Shiny birthday surprises. Super trippy.

Today I started off semi-early. The sky was grey and the sky was throwing bucket loads of rain down. Welcome to Sydney!

Anyway, I woke up and as soon as the sky cleared my mum and I headed out because she needed to do her fortnightly groceries, and I needed to pick up some card for design. As I was getting back, there was a bit of an accident – I think a bus driver got hit (there was blood on his face), and two police vans and the state transit were there.

Then at around 3pm R texts me about dropping off my present off – and I then said I’d escape from home so they couldn’t ever be able to deliver it. And so that’s when I actually did go to the city as planned, but got on the wrong bus and had to get from Chinatown all the way to near Martin Place D: Turns out they were at Louis Vuitton and already made a purchase ;x

By the way, “trippy” is my new catch word. Credits to whoever I leeched that word off lol.

Harikin – OMG!

On the other hand, Ramille got me a present – and it’s super trippy!

Introducing eye blinding candy:

Love! It’s so trippy, like, something you’d see in a Big Bang video clip!

Learn more about this camera at

Forget the white slim angels or black slim devils – psh, get something trippy like a Harikin GOLD slim instead!

For those who don’t really know what these are or heard about it but don’t really know what they’re for, these are a series of small, slim, lightweight wide angle lens lomography cameras. If you google or something, they produce amazing shots. Best part? No battery required. HELLS YEAH. I will never use my SLR because it actually involves me actively finding a lithium battery to suit the SLR. I can’t ever be bothered doing that. I’m just not too sure where they develop film in the city. According to Ramille they do it in the city, but I’m not sure D: If anyone knows exactly where, give me a shout. If there is indeed easy photo developing in the city – YES! I’ll abuse this little thing until it’s gone and no longer shiny!

Apparently the story behind getting this camera was a few weeks back when I saw the shop window and said “OMG I WANT THE GOLD ONE!”


Plus it came in this cute bag with a pink smiling rabbit saying “Because I want to see your face with a smile” – nawwww! ❤

Gucci ban. Seriously.

To follow on with the high roller tradition, we drove to the Rocks and then badda boom. Gucci.

I’m pissed now because it’s on sale on the freaking US website but I did not get a single dollar off this thing. But the good thing is that it’s recent-ish!

I don’t ever remember seeing these on display, and well, let’s just say that it was hidden in a cabinet. C has a Speedy, so I will get a Boston, just like how my wishlist always had it. Just what it always said. CAN TICK OFF NAO!

This bag is from the Gucci Spring/ Summer 2010 collection.

Still very new.

Despite the questions other people ask me like “isn’t it a bit shiny?” and also “I feel like the metallic might rub off” I can say it’s not actually that shiny and it will never rub off due to how it’s made. I also read a review of this bag (tested at the store) and I will highly disagree with spending money on something more toned down and timeless.

This bag, that is, the Boston bag, is timeless.

If I was going to buy a Boston bag and it just happened to look like “just another Gucci Boston” then what’s the point of spending the money? Why not get something unique, of a particular awesome colour that few people even have, and make a statement – repeat – with the same amount of money? Why can’t I have a timeless classic that actually says something about myself rather than look like others? Even though this is a really unconventional type of Boston in terms of its colour, its fabric is a breakthrough. It’s waterproof, the sheen is nice, the texture feels good (sturdy, almost mesh like) and it’s low maintenance. In fact, this is probably the first line of bags using this type of fabric and this is easier to clean than the coated canvas ones.

The shiny brown/bronze fabric is comparable, but definitely different in texture and innovation (not even as shiny as that). Don’t forget, silver jewellery goes with any great outfit – why not a silver bag? The Louis Vuitton Vernis collection and recent years of patent leather has proven that shiny is here to stay. In fact, this one is rather toned down since it’s not shiny – it’s more like a brushed metal finish so it’s less eye pokey.

It was either this or a grey handle, grey waterproof coated canvas Boston. I really quite liked it, but apart from the fact the size was smaller than what I was hoping for (despite the extra long strap), I thought the proportions were awkward and I didn’t like the bag looking like a lump of grey. Also the price tag didn’t really seem all that attractive, since in my eyes it didn’t really look that good on me. This on the other hand is much more hip and it brings up the mood or atmosphere better because there’s just that X factor that makes it pop.

Despite having received comments by a particular friend saying that “you should put it on a pedestal and put it on display to look at” (which I assume is a good thing, though it leaves a question mark for practicality – as usual and expected from him – though he only saw the website image as posted above to which he replied “it might look better in real life” and I assure you, it really does), I will use it. Honestly speaking, people use Vernis bags, Mirroir bags and patent things. I’ve seen all sorts of weird bags – shiny, sequined – the lot. This by far is not an original concept, but the fabric sure is quite something remarkable.

In fact, I liked this bag so much I started using it about 30mins after I bought it – how’s THAT for dedication?

In my eyes this is a beautiful bag. Good enough for a pedestal, apparently. It’s a joy to look at and use, it feels lovely to the touch, the handles are nice and stiff, there’s a beautiful zipped up compartment inside and the lovely smell of new bag smell is there.  It’s sturdy, a nice bag regardless of colours (due to its nice proportions and handle extensions to go under the bag) and believe it or not, this WILL go with a lot of outfits. It’s like a vernis without being too shiny.

