I was really itching to make a badge or a bow because I had a necklace chain that was rusting and not being put to use. I wasn’t really being too productive either, so I decided to make this.

Trust me it looks a lot better in real life, considering that this photo was taken by a phone camera and also during night time. For Samsung phone users – want to beat that yellow glow during night time due to indoor lighting? Set the scene to candlelight – it’ll wash all the yellow/orangey tones white – which is what it should be 🙂

What I used:

  • 2x White felt (makes it stiff if you use two sheets)
  • 1x Glittery silver ribbon I got from an old present (it was used to tie up a candle, but the candle didn’t even work – lit it and it never burned, so I’ll throw it out some time)
  • 4x rhinestones (sewn)
  • 1x rusting 925 16″ chain with bean pendant (authenticity unknown)

TIP: If you can find silk or satin, use that instead please – felt is not the best material to use to make a hair or brooch bow!

I bought the necklace I think about 2.5 years ago from soompi because something possessed me to do it. It appears to be an Elsa Piretti bean pendant on chain. I doubt it’s really Tiffany and Co (but I’ll never know since all I own is a pair of earrings that I bought last year from the store so I’m no expert- but those are easily polished, whereas this was a bitch to clean, so I’m assuming this isn’t real – but hey-) but I know it’s 925 because it tarnished. Also it’s because my earrings came with an engraved serial number – whereas this one didn’t. Lolz. I just helped some girl on soompi out by helping her clear her unwanted gifts – but it’s okay, that was before I was buying stuff and thinking about it >_> 

I can’t ever wear it as a necklace because it’s too short to be one (not to mention I will not be spotted wearing a knockoff D: But I guess it’s okay if I use it to make something with it), and I won’t ever have a use for it (ie. giving it away) because it is 2nd hand to begin with. Probably quite an expensive chain to use for an accessory lol. But I couldn’t think of any other use I could possibly use it for without it looking tacky.

This photo shoes the colours more closely along with the pretty glitter ribbon. Unfortunately I can’t get the etching clear with the darned mobile phone (auto focus). Trust me it looks really similar to the actual engraving, just this photo makes it look bad D:

Silly me though I put the engravings so it faces the back rather than out when the bow is worn. Oh well, it was meant to be then lol – people will just think it’s a cool bean 🙂

The best thing? I can take the bow apart and I’m still left with a necklace! HAR HAR!

I’ll definitely be making more badges and stuff when the holidays come.


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