Australia Post has done it again – only in a more mild form of screw uppedness – I originally thought that our monthly subscription to Marie Claire was misplaced into a neighbour’s mailbox since it is relatively midway into April and we still haven’t received it.

Turns out, a batch of our mail took over 10 days to arrive to our mailbox. Yep. 10 days.

I received a letter from Centrelink about informing them of scholarships (which I have none) and I had to do it by the 14th. The mail was sent on the 31st March, and I received the letter… on the 10th April. In the afternoon, when I couldn’t go.

I tried calling their number this morning because I am feeling especially tired these days, but for some reason I couldn’t get through at all. So off I went to my local branch.

At the branch, I noticed more changes, such as the ridiculous bunching of absolutely everything into the one queue, except for the fortnightly employment seeking forms in another line. To their credit though, they are taking one of MacDonald’s systems: taking orders of people in line to quicken the process. A guy holding a touch screen pad went along the line asking for people’s queries, and put them in a queue (to sit down) instead. This made things a lot quicker –  until he asked me what my query was:

Me: Hi, I received one of these letters about the scholarships.
Him: Oh yes…. ah, but you’re supposed to do this online. Or, you can call them. See? *points along a paragraph*
Me: Yes, but I can also visit a Customer Service Centre *points along the rest of the sentence he failed to read*
Him: Then keep waiting in line then. *Turns to next person*


Did anyone else find that extremely offensive and ridiculous? Even though the branch is “local” to me, I still need to take a 20 minute bus to get there. How can you possibly even have the nerve to turn someone away out of the queue just because there are alternative options? I’m already there – what was the point of doing that? Kicking me out of the line so I have to log online, register or call and waste more time?

I might be a student, and I might not be on a scholarship (though I think I deserve one – though that’s a totally different matter), I might also be Asian, but it does not mean that I cannot read.

To work at Centrelink I’m pretty sure that you don’t really need any University degree. As far as I’m concerned, you probably only need to have completed your HSC satisfactorily and passed English. I am a fifth year, postgraduate, Masters student! Regardless of what I’m studying, I have already gotten this far and I’ve completed more tertiary education years than Bachelor holders already. SERIOUSLY?!

Does ANYONE ELSE find the irony in this conversation?

I mean, yeah, I get the point that I could have called (wouldn’t go through) or done it online (I don’t trust the registration process to be completed in less than 24 hours since TOMORROW is the 14th April AKA the DEADLINE), but isn’t the point of going around the queue to help address people’s concerns and help save them time without queuing up?!

I think he completely missed that point. He wasn’t trying to help me. He only wanted to turn me away from the queue and decrease the line, and call it a day. It was completely rude to do so considering I travelled that far and have been waiting in line for perhaps 10 minutes. Especially when visiting a branch was a viable and offered solution to begin with, I found it incredibly rude that he was suggesting I leave.

Anyway. That’s it from me now.

Until next blog!


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