Gmarket brainstabbage Part 4

Alright guys, what happened was that we’re going to, well, I suppose you could say a party on Friday night.

For the occasion I decided to grab some heels and other random stuff for the night. Not to mention, polaroid instax albums because I’ve stopped taking instaxes for the reason that I have nowhere to store them.

So I decided to also do it for “free” ($34 from shipping refunds, $100 from Gmarket gift certificates) because I don’t have money to spare ._.

Anyway, the biggest problem I encountered was that everything arrived except for one item. I won’t mention what the item is, but it has been a good 5 days. Assuming it was possibly out of stock, I asked the seller (in Korean, for the love of all things cute and furry, because I’ve been reading some interesting things on soompi lately about sellers cancelling or ignoring messages in English – presumably because they can’t understand it), and I also shot Gmarket customer service a question, though I don’t think it’s needed (I might have to go back and change that or something, we’ll see).

After about a day, I got a reply from the seller, so I’m quite relieved. Maybe they were ignoring my order since it’s international. I always thought that I had the upper hand buying stuff from Gmarket, because I have a peculiar surname which happens to be both Chinese and Korean, which is full of awesomesauce.

It’s going to be delivered on Monday 🙂

I probably wrote one of the most grammatically incorrect sentences known to Koreans, but the seller understood what I meant. YUS.

Now I just hope they will send on Monday lol.

Either way I won’t get my shoes on time for Friday 😦 Sucks Y*** balls, but I can’t do anything about it. Le sigh. I just hope it was well worth the wait.


I’d love to blog about the past week, but unfortunately I am very busy with next week’s submissions. I’ll have to do a huge post (spanning 2 weeks) probably on the Anzac Day night or something.

On a side note, I think people are assuming my nails are false because my design studio classmates have been noticing them and naturally thought they were false nails because they were so neatly squared. I don’t ever use nail tips – I tried out the ones C gave me and they took forever to dry! Maybe in the holidays when I have time I’ll do it again.

And I posted my ads on Gumtree but they removed them for lame ass reasons being that all transactions had to be face to face. I thought I made it pretty clear they were going to be, unless the buyer preferred me to mail them. I’ll have to post the ad again, maybe during the winter.

Until next blog!


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