that, I can’t really say much other than if you want to go to Cabi,  you need to stop eating Calbee.

Lol? Thought not ._.


And now in an effort to help me concentrate (it’s freezing cold and still raining) I shall be hooping twice today. Damn this Cabi video. Makes me feel lazy for not doing exercise these past few days. If it’s a good excuse, I’ve been busy! And yesterday I did a significant amount of haulage and running around in the city. Strangely enough though, my body did not ache this morning. Perhaps it just wasn’t enough. But then again, who knows?


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