This morning when I went to the library I was urgently stopped by a guy who asked if I could participate in an experiment that lasted less than 10 minutes.

For some reason I said “hmmm okay, sure, why not?” and went ahead with him.

He gave me a song to listen to (which was a rap song) which I’ve never heard in my life, and handed me a survey sheet. He dropped a whole pencilcase of pencils, to which I quickly helped pick up about half on the ground.

The survey itself was quite strange in nature, and when it was over, he told me that the experiment wasn’t actually the sheets, but when I picked up the pencil. The theory was, that when I heard a neutral song (which was the one I heard), that I’d pick up less pencils. I’m not too sure about that lol, I did pick up about half the pencils.

I must say though, when I was picking up the pencils I did find it extremely strange that all he had were the same pencils in the pencil case, which is strange for a psychology student.

Good luck to him – but next time, it might be a good idea to add some pens, liquid paper and other stuff as well rather than the same pencil in the case 😉


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