Pet Peeves 2: People who do not do groupwork

Well, I wasn’t going to blog, but my attention was brought to this just a few moments ago.

For the best interests of this particular person, I won’t mention his name, and I won’t even give him an initial. I’ve gotten over his crappy behaviour too long ago to even give a rat’s ass about him.

I came back from shower and I found a question waiting for me. Curious, I prodded into it.

My friend from my design studio last semester asked me a question – “have you worked with # before?”

Then it turned into a discussion on what was happening.

#’s extremely poor work ethic was not only just something happening last year – it has successfully carried on this year, and unfortunately my friend has to put up with him. A 2 hour tracing job that was given to # took a grand total of 2 days to complete. I’m not surprised if my friend has been trying to call him and having to end up calling a phone that has been switched off. Yes, he is that bad.

This person I’ve worked with on two occasions, which makes things even worse. I feel violated – and violated as the most extreme yet accurate adjective to describe the way I feel about doing group work with this guy. He does not have a care whatsoever and he doesn’t take you seriously. We gave him an ultimatum which brought him to tears. At the very last second we changed our minds not to kick him out of the group, and then he turns around later and gossips behind our backs saying that we didn’t get a high mark.

I don’t know how you would interpret this, but in my situation, I am a girl who has lived in Australia since birth. I graduated from a very good class at the end of Primary which was equivalent to an advanced class. I also graduated from a prestigious selective high school. I graduated with a UAI which could get me into every single subject possibly imaginable (depending on where I wanted to go of course, perhaps I couldn’t – but speaking in theoretical terms, that’s right).

Although half the time I blog and write things that sound extremely superficial, it doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent. I can sustain an intelligent conversation if I choose to.

The fact that we were working in a group of 3 – two girls, and # being the only guy, I found it incredibly distasteful and despicable that he took advantage of the two of us by well and truly proving to us that he had absolutely no shame and no balls to go along with it.

Seriously, you’re a guy, and you’re working with two girls. If you’re going to be the guy of the group, you better do some work instead of relying on two girls to finish the job for you. You might think when you read this “oh but sexes are equal these days” – indeed, they are, but I’m talking about this in a metaphorical sense. Imagine the situation where he did nothing at home and relied on his girlfriend or wife to feed him. This is what I feel about this situation. Not to mention, there was nothing equal about it to begin with.

What we girls could do, he couldn’t even do 10% in terms of efficiency and quality. I’m being generous here, out of the 100% of the project, my friend and I get an equal split of 85%. He would have only contributed 15%, which is ridiculous considering it was meant to be 33% each. 

We basically completed the project pretty much as a two person team. He was so useless that we were going to abandon him and not care about whatever the heck happened to him.

Here’s a list of the bullcrap we had to put up with on his half:

  • We were building a site model out of grey boxboard. While the two girls were cutting the base (which was extremely difficult and heavy and thick to cut), he was vacuuming the floor. Yes, you read that correctly. He did anything, except for work.
  • We asked him to complete the site model and it ended up being that the two of us HELP HIM FINISH IT ON TOP OF THE WORK LOAD WE HAD ALREADY COMPLETED while he did nothing.
  • He faked sickness just to not turn up and do work. I know this because he turned up with a crappy face mask, pretended to cough, but he looked fine. Not only that, to make things interesting, I had a karaoke party for my birthday. Guess who sang and sounded fine?
  • He spent 6 hours in the labs looking up cinema times for his girlfriend and youtubing random crap. The product of the day? A few crappy extruded balconies on  Sketchup. When I snapped and told him to do his work, he was like “what’s your problem? I’ve finished the balconies” – mind you, he hadn’t. Two hours later, he was still on it.
  • He did a CAD file. The wall thicknesses were inconsistent, the circulation made no sense, and worse still – he layered line on  top of line on top of line – it took us two girls probably 12 hours combined to fix that mess. And he said we were slacking off by fixing up something that was “done”.

If I was given the chance, I would have dropped him like he was hot in front of the entire class. We kept things confidential to help him save his face in front of other fellow students to save him face by going to HIS place late at night to discuss this. The way he just turned around straight after the project to complain about the marks (which weren’t bad at all, by the way), makes me wish I could rip his face apart.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that my friend gets his project done on time. Luckily for him, he’s in a similar situation to what I was in, and he has someone else to help him out.

To # – I don’t care if you stumble across this and figure out I’m talking about you. I didn’t write anything false about you and I kept it as censored as possible. Don’t say that I wasn’t a good friend to you.

I no longer keep in contact with # and I no longer wish to keep in contact with him. Just one look at him and I feel sick to my stomach. I really hate poor work ethics, and I hate how he does it to everyone thinking he can get away with it.

Grow some balls, and while you’re at it, grow some maturity too. They don’t sell that in a bottle, and if they did, you would never be able to afford it either.

I’m not going to teach you to be a better person. You can stay the way you are and I don’t even care. I might even enjoy seeing you like this. Just don’t bring my friends down.

If I find out you do, I won’t give you an easy time.

Sorry for the rant, but I’ve done too much group work with bad group members. Have you worked with a bad group member? Feel free to share your experience via a comment 🙂

Until next blog or pet peeve time!


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