Korean Hula Hoopin’ Continued

Well, I have hula hooped every day without fail except for just one day because I wasn’t feeling good. But the next day I doubled my hula hoop session lol.

The past week or more I’ve been doing 30minutes of hula hooping each night – if I stop at say 15minutes, I add 15 minutes onto the next day. I don’t think I’ve done this before. But anyway, sometimes I’d do 45 minutes (30 minutes, 15 minutes later). If I don’t walk to uni or back, I double my hula session. Tonight I did an hour.

Results? Still a bit too early to tell- to me, anyway. My design partner has commented that I started to get skinny after the midsem break, and that was only when I just started to diet and exercise, so I think I’m onto something. I do feel less flabby, and I feel slim in the mornings, but I think to get to my ultimate goal, I need to go hard out on this and keep at it for the next 6 months at the very least. If I also happen to go out on Saturdays and still basketball at Prize Paradise and the occasional DDR, I’m on my way.

I started to think about why I gained so much weight (or at least it felt like it) during that one week period I keep talking about – and then it hit me, because I was talking about it with my design partner – possibly staying up makes me more bloated. For some people like her, she loses weight when she stays up – probably because she is stressing when she stays up to do work. When I stay up however, I rarely stress, I stayed up for the wrong reason. I do stupid things like read the news or browse this or  that. From now on I am sleeping at midnight – which is back to my normal sleep routine ever since I could ever remember.

So regardless of whatever captivating thingo is trying to keep me awake, I’m closing shop at midnight.

I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. If I have, the most is probably about 750g LOL. Considering it’s only been like 3 weeks though, I’m not complaining. I’m losing that slowly, and it’s going to stay off. A kg in a month isn’t bad. Losing weight should be a slow and gradual process. I haven’t cut down any foods or sacrificed anything at all, and I’m losing a kg a month, which is pretty good. Well, assuming that this is the rate I am losing weight, of course.

Though I say I’m only looking to lose 5kg, who wouldn’t want to look like back in those fresh just out of high school days? I used to really like the way I looked back then, even though it wasn’t perfect. If I can go  back to that state, YES PLEASE. I’m working on this.

I’m also going to put some more effort into my external appearance. I remember back in those days I straightened my hair every second day – what happened?! Most of the photos you see me in are either tied up because of messy hair or down and that’s actually bed hair – I never realised how sleek my hair could be when I straighten it, and how easy it actually is. Probably the easiest next to back then I had it chemically done.

And if everyone is wondering why I’m going all hard out on this exercise thing, it’s because I admit I am paranoid I might not fit into a dress I wore about 1.5 years ago. I probably can, but I never tried, and I certainly don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t. I remember when I tried that on, I just barely fit in – so I’d better make some room for myself to squeeze in! FYI it’s a one  size made in China, so it felt good that I could fit into it LOL.

Next week I am doing one hour sessions. I might not be able to because I will have a variety of stuff due in, but at least 30minutes to an hour each day is what I’m aiming for.

And I know I’m meant to be using the word “mass” instead of “weight” for those nerds out there. But I don’t care. This is coming from a high school physics student, too. Bleh, whatevers!


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