Overview Stunningly Light. Powerfully Beautiful.

Both aesthetically pleasing and boasting an equally stunning performance, the new ASUS U50 promises an exquisitely crafted, thin and lightweight notebook that takes away nothing in terms of functionality. Powered by an Intel® Core™2 Duo processor for multitasking performance, they are also accessories for the image conscious, those who assert their own individuality and appreciate the finer things in life.

  • Key Features 15.6″ LED
  • Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz
  • 4GB RAM 500GB HDD
  • NVidia G 105M graphics with 512MB
  • Supermulti drive
  • Wireless 802.11N
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth + HDMI + ESATA
  • Windows 7 Premium
  • 2 Years Global Warranty

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Well. Surprise surprise.

Actually it doesn’t come much of surprise considering that I felt so horrible sitting in class and not being able to do anything because I was laptop-less.

This blog post serves as a review if you would like to get a new laptop any time soon. Laptops these days are so different compared to just 2 years ago. The laptop I used to have was heavy – pretty, but incredibly heavy, and got hot easily (it was only yesterday that I was told that they had a cooling/ fan problem – no wonder why I felt like I could cook ham with that heat). The power cord was heavy and bulky. And they were expensive.

Nowadays, laptops are very light, and come with number pads, even if they’re 15.6″. The power cords are so small that they are barely a third of the size of your palm. (I have small hands however, which means about half a palm ;))

Verdict – will I recommend this laptop to anyone else? Yes, I will.

Do you own this laptop? Not any more.

Yes, surprise once again – I had to return this laptop because it was faulty. Not only that, my consumer confidence in Asus was low enough for me to not want to ever purchase another item from them ever again.

I understand that Asus is one of the leading laptop companies. The laptop itself is a beautiful little thing – it has the embedded sparkles and the awesome backlit keyboard (think typing in a lecture theatre or late night gaming, msn, whatever). Problem however, was the workmanship and the hardware, which I’ll go into detail.

I’ve returned the laptop to the shop already, but I documented almost everything about this laptop just to let you all know what it’s like to get one of these things. I think I just got one from a bad batch, but I’m generally not too pleased if I get something that shouldn’t have passed QC.

Beautiful packaging.

Laptop boxes these days come like suitcases – with handles! I know I must sound like a cavewoman, but back then when I got my old laptop it came in a large plastic bag and we had to lug it home!

The laptop is exceptionally light, at only about 2.6kg. The laptop is also thin, but still has a CD/DVD writer/drive, so there’s almost everything you want in this bundle of joy.

It comes in like a dust cover sort of bag you could use to protect the outer casing, but the iffiest thing about this laptop was that it didn’t come with any foam padding. I found it quite peculiar, but thought nothing much of it.

Yes, indeed the power cords are tiny. I was so pleasantly surprised – to me it was like a technological breakthrough. The one I used to have was probably half the size (longitudinally) of a brick! For those who own laptops around 2 years old or so, you know what I mean!

The backlit keyboard is exceptionally pretty. I’m not too sure about the little lights tracking the movement of my finger as I use the little navigation pad thing, but I guess it could be useful. It was more of a gimmick though.

But then the problems started arising:

My brand new laptop (the luggage case was still in a box and was opened before my eyes) had a dilapidated Caps Lock key. I don’t know if you can quite see it well in this photo, but it is rotated and is extremely loose. It’s not one of those types of things where you can rip off the key and then replace it – it was loose to begin with and was bound to fall off any time soon. Would you honestly sell something as obvious as a fault on one of the keys, especially when it’s quite prominent on the side? I’m sure not.

You must play this video. And turn up your volume. You won’t ever believe that this would happen to a brand new laptop.

I received the blue screen of death not once, but on two occasions. The first was when I tried to extract a compacted program package and then the laptop stopped responding. As soon as it stopped responding, there was a horrible noise (sounds like a war was going on inside my laptop with constant gunfire being fired around) – then the laptop realises that there’s an error, and forces a shutdown/ restart by giving me the blue screen. Not once, but twice!

After the blue screen and restart, I get a message to Reboot and Select proper Boot Device. The laptop failed to recognise the harddrive and the problem could only be solved by turning the computer on and off until you get the normal windows boot page.

Apart from this one problem, there was also the fact that the CD ROM thing making a strange spring noise when I open and close it.

If you think about it – a loose caps lock key, a spring sound and a rattling noise – it just sounds like the workmanship is a bit dodgy or something happened while the laptop was being transported, because it sounds like a bunch of loose parts hanging around.

Seriously, the laptop is lovely and has a bunch of awesome features, but if just one thing is not responding, Windows freezes altogether, gives a blue screen and then asks for a boot device. Not really my idea of a good laptop if I had to encounter that problem every single time something wasn’t responding. Not to mention, it’s brand new! It shouldn’t ever be not responding – not on the first day you get it either! Not with a good processor like that even!

As a result, I am quite disappointed with Asus. I still genuinely believe it was a bad batch thing, and that’s fine, but until I get some sort of reassurance that their laptops or computers are 99% foolproof, there’s little to no possibility of me ever owning an Asus.

Pretty, but back to the shop it went.


PS: Other things to note:

  • Aside from the springy CD Rom thing and rattling noise, it was fairly quiet.
  • Laptop does not overheat. It remains quite cool, surprisingly enough.
  • It took FOUR DVD Recovery Disks. To me that is almost ludicrous – I backed up 4 DVDs and then just found out that it was completely useless because the laptop wasn’t working anyway. It took me probably maybe 2.5 hours to realise that there was something wrong with the computer. My previous laptop only used up 2 DVDs.
  • You can control the brightness of the keyboard lights, which is really nifty.
  • I didn’t know it at the time I bought the laptop, but it is over a year old, so that means the laptop has been sitting in storage for about a year. Nothing wrong about it, but that’s why it was discounted almost 50% off. Having said that though it could play blu-ray discs, and it was quite a technological stud. And well – you all know the rest.

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