Pet Peeves 3: People bumping into you + Random ramblings

Pet Peeves 3

People who bump into you, without saying sorry – or bump into you, say sorry, but don’t mean it.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this?

I’ve had a few bad experiences in the city in the recent month or two, and I’m very surprised because I’ve never had it happen to me before. I mean sure, I used to get bumped into all the time at Paddy’s Market in the food and produce section, but what do you expect? Everyone wants to get in and then get out, so who really cares about that?

I’m surprised that it’s happening on the streets more often these days. I’m a city girl. Always has been and probably always will be. I’m close to the city, and I know my way around probably about 80% of the city with no problems at all.


We were crossing the street and to get to the other side we had to squeeze in between two parked cars. In that gap were two tall men. Just as I passed the guy (making every effort to avoid touching him, as I leaned back as if I was doing the limbo), he nudges my collarbone/ shoulder with his elbow. He goes “oh! Sorry!” – WTF?!

DID YOU NOT SEE ME COMING FROM ACROSS THE STREET? Yeah you might be tall, but I’m not that short myself! I’m 165cm!



About a month ago I was waiting at the lights with a friend, when this guy bumped into me. There was nobody standing next to me on the side he bumped into – it was more like he felt like bumping into me. He didn’t even look at me or even utter a word of apology! Out of anger I made a kicking gesture at his butt to show that if I was serious about it, I could kick him hard and onto the street where there was oncoming traffic. His friend (who pretended he didn’t know the offender) saw it, and as soon as they crossed the road, they scurried elsewhere.

My friend was mostly concerned that something might have been stolen when the bump occurred. Well no, nothing was stolen. The guy was being an idiot.


We were walking up a narrow walkway (you know the ones that are bridged and covered and are on the street along a construction site) and I was holding a large Morning Glory shopping bag with a huge soft toy inside for L‘s birthday. Some lady pulling this luggage case completely tugged her case against the soft toy and not once did she look back.

We later stopped to look at a clothing stall when we were just standing outside and looking. The same lady comes back (she probably went in the wrong direction).

Immediately upon recognising her, I whacked her stupid luggage case with the toy. Almost INSTANTLY she turns to glance at me.

WHAT? NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BUMP INTO OTHER PEOPLE? DO NOT BUMP INTO OTHER PEOPLE! And if you do, at least have the decency to say sorry or make a sorry gesture!


Have you had any particularly weird, bad or bumping experiences that made no logical sense or made your blood boil? Please share!


Well, R asked me to make a logo for his own computer repair and networking service. I’ve completed Stage 1 of it, so I guess I’ll be working on that more.

It was actually really hard to design >_> I did some research on existing computer repair logos and stuff and most of them were tacky with stuff like spanners and stuff (I thought screwdrivers would be more appropriate for a computer?) – I tried to make something look professional, but reliable and clearly computer related. A bit of creativity added so perhaps it implies that there’s some innovation involved, so hopefully that got the concept across?

If y’all haven’t already, visit my logo design blog portfolio. I really want to design more logos OTL.


Well, I think the title explains it all.

Some people tend to have high or low alcohol tolerance. I’m not really sure exactly where I fit in, but I think I belong to the low alcohol tolerance group. By this I mean that if you give me maybe a glass or two, I will be gone, but after that if I walk it off or something, I’m back to normal fairly quickly. In otherwords, alcohol infiltrates my system fairly quickly and lingers for some time, but I am capable of getting rid of it relatively easily (perhaps the alcohol stays for 45mins, and then I get rid of it within the next 15). Then again I’ve never taken in large amounts of alcohol at a time, so I won’t ever really know.

Generally if I know that I will be taking in alcohol, I go to Seoul Ria and make sure I eat all the bap in the bowl. Unfortunately ever since that first time that I did so, I never really ate up before consuming alcohol.

What exactly is being tipsy? I imagine that’s when you still sort of know what you’re doing, but your face is burning, you feel warm (or hot depending on where you are) but have slightly deteriorated judgment. By this I mean things like poor memory (seeing someone you know but can’t remember where or how), losing balance when you try to stand on one foot or shift your weight from one leg to the other, and misjudging distances (you bump into things, you might fall, and the list goes on).

I’ve never been drunk before, and I don’t think I want to ever be lol. Being tipsy is already pretty bad enough because I realised that I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing. It’s almost like everything you do is fun and normal and casual, but when other people look at you, what you’re doing is pretty extreme. I think being tipsy gives you an excuse to do something crazy but see it as normal. At the same time, your head is spinning. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you gotta know your limits., and when you’re tipsy, you can’t tell where the limits are. Hmm.

I’ve been thinking the past few days and I realised that I probably was out of character when I was tipsy. I better not be tipsy any more lol. I think I’ll stay away from alcohol for a while ;x

I don’t want to know what I’d say or do if I were well and truly drunk if I’m that bad tipsy 😦

31st day of hula!

Because it’s been a month, I’m going to try and start over in the sense that I’m now going to try to spin the hoop clockwise rather than anticlockwise, as I’ve been doing for the entire past month. I might end up with a lot of bruises again, but I hope I can be able to do it! If I can master it within the next day or two, then I’ll definitely be spinning clockwise for 30 days. So I’ll be alternating which way I spin monthly. Sounds good? You bet, it means that both sides of your waist might be a bit more even.

I haven’t noticed any side of my waist being more curved than the other. If this clockwise spinning fails really badly, I’ll just spin anticlockwise lol. It’s not a big deal.

Nails of the week will be returning soon!

I noticed that I haven’t posted Nails of the Week for a fairly long time. It was mostly due to being busy (I made a model as well last week, and glue does not like polish – it will melt it off like no other), and I was growing out my nails. I’m going to file them nicely and perhaps tonight I’ll do them. I’ll blog about it tomorrow.

Palty update

Colour has not faded, and my hair does not feel dry. My hair feels surprisingly healthy after having it dyed with Palty. The Tsubaki oil also is quite nice and it has been keeping my hair nice and “straight”. By this I mean no frizz, well hydrated hair.

I never noticed how long my hair has grown until recently. But I like it better that way. I feel like I’m back in my high school days, and it feels good to be like that. Now if only I got rid of more kilos, then everything would be perfect.

Rambles are over! Until next blog!


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