Hotel City

So, Playfish has had some undeniable success with “Restaurant City” on Facebook. Their latest “City” apart from Gangster City is “Hotel City”.

I realised this immediately – there is an unmistaken resemblance between “Hotel City” and “Home Inn”.

Hotel City

Home Inn – the image I used ages ages ago

I was so surprised that Playfish took the same background sort of graphic from Home Inn – though to their credit, Restaurant City has a similar graphic in their streetscape view –  not too sure what to think of it. I like the idea of having rooms as individual blocks that go together instead of dedicating an entire floor to a room (that idea is kinda freaky and reminds me of Oldboy – sort of), and there are restaurants, cleaning rooms, gyms and probably other things.

I know “Hotel City” is in its Beta stages, but it’s almost impossible to get enough coins to decorate anything properly. A small room is only $1/ person who stays, and the large one I have at the top is $3. Heck, using my gym only costs them $2 and only about 3-4 people use it at the same time. The hibernation bed (the funky looking machine in the top left room) costs like 8000 coins. It’s ridiculous.

“Hotel City” is also really damn boring because there’s nothing for me to do. I have no money to decorate (you can tell because I have like 100+ coins only) – and I can’t control the little people either. Unlike in “Home Inn”, I can clean up the rooms myself, or do the weird kissing thing to my customers and keep them happy (somewhat seedy, but it’s something to do, because it only happens once every 5 minutes and your friends might get to them first).

The last thing that pisses me off the most is my temporary workers are really ugly. The guy looking after my gym wears glasses and has a combover! Not that combovers and glasses aren’t sexy, but seriously :\ Also – I can’t hire my own staff. I have to post up an annoying notif on my wall feed asking people to click and be my staff member. WHAT A PAIN.

I seriously don’t find this game interesting or captivating. My attention span quickly ran out especially at the beginning with the stupid tutorial telling me to buy a 2500 coin white wall – I didn’t want a white wall! It was just a waste of 2500 coins. I know the tutorials are helpful and all, but I don’t appreciate having to waste my coins on something I don’t want just because of a tutorial, which I think should be optional, NOT compulsory to follow.

Long story short, I don’t have enough control in “Hotel City”, and I don’t have enough interaction with the game because it doesn’t allow me to. Even with Restaurant City at least I can feed my workers every now and then – with this, there’s nothing I can really do. Boringsauce.

Sorry to Hotel City fans, but I won’t be playing this one.


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