ZE:A “Harujongil”

I wasn’t a realllllly big fan of ZE:A because I felt that I needed to wait for the next releases to see whether F.Cuz or ZE:A were better. I know I said they’re incomparable because they’re like 4 people versus 9, but hands down, ZE:A is much stronger in their second single release

… I really like this song. But I really hate this MV.

The MV is screaming to me that they are wanting to sell ZE:A as a bunch of hot young men who are macho and cool, and that’s fine, but I don’t really know if the MV was appropriate to the feel of the song. I think the song itself is much more emotional than just a bunch of guys slinging each other out for a somewhat average chick. The part where he checks her out is quite intense to the credit of the ZE:A dude, but the girl – I’m not sure if it was just bad camera placement or if she’s a terrible actress, but I couldn’t feel it.

She didn’t do anything much throughout the whole thing, and she made no attempt to make the fighting stop. In the end of the day it’s a bit sausagey since everyone is just slogging each other out because two guys are fighting over a girl. Best mates? Yeah possibly, but this is a really nice song yet they put a cliche story line to it.

I still like the song and I think they do look smoking hot in this MV which gives them that extra personality boost I really wanted, but I think I’ll stick to listening to the mp3.

PS: When I say she’s average I don’t mean it literally – the MV portrays her as something special, but I just don’t see it. She wasn’t doing anything particularly attention grabbing and plus it’s already a given that she’s someone who just goes around to random guys. She looked nicer at the end when she looked frustrated and sad. Also, what’s with the dude on the motorbike? I don’t really get what he’s doing in this or what role he plays.


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