To be honest I’m really quite sick of the brown Gucci bag. Brown brown brown. I’m glad that Gucci has responded to the other recent collections – such as the LV Mirroir (not recent, but sought after) and the metallic Dior collection. Though nowhere as shiny, it still is a nice bag.

What happens if you buy a designer good and someone makes a comment about it that makes you sad?

Though slightly off tangent, I’m well aware that this has happened to everyone before – not just about designer goods, but just things you bought in general.

My advice is that if you hit a negative comment about a purchase, don’t dwell on it. You made the choice to spend the money and if you were happy while spending it, don’t doubt yourself. Other people have little right to judge about what you buy especially if they haven’t used it or seen it in person (depending on the situation).

For instance, this bag is my personal birthday gift to myself, and I like it. I tried it on and I think it looked good even with my damp oversized Zipia jacket and ankle laced up boots. It’s a designed item so therefore it must have been designed in this way for a reason. There’s nothing elaborate about this bag, the only thing that sets it apart is its colour, but it’s not even as shiny as what people make it out to be. Gosh, this is NOTHING compared to the LV Mirroir – nature has proven that shiny things will attract and always be in fashion. Why else do you think that Apple iPhones are so popular? Because they have a shiny silver back – it’s iconic, stylish, low maintenance and above all SHINY.

So don’t doubt yourself.

If I get any negative comments about this bag they won’t see the light of day. I spent my money pretty well on this bag I think, and it’s unique. If anything, I have this awesome bag – and you don’t. Hahaha jk – but seriously, this is my own purchase.

Now I really need a job. I’ve spent way too much lately and unfortunately, I don’t have much income coming in at all. My goal of saving up $2000 for this year has now more likely become save $5000 this year – it really was having my laptop stolen. That really hurt my savings the most. I mean, replacing something I had that was in good working condition? Wtf.

Now the more I look at this bag the more normal it looks. I remember when those silky shiny monogram fabrics came out I really hated them. It’s a bit like the same right now, but I started liking them from the start. Dude, it looks so normal all these random comments have gotten my mind off track. Sorry for being unique D:

Seriously, I highly recommend this bag and collection. It will be timeless despite what other people have said and the best part is having close to nobody having the same one as you. That pwns.

On the other hand, I’m not walking into Gucci any time soon. Though honestly speaking I really want a smaller wallet (half the size of my envelope one) because I want to use it on “lighter” days. I might not buy a Gucci one though, but I’ll see when the time comes. First I need to start EARNING/ SAVING MONEY before I think about designer goods again. I’m done. 6 Gucci items in the house within a span of less than a year. Not good.

Crap, and maybe another belt. *Facepalm* – if I keep losing weight at this rate, I demand I get myself another belt.

Yumei @ Capitol Square

Spicy Kaisen Chirashi. $14.50. Though once again I lose to Ramille when it comes to the bill. DEFINITELY SHOUTING YOU GUYS BULGOGI DAMN IT.  But then again, it will be C’s birthday at the end of the year – ah~ 2x presents for you guys in a year 😉
Somehow I also love the irony how the sign says “Japanese restaurant” and under that there’s an LED screen saying “Japanese restaurant”. Uhh – why?

Also came with a bowl of miso soup, which I drank first.

I tipped all the spicy sauce in which wasn’t very smart and for some reason there was solid sugar at the bottom of the bowl. The rice was also seasoned with vinegar which made it doubly confusing. I think it was for those people who didn’t want the spicy sauce and to still have flavoured rice – or they used the rice from sushi. Hmm. Needless to say I didn’t finish the rice, and the bowl was much more shallower than expected. A lot of rice still.

Too many onions and ginger (took that aside) and I didn’t eat the lone prawn since I’m allergic to them. The appetiser which was a pumpkin soupey thing with crunchy bits in it was quite nice though (you can see it empty on the top left of the photo). 

Overall to be honest I would have preferred eating a sashimi salad from ROLL+ or even the smoked salmon salad from mizuya. I just couldn’t eat so much rice – especially since it was vinegared and sugared too. They did have something similar salad-ey on the menu but from the image, I suspect it would have been quite small. Then again, I wouldn’t know. Yumei wasn’t bad at all. It’s not a bad restaurant. The prices are a little on the high side though, but what do you expect? You’re eating at Capitol Square.


I had a fun day! But an expensive one. I went out to the city to originally buy $20 worth of material for making bows. Not only did that not happen, I make a purchase way too many times more than what I was expecting to spend. My designer days are over for the meantime. I’ll return back to them once I get a job. First paycheck – you know where that’s going. DAYUM 8D

PS: Do I really take jokes too far? I can’t remember the final joke I said in the car but apparently it was bad. Lol.

Until next blog!

PPS: I really won’t be on much blogging because I have an assessment this Friday. I’ll be back definitely on Monday though for the weighing 🙂 Don’t be too hopeful though – I didn’t hoop for the past 3 nights due to just exhaustion. Btw I should be in bed. 1:07am. EEKS.


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