Gmarket Haulage 4

Hi! I’m back with the Gmarket post.

I’m very sorry for the poor image quality. As some of you who have been following this blog know, my camera was stolen, so I have no other choice but to use my mobile phone. Hopefully it should be okay.

Firstly, this order came relatively fast – it was sent from Korea on Tuesday and arrived in Sydney on Friday, which is really speedy. The only thing that delayed my order was another pair of shoes I wanted from a seller I shall call bi*******, who didn’t send out my flats. The seller managed to delay my order by a grand total of 8 days, which annoyed me greatly, when I got a reply they’d arrive at the warehouse on Monday. Gmarket customer service told me the delay was due to an increase of orders – but really? I’m sceptical. Most Gmarket sellers make a very good effort to tell you what’s in stock or what’s not in stock. Basically, if the item is not in stock, you can’t buy it. It’s as simple as that. Most sellers will also update their images and write out of stock on the ones they don’t have, and remove it from the drop down menu so you can’t even buy it. This is why that seller seemed very fishy to me, since they weren’t sending anything out.

I saw a few negative reviews for the seller (wrong size sent, no apologies given) and people have been receiving their items. I ordered quite early, so I didn’t understand why it took the seller so long. I’m just assuming the seller doesn’t want to do business, so I asked Customer Service to cancel the item. I really wanted the shoes though! But Gmarket Customer Service was great.

One thing for sure – I’m never going to buy from that seller ever again! NEVER!

TIP: It was my first experience having a delayed seller, so in the future if it happens to you – don’t wait! If it doesn’t come after 3 days, you can either contact the seller (which I did, in grammatically poor Korean) or Gmarket Customer Service. Simply ask when it will be sent. You should get a reply fairly soon – and if it doesn’t come by the designated day, the seller doesn’t appear to be too interested in selling, so just ask Customer Service to cancel. Thanks Gmarket!

Anyway, usually I take a photo of the box, but by the time I got home my mum already opened the package for me lol. The box was quite large in comparison to what I got (probably the next best size) and it was battered somewhat. I think because it got to Sydney so fast, it got a bit of a bump here and there in the process, but meh, it’s ok. It’s what’s inside that counts ; )

CLOCKWISE: Millitary jacket, a pair of ankle laced boots, a pair of high heels, mini instax photo albums.

The total of this order was about 115,000 Won including shipping. So for $115 you can get a jacket, 2 pairs of shoes and 3 photo albums. CRAZY. I paid like $140 for my military jacket, so this was a real bargain to me!

This jacket sells on Gmarket for about 19,900 Won. I used a coupon with my Gstamps (I lost a lot in the process… it’s a bit like gambling) and got 2000 Won off the price. In other words, this jacket was only like $18. It has a lining, the buttons are securely on, there were a few loose threads nothing major, and the stitching almost immaculate. The lining is perfect and the fabric is excellent. It is very warm and it fits me perfectly – not too loose and not too small. The jacket came in a plastic package (like shrink wrapped) and the feathers were slightly bent (maybe just one of them or something), which is understandable.

To my biggest surprise, it came with tags – and good quality tags at that. This jacket is amazing – I really love it.

Photo credits to

I wore the jacket out to clubbing (far right, of course). It’s light, looks right for the occasion and well, yeah – it’s a really nice jacket. Buying this jacket makes me regret my $140 purchase at the secret stall. But oh well! I know where to look next time 🙂


I’m sorry I didn’t get a top view photo (it was blurry and now it’s too dark to take another one), but I am very impressed with this pair of boots. They cost about 25,000 Won, which is cheaper than your average pair of ankle boots similar to this. Each boot came in its own plastic bag and dust bag as you can see below (that white fabric thing) – I was elated.

The shoelaces – yeah, they’re a bit thin and kinda flimsy, but you can easily replace them (I don’t think I will be doing that). The zippers on the side are sturdy and thick, so it’s not fragile at all. I thought these would be very hard, but they’re not – they fit perfectly to my foot, and the sole is non slip and SOOOOO SOFT! I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. The material isn’t shiny either so it doesn’t look cheap. Very pleased. These shoes make up for the loss of my flats any day.

I’ll find those flats from a different seller, next time. *shakes fist* They would have been so awesome. Sigh.


Pretty heels for clubbing. I didn’t wear these out to clubbing though (good thing I didn’t, my legs were like jelly even though I was wearing flat boots). I had to buy these because they were 6cm heels (I don’t think I can survive on 8cm) and they look quite nice and were in stock.

Overall the shoe is well made, and they’re very comfy to wear! It doesn’t feel like 6cm and I have no issues trying to balance at all. This led to me wondering if it really was 6cm or not.

It is 6cm!

One thing to note about buying heels on Gmarket is to check the heel height very carefully. A lot of their lovely looking ankle booties and heels are actually 8cm-11cm, which is incredibly high. It’s extremely difficult finding anything around 4-6cm heel height, so it took a lot of effort to find this seller. I’m glad though, these are lovely!

The back part though feels like it can scratch the skin off the back of my foot – I’d  use one of those stickers for the back of the shoe, but the seller who was going to give them to me didn’t send their stuff out OTL That’s why I didn’t want to wear these for clubbing. They fit nicely and are comfortable to walk around in. Lovely!

It also has a non slip sole and is made in Korea 😀

Last but not least, the photo albums. They were packed very neatly and flat. No freebies unlike the other seller, but this seller estimated the weight at 0.3kg rather than 1kg, which is far more accurate, which is why I chose this seller. They shipped out very fast too.

So, that’s my order – kudos to all these sellers- top notch quality items, and also they all sent their stuff to the warehouse very quickly. I wasn’t pleased with the other shoe seller I had to cancel, but the Customer Service was quick to reply and handle it so my parcel wasn’t delayed any further.

Not sure when my next order will be, because well, I have to buy a new laptop and camera, but I will be ordering instax film (I only have 80 shots left), possibly some sweaters/ jumpers for my mum and I’m after a few pairs of flats. I WANT THOSE TAP DANCE LOOKING WHITE AND BLACK ONES THAT T.O.P HAS 😦 Peter from One Way also wore them at a live. Oh how I wish they had them – I shall rummage and dig through the Interweb of Gmarket.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post. I was very pleased with all the items. Until next Gmarket blog!


6 thoughts on “Gmarket Haulage 4

    • Hi Kenneth,

      Probably not any time soon 🙂 I’m saving up for a holiday at the moment and the exchange rate isn’t as high as I’d like it to be before I order.

  1. hey babe! you emailed gmarket customer service in korean or english?? Because i just emailed them regarding the status of my order as it has been ‘on delivery’ for many days already!
    very very worried now 😦 how long did they take to reply you?

    • Hi E,

      I emailed them in English 🙂 Usually they should reply the next business day – if you’re signed up with a account, log in to My Gmarket and there’s an option named something like “My Queries” and it should be there (assuming you sent it through the Contact Us feature on the site) – otherwise, they should reply fairly quickly 🙂 Don’t worry if it’s “On Delivery” for a few days – most likely it’s probably already at the warehouse but the system isn’t updating. Hope you get a reply soon!

  2. Hi Kmisa:

    I am having trouble trying to get the stocks from gmarket. The thing is everytime i click on one of the stock it says “There is out of stock on the item” .. Any way of me not bumping into out of stock items again? also, how do you manage to find the items you want. do you just copy down the code and find it one by one?

    • There is no way to rell if an item is out of styock until you find it in the list. And yes, I search for the items I want one by one. Tedious, but there is no other way I know of.

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