Mazeltov of the week

Hi all!

I’m blogging from my laptop for a change, not that it makes any difference for you guys as readers, but this is just to let you all know that I have no images on this computer!

It’s been such a long time since I was going to write about my past week that I can’t really remember what really did happen lol. I suppose I’ll just have to pin point all the interesting bits. And yes, I am procrastinating 😉

From I think Monday to Thursday it was just working on design, and so to recap on what happened from then on (which is nothing remarkable, at all):


Was a cruncher for design. I can’t really say much about it other than that it was an extremely long day.



Met up with Ramille and we had the best fun ho ho ho ho.

It’s R‘s birthday today! On the Saturday I gave him a Holga 135BC TLR. I’ll update some other day with a photo of it (only took one with the Instax), but you can read about it here:

We had lunch at ROLL+ and I am currently craving for their salmon salad. I swear, I won’t ever order anything else different from them! It was a pretty good salad I must say, and it also is good for the diet lol.

We somehow ended up cooking dinner together that night, and we had pork belly spring onion beef flavoured soup noodles with fried pork ribs (looked a bit like dog biscuits though lol). The noodles were surprisingly spicy, but it was good! Because it didn’t take like flavouring at all, considering we made it out of the stuff from the 2 minute noodle packs >:3

That night we watched Iron Man, Family Outing (featuring Tiffany from SNSD and Nicole from KARA, and also the episodes featuring Dara from 2NE1 and UEE from After School).

Nicole is so CUTE! She just randomly squeals because she’s excited to eat meat LOL.

Watching the Family Outing episode with UEE in it also made me appreciate UEE more – she wasn’t annoying at all and it goes to show how hard she tried in You’re Beautiful to act the disliked Yoo He Yi lol. It was such a funny episode too – the dances were so ridiculous we were all cracking up XD

 The night ended quite late at about 12:30am, but we had a good night of random Family Outingness and Bejewelled roulette lol.


Upon taking Ramille‘s suggestion to start measuring and weighing myself, I think I have lost about half an inch from around my waist and possibly an entire kilo. I’ve only been hula hooping and doing normal exercise (walking to uni, taking stairs) for 3.5 weeks, which isn’t all that much. I haven’t cut down on any foods or made any adjustments to my diet (I never really snack or eat sweets or drink coke or anything), but I’ve been sleeping earlier and I think it’s starting to pay off.

I’d love to lose more than the 5kg that I was planning to lose. Well, I’ll keep at this hopefully for the rest of the year. If so I’d smash beyond 5kg and I’ll be back to my normal self. YAY.


NOTE: I’ve now put up a new page called “Diet Diary” at the top of the page on the top link navigation bar. I’ll be monitoring my process. The dates were approximate, but from now on the dates will be accurate since I will be monitoring the weight loss program I’m undertaking.


I’ve also asked Gmarket to cancel the last shoe order that was supposedly going to be sent in yesterday. Like I said, I highly doubt it is due to an increase of orders, because printing a label and packing a pair of shoes will NOT take an entire week. I’m very disappointed in the seller because of his poor communication. But I guess it’s a lesson – cancel anything that doesn’t come in after 3 days, there’s no point in waiting for it.

I’m annoyed that I went for it because I could have gotten something else, and I would have gotten more comfortable shoes to wear for this week. Ugh. Oh well. Can’t be helped.

It’s currently cancelling which is good – I think it’s in the process because they’re trying to get my money back from the seller – see this is what I don’t understand, why a seller wouldn’t send their goods when they’re making money out of it >_> Sigh.


Alright I think I’m done procrastinating lol. See ya all later!


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