More Mazeltov needed. K, thx.

And the scales say…

… that I gained the 0.3kg I lost in the past week! ToT

I’m starting to either think my scales is full of bs or something, but hey, I’m not surprised.

I lost that 0.3kg not through exercise but from getting sick.

What entails getting sick? Severe dehydration, loss of appetite – and the list goes on. Even just yesterday my lips were extremely dry, so I know I’m dehydrated. I’m assuming that 0.3kg gained is just my body getting back to normal. Didn’t lose anything except for water I needed. That and my stomach is starting to bloat.

But it’s not the end of the world: the good thing is that while I’m hooping I could feel my waist getting smaller. I measured and the difference was maybe a fifth of an inch, but I don’t like to document it unless it’s in increments of .25 or .5 of an inch. Ther very interesting thing was that I lost 2cm circumference from my thigh and calves. WOOHOO!

In other words, I’m not really losing the weight, but I’m losing cms and inches here and there, so that makes me relatively happy.

My BMI is currently 21.2 (used to be 22), which is on the lesser half between 18-25, so that’s also a good achievement.

Another thing to note is that I did not do “make up” sessions for the days I did not do my one hour hula hooping. I think even on Friday night I was too tired to do it and just skipped it. I was supposed to walk home as well but skipped that because it was dark – le sigh. Either way I’m back on track and I will be hooping consistently every day, even if it’s just for losing the cms. Again I’m hoping those lost cms aren’t water related, or else I’d be fairly upset.

Hopefully next week when I step on the scales again I find that I’ve lost some weight and more cms!

Perhaps just hooping isn’t enough and the limit is losing 2.5kg whilst losing some inches here and there. If so, I’m not complaining – that just means I can’t wait until the winter holidays when I can grab a skipping rope and do some cardio, or use my friend’s gym pass – I’m fairly excited!

No seriously,  I need to start working

I have a lot of things to do in the next 2 weeks so I’m going to disappear for a bit. I’ll still be around, leave comments if you have a question and I answer them within 24 hours (unless I think your question is really poorly worded and the answer already exists on this site – trust me, I had someone ask me my location even though it’s stated in the sidebar (and probably a zillion times in the post itself), and I don’t like to endorse laziness – I mean, you read a blog because you like to pass time by reading, right? I mean, when I’m on my eyes absorb every bit of the page even if I’m not interested in what it says – so seriously, if it’s lack of effort even in that, *zips lips*)

It’s super cold today and I look like a mess. Yesterday I put thought into my outfit but left the house forgetting to even moisturise my face. Yes, cold and no moisturiser on face – bad combo. I currently have abnormally wavy hair and still need to moisturise. I’m aiming to leave the house in 25 minutes so I can walk to my lecture. Determined? You bet – I feel so energised now that I’ve 99% recovered from being sick. It’s time to get some major work DONE! Let’s be productive peeps! I’m hating procrastination to its bones since it makes me yawn and go all sleepy.

Speaking of sleepy (I’ll make this short and quick) I had the worst dream ever. It was packed with stuff you’d see in a martial arts movie, but 10000x worse. I was looking at Dior rings though! But other than that it was really terrible and I was fearing for my life the entire time. Another really bad dream before that was a $100.01 taxi ride (yes, 1c included), paid by my ex’s new girlfriend. Unpleasant.

See ya all! I now only have 23 mins ;x

EXTRA EDIT (almost 6 hours later)

  • I don’t actually know if my ex has a new gf or not lol – I don’t care either. For some reason I just don’t like the idea of thinking that I wasn’t as awesome. Throughout the whole taxi ride I kept trying to jip her into paying for the taxi bill though, mostly because it’s a reflection of my financial status now lololol (even in my sleep I know I need to save up >_> This is becoming a serious problem now). She was super cocky though – the entire time I was thinking “what a bitch!”
  • Second dream about fearing for my life was actually a really scary dream. I think it reflected some of my worst  fears. I had kick ass martial arts skillz and could fight (I was actually held captive with a bunch of random girls), but I couldn’t beat the bad guy. The amazing thing was that the bad guy didn’t even know he was up against me, so amazingly I stayed alive, but was just held captive. I think watching Ninja Assassin mixed with memories of Ayashi no Ceres is not very healthy. And I mention Ayashi because I was wearing a white oversized dress. Reminds me of anime. Like Lain.

Note the part in the video clip where the blue haired girl is wearing white and there are two guys in white behind her (they are buff scientists in disguise holding her captive) – and disregard everything else seemingly weird… it’s Yuu Watase… which explains just about everything weird in life. Including random nudity.
PS: This is just a random music video – didn’t use the opening scene because it’s too extreme.

Img Cr:
Lain from “Serial Experiments Lain”. Damn trippy.

  • I measured my legs again and the measurements went back to normal. Is this normal? I have no idea. I just feel like I’m false advertising if the measurements change throughout the day. But truth is, they are less jiggly.
  • BIG BANG new Japanese single, “Tell me Goodbye” has been released, and today MBLAQ’s anticipated 2nd release “Y” was also released.

T.O.P smoking and lipsyncing to the chorus into the sexy white oldschool telephone? HELLS YEAH. I’m digging the red streaks, but not his solo rap part (it was interesting but it was too short and didn’t really mesh in, in my opinion) nor the cut up rugged driving scene (why did they destroy his lovely nose??). All in all, lots of Taeyang screenpron, not quite enough T.O.P hoarse-voiced manhood. Sadness. BTW – when is that man going to release his awesome solo song already?! FUUU- HURRY UP D:

I rest my case.


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