I just realised that for Friday’s party I would possibly have almost no time to go home if I wanted to head out to the city and buy some things I needed.

The thing that I currently need is a pair of silicon gel shoe inserts to place into the front part of a shoe, because I will have no other choice but to wear a pair of 8cm zipia ankle walker boots OTL Given that we’d be standing (possibly dancing) and walking around probably and being pushed all over the place, I really need these shoe inserts. Why I didn’t buy them earlier on my excursion to Campsie is beyond me (and they were only like, what, $1.50!). I don’t know if I can be able to go home and then rush out to the city AND make it on time for the shops to not be closed. I’m saying this because I know that the buses are PACKED at around 6pm, which is really ridiculous (imagine getting rejected by like 6 buses – it’s bound to happen, unfortunately, methinks, plus I’ll be carrying a large bag). Last night I saw a huge line even at 8:30pm, which makes things doubly worse!

So now I’m currently seriously considering lugging my stuff to uni with me so I can just go to the city straight afterwards, and not go home. That might be a bit tricky though, because I have way too many things I’d like to bring with me. I haven’t finished packing but so far, my baggage is relatively light; I still need to put in my essentials like toothpaste, possibly shampoo and I’m not even considering shoes at the moment. I have a feeling I will turn up with 3 pairs of shoes in one way or another. I’m very close to thinking I should just give up on the ankle boots and just wear flat boots. Maybe I’ll just bring both.

Oh yes – hair straightener, which will no doubt take up a bit of space and will be heavy. Fingers crossed I won’t be feeling like I’m doing menial work whilst walking in the city.

Update on design: I’m starting to get very worried as the time ticks down. We have quite a bit of material, but I’m afraid it possibly won’t be enough. We still have today and tomorrow, but we also need to make models, which is getting me very very nervous.

Either way I’m excited for Friday and I can’t wait until class is over.

And now I must hula hoop, because I won’t have time for it tonight. Sadness succumbs.


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