Stuff in the past week

Mazeltov of the week!

It’s actually been a while since I blogged so I’m gonna open up my diary and actually read what I scheduled because I can’t remember ๐Ÿ˜ก

Well actually, I think I’ll just talk about my little field trip to Mount Druitt on the weekend. I won’t say which day, just to leave y’all hanging ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, C invited me to MD (it sounds so nice abbreviated) for a day, and we met up to have lunch along with R and well. The place isn’t that bad – possibly because it was a weekend. I encountered 2 lots of obnoxious groups of guys on public transport (yes, bus and yes, train) but in the end I got to MD in one piece and alive.

I was actually panicking because by the time the train got to Rooty Hill I was like “omg – did I miss the stop?! Surely not…” and turns out MD was the next stop. In a nutshell: it takes too freaking long to get there. And I thought that Parramatta took yonks, boy oh boy. I even took the express train which made it even more interesting. Still, it’s not too far, but I perhaps expected to get there earlier. *shrugs*

FASHION. GLORIOUS FASHION. I bought a dress and a skirt (the skirt fits! C showed me this method and it did work!) and C also got herself the same dress in a different colour (we can have an ‘almost matching’ outfit day *chuckles*) and also got me a dress because it was in size medium.

Actually, the size medium dress was almost a perfect fit on me >_< The thing was, I didn’t notice that there was a zipper on the dress, so I kind of just put it on like usual, but I could still squeeze through. This happens with my jeans too (I don’t need to button or unzip, I just pull them up) – so you could say it fits me, or you could say it’s a size above (it’s supposed to be tight and unzipped so you climb in and then zip it up snugly I suppose). Thank you so much!

I guess the only thing I didn’t like about the dresses was myself lol. I need to get into shape. Or invest in one of those body sculpting underwear thingies people wear under body hugging dresses. Now if only they sold those for like $10. I saw one in Marie Claire going for $90 and it wasn’t even a body sculpting thing, it was just a super high waisted pair of underpants ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Sorry no photos of the clothes – don’t want people to catch onto the fashion trends ๐Ÿ˜‰ If y’know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

Had awesome scribble and drawing time with L and witnessed a disturbing make out session. Well it wasn’t disturbing disturbing. I’ve just been getting no action for too long XDย it’s just been a while since and besides it was unexpected.

Then we headed out to the city and Prize Paradise’d. That place = GRR! So hard to win stuff T_T

I somehow managed to get a monkey embedded into a carrot. Even my mum thinks it’s cute lolololol.

We then watched Clash of the Titans because R wanted to see it, and I’ll say the movie was alright – moved slowly at the beginning, and apparently, it wasn’t the true story – more so an adaptation than anything else. The main guy also had this really thick Australian accent which I think he should have tried curb to a slightly pommy accent to fit into the movie a bit better. Also, too many panty flash scenes. From the guys, that is. They were wearing skirts.

Skip below if you haven’t watched the movie to where the asterisks are.

The thing that made me not understand this most was the part with the Crackum (sp?) and Medusa’s head. If Medusa could not kill the charwood desert guy, since he wasn’t technically a man but more of a creature, then what is the Crackum? Is the Crackum a man? Well, the Crackum to me was more of a beast or a creature than a man. Despite saying he was Hades’ son/ child, just uhhhhh the Crackum is NOT a man. Why on earth would Medusa do the trick? Made no sense to me. Well more like, the movie writers did NOT consider this part well at all, which is why the ending was rushed – too slow at the beginning and too much rushedness at the end. Ah well.


Went home – thanks Ramille for a great night!

Sorry I’m going to cut this blog post short, but I will blog once I have more pictures and funky things on the way. I would update with the nails but they’re still short so I haven’t been stamping them at all! This week I simply used Konad’s Pink Pearl ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week, I’ll be back in a few days or so ๐Ÿ˜€


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