I hate Sydney’s weather

Well. For the I think 3rd time this year, I am sick. This time it wasn’t really my fault – last night was incredibly cold and this morning I woke up feeling crap. I went out all day, and while it felt uncomfortable, it was sort of okay. Ideally I probably should have slept it off but I will do it tonight and tomorrow. I’ll get better soon, hopefully.

LOTS OF DRESSES BOUGHT TODAY! Well, C and I each bought 3 dresses/tops and a jacket each. I’m particularly impressed with the white lace one I got (size is right, elastic at the waist which is good, length is nice as well), but it’s horribly see through. If I wear shorts or tights underneath, you can still see through it. I’m not too sure what to do with it. AND I DO NOT HAVE SHOES THAT MATCH. OMG. That’s the worst part. I need a pair of universal flats. SAD!

The black and gold scrunched dress looked nice, but didn’t have a nice fit – didn’t go along curves or anything, just made me look boxy. Nothing I can do about that one except for hoping that I keep at my exercise routine and it’ll look nicer on me. Probably I might have fit into a size 8, but they didn’t have one. It probably would have had a better fit – and it’s slightly stretchy. I’d have difficulty zipping it up, but meh, it’ll fit better. Now I have one easy to zip up but not fitting right. I’ll get by.

I liked the black lace dress because it fit nicely, but the straps – omg – bad placement. I’d have no clue what kind of underwear to go with that. I’m also very paranoid with the zippers. It seems to be a really nice dress to wear, but I feel that it looks a bit too bedroomy. It feels like something you’d go to sleep in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to wear that dress and have  someone unzip it from behind. Not very good. I was considering a belt on it so that it’d stop the zipper going down if it does happen, and it probably is a good idea considering it’s quite blocky (black on the back, lace at the front). A nice belt could help mix things up a bit.

The jacket was nice though – fit well and looks nice. It’s warm too. The only thing is that it’s so girly lol. I guess it could work with pants still. It really is nice! Overall it was a great purchase (CHEAP TOO!) – I’m happy with all the items, but there were those little unfortunate problems as I listed above. I just have to find ways to tackle those problems (transparency and what type of underwear, really). And I agree, we need a place with cheap shoes. I want to/ need to replace like 2 pairs of flats. Seriously. *facepalm*

We also watched Kick Ass which was a REALLY KICK ASS MOVIE.

It’s really hilarious – you MUST go see it – it’s definitely worth a watch!

I loved the dialogue in the movie (so net speak) and the concept was really good too. A lot of the scenes were just humorous (playing on the credibility of a superhero), and well, other scenes were quite raunchy. It’s definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen all year – probably the best movie I’ve seen at the cinemas for a while yet. REALLY REALLY AWESOME AND FUNNY.

Well, I’m going to run and shower and then sleep it through the whole night. Fingers crossed I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’ll be napping lots for tomorrow. Possibly might skip Monday’s class, but we’ll see.

Until next blog!


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