Mazeltov FOR the week?

Let’s just rephrase the title hoping that I’ll have some better luck in the week to come, rather than – well yeah. I just lost my train of thought. Meh.

And the weight is…

I stepped on the scales since it’s Monday again (doesn’t time fly? It used to not fly this quickly…) and I lost 0.3kg. (If I haven’t mentioned this already, I have electronic scales to 1 decimal point, which is why I can tell how many increments of a kilo I have lost – unlike those lame old school analogue scales >_<)

That’s not that much, but I’m starting to think that the previous week’s 0.8kg loss was not so healthy. No, it really wasn’t.

Still I’m grateful that I haven’t gained anything considering I’m sick, inactive, somewhat bedridden (or couch potato ridden) and I haven’t hula’d for the past 2 nights. But remember, to stay healthy you only need to exercise like 3 times a week. I’m trying to lose weight so I go crazy and do 6-7. I did do about 5-6 in the past week, so in a sense yeah, I did lose 300grams, which is understandable.

My waist measurement is the same as last week. I’m not too concerned about it anyway.

That means for the past 6 weeks I have lost a grand total of 2.8kg – HAY NOT BAD – >50% TO LOSING FIVE KILO 8D

I was planning on working out during the winter at the gym because my friend has a gym pass and she said that I could use it 8D OH YEAH! If I get to 5kg in no time, no hesitation, I will aim for the whole 10kg. Or perhaps 8 will do.

Time to continue working hard! It does pay off. YAY!

Grafiti Lane shoot

On the Saturday when I met up with Ramille, I took a few shots with my camera phone. Obviously poor in quality (unless there’s lots of white – otherwise, grainy as heck) due to 5mpx only – le sigh, I needs camera.

I appear to have a preoccupation with their shoes. Really really grainysauce photo. Disappointment entails.

I thought the text was cute lol.

The whole lane smelled of paint by the way. Funky gross smell. Not very pleasant, but it was still kinda cool.

Probably my favourite shot out of all the ones I took. Lovely juxtaposition of a hard urban feel against a more refined sandstone building. I love the lighting due to the sky light (well it’s not really a sky light, more like an uncovered light well).

And no photoshoot is complete without the lovely C, who turned some heads with her pretty lace dress! FIERCE!

As you can probably tell, having a phone camera is not much use unless if I combine images and make the composition interesting (and load it up with ridiculous amounts of Photoshop). Or just post up photographs that are “point and shoot” (even so I’m sort of particular with how my photos are taken even if it’s just a simple point and shoot – of course there are the hits and the misses especially if I’m lazy to move stuff, but generally I’m quite fussy). I might combine some of the other photos together and make a set. For now, these are the ones I’ve processed (there’s one more but I’m not putting it up here due to blurrysauce) and I might possibly do more. I’ll think about it. It’s just all so cluttered because of the grafiti lolol.

Hong Kong Post is made of slowsauce

Yes, I sort of originate from HK. I usually praise their postal system (minus those days when they would go through parcels and remove all expensive items -_- > well it could have been Australian customs, but we would never know) but my latest sasa haul has not come in. It took 5 days for them to mail it out of the country! Ridiculous. I wish they posted up that there was a delay or something… because that is quite some delay >_<

So if you ordered something recently from HK, add maybe another 4 days to what you’d usually expect to wait. I suspect it had to do with Mothers’ Day.

I’ve decided that Hermés is out of my league

Their cheapest bag is approximately $2200AUD but it’s made of canvas AND doesn’t even have a zip enclosure!

However I will contemplate their scarves and accessories such as jewellery.

I wish I could just win the lottery. First thing I’d buy is a camera though 😉


Other than that my life has been somewhat bland. I would love to find a chance to wear all the dresses I have though! But I shall probably start on my lab and essay since I’m not at uni. I decided to skip class because I’m probably too sick for it. Taking it easy yo. Until next blog!


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