Relief x 100000000

I was fairly worried about design lately but I guess it’s alright now. I feel a lot better now.

I can’t wait until tomorrow or Sunday! I’ll be doing work of course and I just want to go out and de-stress myself!

Btw for Myer One card holders, double shopping credits this weekend for mothers day if you spend money on like cosmetics and some other random stuff (I can’t be bothered checking email, sorry XD)

PS: I love my new laptop. Pretty much zero lag when I orbit in Sketchup and the battery life is pretty good (3.5 hours). I also really like the keys and for once, I don’t make a racket when I type! Only thing as usual is that it’s a fingerprint magnet and well, no sexy media buttons or speakers. But still, LOVE!

Back to uni work though, I really did have my doubts about the work, workload and my overall performance. I was feeling depressed because of several crappy aspects (I haven’t really had anything good happen to me in the past 12 months even though I am fairly giddy in person). Let’s just say that I feel a lot better now. It’s the final year so I guess I’ll just have to get through this and everything else will follow on from there 🙂 I think it’s possibly because I saw a bunch of people walk through in their graduation gowns… makes me want to graduate for my second time I suppose.

I don’t really have anything much to say other than that. I had to blog just because I was that giddy. WOOP WOOP.

See you all again super soon! 😀


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