Random “Mazeltov of the Week”, but not really

Hello everyone – it’s a growing trend, though rather bad – blogging from a laptop. I’ll post up another laptop review within the next few days – I really quite like this machine and it’s a feather in comparison to my first almighty brick (but the harman kardon speakers and touch screen multimedia strip – oh how I miss thee!).

Hooping Progress

I tried to spin the hoop clockwise 6 days ago, on my 31st day, and I failed quite miserably. By that I mean I now have a massive line of bruise (note the singular form) down my thigh. I could spin it, but I couldn’t generate enough power for it to be remotely effective on my waist, if that makes sense. If anything, it’s a cardio workout in puzzle form, and it is painful and hurts you while it happens. But not to your waist – to your legs XD

So as a result I decided that I’d give up on spinning clockwise because I wanted to generate the power and fast spin around my waist, which is what generates the slimming effect.

It’s Monday again so it’s weigh myself and measure day. I lost 0.8kg in the past week, and I lost another half an inch around my waist. Remember to check the Diet Diary page for overall progress (I write how much I’ve lost in an accumulated number rather than monitoring how much I’ve lost in comparison to the past week – TIP: Keep a diary and write down what you need each week so you can track it down later on).

Now, 0.8kg is a lot in a week. I did do a bit of walking, and I felt extremely hungry during the week because I mostly did exercise 1.5 hours after dinner so all of that was effectively burned off before I went to sleep. Did I change my lifestyle in terms of food intake? Heck, no. I snacked on Arnotts Marie biscuitsb (because that’s the only snack we had in the house my mum decided to pack for me to eat at uni) and I’ve been taking in small amounts of chocolate every now and then.

I figured that since I am doing exercise and that I’m being active these days, there’s no real reason to starve myself. So for those hardcore dieters out there – you must eat and exercise in moderation! Don’t compeltely cut out these little snacks every now and then, because I could feel my body being deprived. You gotta treat yourself every now and then – and when you do, just remember to work it off! It really isn’t that hard 🙂

(But I’m being hypocritical because I am still watching what I’m eating, and I don’t order set meals any more, I only order one bowl or something like that)

My current inspiration is UEE from After School.

Img credits: http://popseoul.com/?s=anycall – though she is much thinner now… hmmm.

I think it’s for obvious reasons. Despite everyone saying how overrated she is and blah blah, I quite like her personality since she’s down to earth. She’s fun too. The thing I really liked about her was the fact that she looks good the way she is. She’s currently working hard even though I think she’s fine the way she is. She’s also a tall girl (1.71m) but looks even taller than that because of her body structure. I also quite like how she didn’t change her face shape. I sort of miss the days when traditional beauty was more fuller than the super slim ideal today.

So, for fellow dieters out there:

  • Exercise in moderation and do exercise every day without fail. I did one hour each night (one day I skipped, but I did 2 hours another night before that) – they usually say you only need to work out like 2-3 times a week, but I do 6-7.
  • Walk and take the stairs
  • Watch what you eat but don’t starve yourself.

I’ve lost about 2.5kg in a span of just 5 weeks. I didn’t do anything special other than the crazy 6-7 times exercise per week, and it’s not even cardio. It’s possible!

Miserable Monetary Blues

As the majority of you know, I’m a full time student – so full time that I rarely have much time to have a job or to do much that will generate myself some income.

Life has been proven difficult – I need a medium sized bag and I’m not willing to settle for something “second best”. Maybe I should just get one from Gmarket for $10 or something. But my eyes are set on something nice – but no moolah for it. But if it helps, my birthday is coming up!

I can’t wait until uni is over – then I can get a job (anything really that is a good day time job that is relatively stress free and decent) that can get me some money. I’ll be thankful I’m not dying from stress.

I’ve been browsing on gumtree and searching up designer bags – I considered getting one second hand but there are too many issues with authenticity and stuff like that. I’d love to get something at a discounted bargain price, but I don’t know if I want a second hand one. I really prefer my stuff to be brand new. A DSLR on the other hand, can be second hand and I won’t particularly care.

Let me know if you have any views on second hand designer bags! I’d love to know what other people think.

PS: I will be updating the wishlist soon. Half the things I don’t want any more.


Shake! by E.via


Mildly catchy yet visually distasteful, E.via’s comeback is marked with a banned MV due to too much “shaking”.

I personally found the song alright and the video clip hilarious (especially with the dancing logo – that was wtfrandomsaucelolol for me) and the ridiculous text overlays every now and then. I’ll definitely be listening to the song though – as for the video clip – watch it, don’t take it seriously, laugh at it, and then forget you ever saw it.

Hey, at least this was better than the “oppa, can I…?” song >_>


I’d write about other things, but for now, those were the major things flying through my head. I have to get a huge move on in design because I haven’t done much. Plus I have another submission due, which doesn’t help.

I’ll most likely be back tomorrow or the day after or even perhaps tonight. I have a sasa batch coming in some time this week (for once it was funded by my mum, considering half the items are shared or for her) – usually I pay for all my batches coming in. Ease the squeeze!

As for Gmarket, I still only have 80 instax shots left, and I will need film as well as flats, jumpers, possibly boots, a better pair of wedges (I don’t think I’ll wear the zipia wedges – too small). Does anyone know anyone who has maybe size 5 exact feet or even 4.5? I need to get rid of the zipia wedges.


4 thoughts on “Random “Mazeltov of the Week”, but not really

    • Lol I sorta knew she was so tall when she was like JGS’s height with heels on… and JGS is what was it again – argh, I forgot. But tall lol.

  1. Hi again,

    Thanks for the extensive comment on the hula hoop!! it was greatly appreciated…
    I dropped by the Parra morning glory store the other day and the lighter one was selling for $29 while the other one was $49! I think I’ll wait a bit until I buy one… 😛
    And thanks for another interesting and informative post… & congrats on your progress so far! UEE is also my inspiration as well because she is one of the few celebrities in the industry with a healthy and toned image. Also, she’s just 2 cm shorter than me, so comparisons *might* be more realistic.


    • Hi again Bernice ^^/

      Oh yes, definitely – I think Morning Glory is bound to go on sale any time soon (*nudge*tax*wink* ;)) – I saw some hoops at the Dixon Street one the other day going for $79 D: I was just talking about it to my mum today about it and we both agreed $40 for a good (large) hoop was more reasonable – I’d definitely snap up a better hoop when the 50% off thing kicks in again lol. The cheapest hoops are $29 (the one I’m using) – fingers crossed it goes 50% off soon!

      And you’re so lucky to be tall >.< I'm much shorter than UEE lol, but still I think she's lovely – image and all. I very much like how she's very real – I won't ever be stick thin XD

      Thanks once again for commenting ^^

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