Stole C’s idea lol, and Samsung NP-R580-JS02AU laptop review


Because the café at the cinemas had nothing in there except for the Berry Blast – sigh. The bar is seriously really sexy and nicely lit for a nice ambient atmosphere, but NO DRINKS? FAIL! I WANTED A BANANARAMA. Anyway –

Everyone please check out C’s new banner on her blog HERE! It features the extra saucy leg shot I took on our USYD trip 😉

I was browsing through my wordpress settings and then I realised that I had the option of updating my banner because this theme allows me to do so for free. YAY! \o/ I couldn’t believe that I didn’t realise this earlier. So in a way I sorta copied C’s idea lol (sorry! >_<) – but to make up for it, the banner utilises L’s awesome photograph taken of us earlier this year. LOVIGANS! That’s bound to please everyone lol.

If you’re a bit confused about the banner credits and why I put myself as “photo extension”, it’s because the banner had to be 720 pixels, but the photo itself was maybe 600 pixels? I extended a bit of the photograph using my painting skillz on Photoshop. Nah, I actually really suck at digital painting. I’ve done it a few times with limited success, but meh, I might master it one day.


I’m sick of being sick. This morning – yep, the works. Blocked nose – changed voice – but surprisingly I feel really good compared to the last time I was sick. I think my immune system has improved. Must be exercise. As a result, I didn’t work out last night and I’m doubting if I want to work out tonight. Tomorrow when I step on the scales it’ll be the moment of truth *gulps* This is why when I honestly say “I get sick before it’s my birthday”, I really mean it. It has been without fail the case all these years. Hoped that this year would be an exception – but NOPE!

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For those who haven’t noticed anything different other than the banner, I’ve now signed up for Twitter! Yes, on the left hand menu right at the top, I am on twitter!

Admittedly I won’t really be using twitter much except if I really feel like I have to (I don’t use Internet on my phone) – but if you feel like the occasional tweet to holler at me, you know where to do so.

My twitter is located HERE.

If you’re wondering why I have such a weird username, it’s the usual gibberish username I use when ‘kuroimisa’ is not available. I even tried ‘kmisa’ but it didn’t work. I even tried ‘mimimisa’ and that still wouldn’t work. OH I SHOULD HAVE JUST USED MIKETSU. DAMN, I AM DUMB.  Not so dumb > – believe it or not, someone living in Japan apparently also has an obsession with the name “miketsu”. Something I’ve been using for the past like, 6-7 years?! Amazing. Oh well.

Admittedly I only signed up to write to Nichkhun of 2PM in response to his tweet wanting a tan since he was “as paled as a boiled chicken” (paraphrased).

I tweeted back saying: “RE: boiled chicken/pale comment – but you can be an awesomesauce boiled CHICHKHUN 8D~”

Geddit – CHICHKHUN?!

I thought it was funny at the time. So did M. OTL

Samsung Laptop Review

Image credits to official Samsung Website; specs can be found here.

Do not worry. The laptop is nowhere as red as it appears on the image above.

As the link is up there, feel free to click for the specs – I won’t copy and paste them here to bore you. AND HERE’S THE FUN PART – MY CRAPTASTIC PHOTOS! (taken with a Samsung phone).

What happened was after my failsauce Asus laptop purchase, I took it back to the store. I played the sales assistant the video on my phone (he was like o_O) and then went ahead and said I could exchange it. Once again as previously mentioned, my customer confidence in Asus was low (though I did notice in my studio on Friday that two of the guys in my class both had the same ASUS laptop) so I wanted something different. Too bad for the backlit keys though – they were really awesome.

Although the box for this laptop was much more understated than the Asus one, the oldschool brown card looked appealing still. One thing to note is that the box is much lighter than the Asus one, so I was excited that this laptop was going to weigh either the same or even less than the Asus. I’m fairly sure it’s lighter than the Asus one even though they are both estimated at 2.6kg \o/ SCORE!

Although we saw the Asus laptop being taken out of the box brand new, the carry case did not come with a seal – so it was unclear where the entire box actually came from. However with this laptop, I could rest easy at night and be able to dream of fluffy sheep and grassy hills – there was a seal closing the package, so it put my mind at ease. Definitely brand new and never opened. The box itself was in immaculate condition with no kinks or  bumps.

Yeah well, okay, the presentation of the inside wasn’t that fantastic – but then again, this isn’t Masterchef or something where presentation counts every step of the way – I just want to know that my laptop is safely and nicely packed, and in this case, yes, it was. Although the Asus laptop was presented nicely, I mentioned that it failed to have any sort of cushioning for the laptop in transport should it encounter any physical impact. This laptop however DID have the foam, which was a really nice thing. I was relieved to see it, even though it wasn’t as ‘neat.’

So yes – there you have it – a lovely laptop with a small small power charger. Apparently it’s standard for them all to be this small these days – which amazes me since laptop power cords were freaking HUGE for many many years. I’m keeping that plastic sheet on the cover – I can’t afford to scratch the cover. I’d be devastated.

The thing about this laptop is that I absolutely adore the keys. There’s a number pad, and the keys are so cute like little Scrabble tiles! The placement of where to turn up and down the volume and stuff is easy to follow and overall it’s a pleasure to use. And this photograph shows the colour quite accurately. It’s more of a dark red than a bright red.

EDIT/ I realised someone searched how to control the volume – use the function (FN) key and while holding it down, control it using the arrow keys left and right – left is volume down. Right is volume up. Similarly you can use FN + UP (brightness of screen up) and FN + DOWN (brightness of screen down). I wasn’t used to it, but it’s super easy after you study the keyboard a bit.

The touch pad isn’t too scratchy (my old laptop had a really scratchy one and heated up so it felt like I was constantly running my finger on sandpaper) and works exceptionally well. The corners of the touch pad light up when in use so you know the full scope of where the pad is – especially at night. This baby can run my CAD and Sketchup with almost no lag at all, which really impresses me. The speakers are understated but okay, and the CD drive works fine (no flimsy feeling springy noises unlike the Asus one). You can control the screen brightness down to zero and overall, a very very sound quiet laptop. No overheating. The fan is located at the back. The power charger however is located on the left, which is a bit strange, but I can live with that (makes sense since your mouse is usually plugged on the right, and you might want one less cord when opening and closing the CD drive).

The only problem with this laptop is that it comes with 4GB of RAM but runs on Windows 32bit, meaning I can only get a maximum of 3GB. I’m surprised and confused by Samsung’s decision to not use 64 bit. I might upgrade to 64bit at the end of this year. I’ll format the entire thing perhaps. I’ll think about it. And of course, no backlit keyboard lol – which is okay! Less battery consumption 😉

Comes with bluetooth and HDMI. Unlike the Asus, this doesn’t play Blu-Ray, but who cares? I don’t own any Blu-Ray discs, and we have a Blu-Ray player at home anyway.

The battery life like all Samsungs is quite exceptional, at around 3.5hours.

Overall I’m very pleased – I’ve had 2 Samsung phones – though I wasn’t pleased with one of the sound qualities, the looks, craftmanship and general useability are quite well done and reliable. Very nice, and recommended.


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