Mazeltov of the week

Sorry these posts get shorter and shorter, worse and worse by the week. I survived on just 6 hours sleep in 48 hours on Friday and Saturday. I probably looked like crap on Saturday (didn’t help with zero makeup), but I think I am looking a bit sharper tonight since I had 8 hours’ sleep.


Design. I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t want to think about it. I think I will keep my thoughts to myself.


Gmarket #4 Arrived

I’ll write about it in a separate post. DAMN IT. I took a photo of the stuff I bought and then BAM. GONE. Because I no longer have my camera.

I also hope that they delete all my photos from the memory card… I don’t tend to take photos of my room or anything, but I am worried because I do take photos of the things I buy. DAMN IT. Mostly petty things though. Most of the photos were blog photos or photoshoot ones. I rarely took photos of myself so it’s alright I guess.


However, the highlight of Friday had nothing to do with design, it had to do with this party:


We just had to go! It was R’s birthday and we just all had to go and use that as a reason to go celebrate. And it was just to go clubbing!

I’ve never clubbed in my whole life, so it was a new experience for me. I had no idea the guy at the door was asking me for my hand to stamp it, so I must have either looked really dumb or really tipsy. Not sure which one is better, but at least it’s all good. Plus we mostly got free entry before 11pm, so that helped.


We went to LIVE first to have some noraebang (that is, karaoke lololol – I made it sound like a drug or something).  The counter girl kindly gave us more time since we were there for just an hour, but we needed to head out and go clubbing. I think I’m getting better at singing How Gee! YUS.


We walked perhaps 15 minutes to the clubbing place and when we got there, there was a line outside. Fairly short line, perhaps with 20 people in line, and we got in after maybe 7 minutes or so.

The interior of Slide is really nice. The only problem was that being the way it was, it’s a fairly narrow and small space. When we got there the place was empty, and there was nobody on stage. Slowly though, people started getting up to dance and it was really enjoyable – until we saw girls being felt up and all. Hmm.

For some reason I was given a midori/lemonade, had some yummy creamy shotglass thing I never caught the name of, and also a coke/bourbon from D. I also had soju and I think lift just earlier on. I didn’t have dinner (dinner was 5 KFC chicken bits) and I had so little sleep (3 hours). The good thing was that because it’s clubbing and makeup is a given, I don’t think I was that red, and dancing it off helped. I’m fairly sure I was tipsy because my head was spinning a bit and I was losing balance quite a bit even when I tried to step to the side or lift a leg up. I remember not even seeing where I was going properly when I headed up the stairs to grab my jacket from the cloak room.

I think we all had the most fun when the Korean music started playing, and we all did the dances to mostly 2NE1 songs, 2PM’s Again and again. They didn’t play Bo peep though 😦 And a whole bunch of awesome songs. Sad.

Our circle was crashed early on in the night when two guys danced through and were trying to hit on C and J. Luckily the guys were outside smoking or those two guys would have been seriously messsed up >_<

M and I decided to go to the toilet early in the night, which was surprisingly clean. We got very confused because we could see into the toilet and all the toilet stalls, so there was something odd. The Cloak room girl told us that the toilets were unisex, but we decided to walk into the one with a pretty frosted glass door – and guess what, it was a urinal! We walked straight back out going OMG! but we were laughing in hysterics because we were soooo lucky that there wasn’t anyone inside. I’d feel sorry for any guy at a urinal to be walked in on by 2 girls lol. Lucky.

While I was dancing there was a moment when I started realising some random guy in black was dancing behind me the entire time. Usually I tend to glance over my shoulder to see how much space I have and seeing it was black, I thought it was probably B, but I thought something was amiss because there was a height difference. Turns out it was some random dude who kept following me even though I was shifting positions around our circle. I even cut through it to dance on the other side and I found him still behind me. I’m glad that I wasn’t imagining things because the others also noticed it, but I think after that I think I went outside with M to get some air, I lost him >:3

Also, while I was dancing I could have sworn I had my ass slapped, but I don’t know if it was someone who just passed by and did it accidentally or if it was intentional. When I turned around I saw a huge gap behind me and that random dude in black didn’t have much of a facial expression. Fingers crossed it wasn’t!

There was also this really scary moment where there was this guy who kept watching our circle (or whatever he was looking at)…

The night started to become crap as soon as there were more people inside and it got stuffy, hot and just gross. They started letting in people wearing tshirts and jeans (so skater or nerd looking people) and the night just grew very unenjoyable. There were people dressed horribly in the club. My friend A told me that the general dress code for clubbing was a dress or skirt (no pants or shorts but leggings should be okay) and heels. A lot of people were wearing things they’d just wear at home before they go to sleep. Not sure how that happened.

The MC went on stage and then there was this random dance thing going on… the girl were wearing far too much makeup. And then after that, they replayed the same songs in the same order as the beginning of the night, and that was made of yawnsauce.

We left, and went back to the apartments where we watched some Family Outing and then went to sleep. It was a super enjoyable night and clubbing honestly was not a bad experience. We went in a really fun group and honestly speaking, the people in the club were fairly neatly dressed and weren’t too bad. Everyone seemed to just be enjoying themselves and even though there were random moments in the night, it made things interesting. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, it was quite fun. Of course, I wouldn’t want to do it when it’s getting way too crowded though. Feels too gross when you know everyone is sticky and stuff.


