Priorities and Pet Peeve 5: “Memory says no”

Weight loss – priority for me, but for others…?

I lurk on just about every day. My favourite forums are Australia (though that forum is never active so I just look at the page and close it, but I must click it), Beauty&Fashion, Health&Fitness (this is a new category I like – I used to not lurk there), Current Events (because I love reading news), and Love&Relationships.

Recently there has been an implosion (?) of weight loss diaries in the Health&Fitness forum, which is really inspiring because I can read about other people’s progress and it motivates me in return. However there are a few new diaries that make me go… “huh?” because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

In 2 different diaries (one girl the same height as me, another 7.5cm shorter) both girls weighed more than me (marginally, had it not been because I lost a bit of weight I lied. Because I can’t convert weights ._.), but had tiny measurements like 26″ waist. I’m not sure if anyone can actually comprehend exactly how small a 26″ waist actually is. My waist currently measures just under 28″ and I’m feeling GOOD about it because I don’t ever remember being 26″, and mostly to do with the fact that it’s getting towards the slim side (give me another 2 weeks and my almost non existent love handles will be gone – that’s what I’m talking about). 

Their leg measurements were actually 5:3:2 or 5:2:1.5or2. If you remember from my 5:3:2 leg post way back, I actually held similar measurements to her legs – I was 5:3:2 – but recently for some reason why I now measure, I’m more like 5:4:2, which makes little to no sense. Perhaps I’m measuring the wrong part of the calf (it’s been a while since I’ve watched the video), but in all honestly I’m not out of proportion. I don’t think I am. And besides proportion is something I’ve been grappling and arguing about for the past 4.5 years – I’m an architecture student, I know about proportions.

But anyway, the main idea of this is that they all have smaller measurements – perhaps maybe yes they need to get fit (because there’s nothing wrong with being fit) – but losing more cms or inches? I don’t think so. With those proportions and measurements, I don’t even see the need to have a target weight for weight loss. It just doesn’t seem in my mind to be practical, because it could be bone density or whatnot.

I on the other hand have much larger measurements (2″ is quite some difference I must say) and I have a target weight because I know what it was like when I was 10kg (now 7.5kg) ago. I actually remember what it was like.

Anyway, my point wasn’t really to say “screw weight loss! It’s mine!” but moreso, if you’re going to keep fit and whatnot, do so in moderation. I read a routine consisting of 2 hours of exercise per day which was intense. I don’t really see it as necessary since that’s targetting weight loss and not trying to keep fit. Only about 3 hours of exercise a week is needed to stay healthy and fit, so yeah IMO that’s a bit overboard. In fact when I tell my friends I do an hour a day they think I’m crazy because I have such a busy workload.

Speaking of workloads and fitness, I was talking to my friend D the other night and he mentioned something that I’ve grown to realise in the past few months – “life > uni”.

I just find it so sad and unfortunate that in the course I’m doing the course coordinators and everyone expect you to put your uni work and projects as the uttermost priority in life and expect you to spend long hours (even if it means no sleep) to complete it. I honestly did not have a life until recently. This is the reason why the weight slowly crept up on me during these years – I had no other choice other than to sit at my computer (frying one in the process) and slaving away for assignments.

But in a way I’m happy and thankful now that it’s still not too late to realise that I can still find a bit of time to rearrange my life and get the priorities right. I’m still young, and I can still study and do other things.

UNSW related

Btw – UNSW Students, enrolment opens NOW! Enrol for Semester 2!

I almost forgot myself. Luckily I was reminded about it x_x

It’s pretty scary thinking that next semester will be my last semester at uni. I’ll definitely give the idea of doing another course (more graphics related) and I’ll also definitely be looking to see if I can find some random work. If a graphics company would like to hire me I’d be ecstatic. I’d have fun even just colouring in MANGA for crying out loud. It’s what I’m good at and for once I can actually say so. I’d personally wouldn’t mind working in retail depending on what it was I was selling. When I met up with my friend N last time, she was like, “retail?! Are you kidding me?” to which I said, “well yeah, like in a department store or something.” Then she said “ohhhh – well yeah okay, I can imagine you selling bags or something like that.”

Well. I guess that says a lot about me. Sort of 😉 I ❤ N lol.

I also would not mind working at a cosmetics counter, though most of the time you need to have done some sort of beauty course beforehand. Well, we’ll see. I could get lucky and find a really fun job. I’d love to remove the stress inside of me that built up for many years on end.

Pet Peeve 5: Memory not detected.

As misleading at the Pet Peeve name is, how many of you have encountered this situation –

You are walking down the street, or having a meal perhaps, and you recognise someone coming in the opposite direction or eating on the table nearby. You’re not 100% sure, but you know they saw you. Just as you’re about to say hi, they walk right past you without even giving you a glance, or they leave without saying hello.

Yeah, those situations SUCK.

Recently I’ve been thinking about this because this hasn’t happened to me like once. It’s happened many times – countless times that I don’t even think my two hands could sustain the count.

I’m not too concerned with people ignoring me (despite knowing who I am) and walking past (that’s not my problem, that’s theirs, because I only make a conscious decision to ignore them back after they’ve made their decision, if that makes sense).

I’m more concerned with the fact that I’m starting to suspect that people aren’t saying anything because they can’t recognise me. But then that’s not the case either – one late night in the city 3 years ago I saw a girl who was out clubbing, and she called my name straight away. Needless to say I never said hello or anything to her in high school, in fact, I don’t even remember us ever talking. It was awesome though because I cheerily chirped “HI!!!!” back automatically without even thinking.

Unless if I look that different compared to 3 years ago, then I don’t really know what to say. I’ve lost a lot of my old photographs because my previous computer died (and the backup ones were on my stolen laptop – great), but in all honesty, I don’t look any much different from since I left high school. Yeah, significant weight gain, but appearance-wise, same old. Long hair. Fringe is slightly different but I’ve had this same hairstyle for the past what, 3-4 years already (no kidding).

In year 6 my classmates could recognise my baby photo from just the eyes alone (I had no idea how or why, but that seemed amazing to me), and the other day my mum found some old film negatives and through the light I could recognise my legs because my calves look exactly the same as they were when I was four years old. I think that if I can recognise these well enough, I find it hard to believe that other people can’t recognise me.

Maybe they are making a conscious effort to just not say hi and continue on (I know some people don’t like to greet others because they’re in a hurry or don’t want to seem rude by just saying hi and walking off), or there’s always the conspiracy that I’ve miraculously changed appearances beyond recognition.

Which is it? I’ll never know, and that’s why it peeves me off.

Until next blog!


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