I had a brief moment on Saturday when I had to quickly head back home because apparently my place got broken into and I had to go check what was missing. Most of the stuff stolen was my stuff, which is bad luck, but I’m thankful my parents were not hurt. I don’t want to mention much because of obvious reasons.

I took a taxi home and when I got back, I found that my laptop and camera had been stolen. I don’t think I paid for the camera, but I saved up to buy that laptop… so it was pretty sad. Admittedly, I never really liked my laptop all that much. I like the speakers and the look of it, but that was about it. I had it for two years and wish that I used it more.

I can’t even take photos of stuff now to post up on my blog. So if there are any photos, they will either be instax or camera photos. I’m sorry for the big masses of text, but I won’t be able to do it until I get a new camera. I’m feeling sad because even though the money I used to buy the laptop wasn’t really “mine” (since I don’t work), it was from my allowance, and I work and study fairly hard for it (if you think of the idea of me being paid to study, since being a student is technically an occupation). I just got some money from a startup scholarship, and was planning to use it to go to Broken Hill during the winter break to finish off my electives. Now, I have to use that money instead to perhaps buy myself a new laptop or a camera. I don’t know how things are going to work out. So in other words, thanks to whoever did it, you screwed up my education.

All I can say is shame on whoever did it, because you broke into an apartment where a poor girl student who has a limited allowance actually saves up to buy her own stuff, and works overtime almost every night before submissions and took the stuff she needed to do her work. I don’t even want to talk about anything else. I’m just too disgusted to believe or comprehend what had even happened. They also took something of great sentimental value to my mum, something she worked very hard to buy. My mum hadn’t worked for about 15 years and when she did, it was a tough waitressing job where she had to do all the stupid crap that wasn’t in the range of work she needed to do. She has a back problem and various other health issues, so that was her first real job in 15 years. She saved up months to buy it, and then now it’s stolen. It’s the equivalent to stealing from the elderly.

I had to call the police and file a report. And after that I headed back out to the city, where I could just temporarily forget about the dark atmosphere back at home.

C helped me dye my hair with the Palty dye! Thanks!! ❤

Again I would have done a review if my camera hadn’t been stolen. But my hair is brown! No weird regrowth now 😀 The dye doesn’t smell bad at all and it doesn’t stick to the scalp. The only bad thing was that it’s quite strong, so it made my scalp a bit itchy in some places. I used a hairdryer periodically to help the chemical process.

Overall, the dye was quite good. Apart from a Korean dye I bought, this was the next most effective DIY dye I’ve ever applied to my hair. The colour is fairly accurate to the picture on the pack (lightened my black hair to the brown) but it was strangely odd because the entire time I was washing it out, it was yellow that was coming out. Generally the dye is brown, but this was was yellow. Another thing to note is that 2 packs is probably better. I el cheapo’d out and just got one, which was sort of enough to cover everything, but my hair is quite thick and long. Next time I’ll use two.

But YAY – thanks so much C!

We headed out to Wagaya for J‘s birthday dinner. J kindly sympathised with my loss, which really touched me ;-; Happy Birthday!
Once again I survived a sushi roulette (no wasabi!) and got incredibly red from all the sochu. I think I had 3 shots or something. But alas, no bbcream or powder on my face. I went au naturale yesterday.

Then we headed back, talked about random stuff, and then went to sleep.


Had 8 hours sleep, checked out and then we just all went home because the weather is pretty crappy and it’s a public holday.

And now I’m here.

I really want to do my exercise and have some sleep. I don’t think I had a proper meal in the past 2 days (Wagaya was the closest “meal” but even so I didn’t really eat much). I also want to start on my uni work and get myself back on track.

I’ll be scanning in the few instaxes I took the past two days I suppose, but yeah, sorry guys, no photos until I get back on track.

And to C – find the surprise! If you still can’t find the surprise, I can give you a hint, it’s in your LV bag somewhere! I just hope it didn’t fall out or get lost. And to Ramille, what did you guys do to my bag?! I checked everything but found nothing.

I had extreme 2 scales for this week – I had loads of massive awesomesauce fun, and then on the other end of the spectrum it was like grieving over various crapsauce events.

I am going to recover today and hopefully be 100% charged by tonight. Thanks to the Lovigans for an enjoyable 2 nights/ days – I had a lot of fun!


5 thoughts on “Mazeltov of the week

    • Lol, thanks. It was taken from a Korean song by a group named ZE:A – for some reason they threw in the days of the week into the song, but it has a retro feel in some ways lol

  1. hey hey…
    just saw ur entry from gmarket..
    I’m also a fellow but residing in Seoul atm. hehe

    Hey cool. we have Bounce in Brisbane too. But its not a Korean party. xD
    We only have one club full of Koreans but its not that great aigoo T_T”

    Anyhoo, Pungupsumnita!

    Anticipating for more awesome entries ^_^.

    • Hey thanks for dropping by and commenting 😀
      I heard that clubbing in Brisbane is much better than it is in Sydney, but that’s interesting that you guys have Bounce there too! Seriously? T_T I really want to go to a club with good Korean music OTL

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