Recount of the week and possibly stuff I learned, if applicable

I know y’all be sick of me repeating the same shiz over and over, but I have pics to make the post look pretty XD

And if you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed my blog layout. WOOP! Looks a lot neater, but a lot smaller too. Because I’m blogging on a Monday, I get to do a Mazeltov and go from Monday to Sunday 😛


I cut my nails because well, the design was coming off and my nails seemed to be too long anyway. Cuticles do not look very healthy.

On the flip side though, orange pearl Konad polish is a really lovely colour. I’ve tricked you all here because I’ve edited the photo, but it is an orange. The lovely thing about it is that you can clearly see the silver glitter and it’s such a light springy summer kind of nail colour. Too bad it’s autumn now and it feels more like winter, but still, I really like the colour. Surprise surprise though, I didn’t like this colour at all when I got it in the mail, but I’m starting to think I’ll definitely be using this a lot more.

As you can see I’m starting to use my cher ❤ diary – I love doing little doodles and sometimes I take notes in it. I’ve also marked above the 28th my first day of hula hooping XD And FYI – yes I have been hula hooping every day without fail.


Had gloomy weather and I basically did nothing. I know this isn’t interesting at all, but I thought I’d just share that with you 😉


While the weather was better, I accidentally stumbled across something I did not want to see. You could almost call it a breakdown. Needless to say, Wednesday was not a good day for me. But on the flip side, the Lovigans made plans to go to noraebang (Korean karaoke) for Thursday – YAY!


Went to class and then we went to noraebang! The city’s nightlife is really different. I rarely hang around the city at night – but it was packed with people and people lining up to get into bars or clubs, and yeah. I already blogged about noraebang, but you should all visit C’s blog right here because she talks about the night in much better detail – she took more instaxes, and they actually show something lol – unlike my fail instaxes 😦 I couldn’t even put a picture to my blog T_T Also check out L’s awesome tumblr for photos of the night (mostly uploaded on the 2nd April 2010).

I’m going to steal this Instax of me and post it up here (so I get a picture here too hehe)


I know it’s a cheeky photo becauses I was wearing something that covered my arms (plus I’m in all black which made me look more like a ninja more than anything else) but I think I am possibly losing some weight. 8) I don’t weigh myself, by the way. But seriously, photos from the week before were like D:!!! in comparison just to the ones before that. Sad sauce, but I’m going to bump up that cardio and burn some fat >:\ And I got the Belle Instax XD Hopefully I don’t end up with a Beast though >_> LOL GEDDIT… BEAST… OTL

But I see my Domo necklace >:3

But seriously, we all really did have mad awesome fun – best 2 hours of karaoke that went by so quickly, I’m not kidding. Luckily we didn’t go clubbing because there was still a line when we drove past on the way home… this was past midnight, too… but next time!


I woke up sick :\ As a result I couldn’t really do much work. I was just feeling crappy.

What was even crappier was this that I mentioned briefly in my Friday blog:

Yep, my polaroid bag has one of the straps slightly coming out. I carry my handbag like bags too much like a sack way too often, which is why it resulted to this. I’ll fix it up later at some time. Untouched photo. Cuz it has sexy light.


I madly finished my computing assignment and finished around an epic time of perhaps 1 or 2am depending on how you want to calculate daylight savings. It was frustrating, but at the same time it was really satisfying, because the component I chose to model was actually a lot harder than I had expected it to be. I thought it was supposed to be easy but uh – no, it wasn’t. I’m feeling quite 1337 that I even managed to get it done.


I handed in my assignment and then Ramille came over because they wanted to park their car over near my place for a day or two. Unexpectedly though (well to me), I found myself in the city (guys, had I known I would have worn a jacket instead of a vest XD) and we were at Capitol doing our usual thing. Only I couldn’t get this darn teddy bear out of the machine 😦 Sadsauce.

We had some icecream at Passionflower though!

By the way, for those who have been thinking “hey cool perspex (well actually they’re polycarbonate) chairs!” at Passionflower, can I please tell you that you are sitting on a chair worth approximately $450AUD? By the way, I looked it up, it’s actually $530AUD – I knew it was somewhere near the $500 mark, but I only knew it was +/- $100. To be safe I just went under or else you’d all be like PSH SO IT WASN’T WORTH ALL THAT MUCH. I found out it was $530 from this article which is a bit of text, but if you search for the Louis Ghost chair, you’ll find the price.

Yes, this chair is worth several hundred dollars because this is a designer chair.


I actually didn’t realise until yesterday because I never paid attention to their chairs. It was only yesterday that I realised my researching of chairs for my desk made me realise that this was the Kartell Louis Ghost chair by Philippe Starck.

If you’re interested, you can buy these chairs from SPACE FURNITURE or Kartell. They have a Kartell store in Bondi Junction Westfield. I remember the first time I walked in I was freaked out at $600 plastic chairs, but these are well worth it. They’re durable, light, look good, relatively comfortable (but not good as a desk chair as C agreed) and the mould is expensive to make, therefore the hike in price. I looked carefully at the chairs and they’ve been using them for quite a few years – no scratches. Pretty good.

This is what you’re paying to sit on when you eat your icecream lol. $15 dollar icecream!

Left: Heartbreaker, Right: Lasting Love

So C got a Heartbreaker while I got a Lasting Love. The irony. What was even worse was that I have a dollop of that strawberry icecream tucked into the back and my icecream eventually turned into a Heartbreaker 😦 Sucks. But the mango sorbet was really nice! It was like eating a Weiss bar – and strawberries – nomnomnom.

For those who are wondering why the quality of photo for the Louis Ghost and Icecream photos is different, it’s because I bought a DSLR. No, I’m just kidding, I took them with my phone camera, actually. I’m amazed at the clarity D: It could possibly end up taking better photos than my Sony at this rate >_<

We then went to a few other places,  but mostly Lumiere.

I finally got my Palty hair dye. I bought Honey Brown. Sorry for the blurry photo. This is where the irony kicks in – I took it with my Sony Cybershot, yet my Samsung phone photos are better >:\

$19AUD @ AKA Cosmetics. They had a LOT of stock like just the week or two before and now they’re almost all gone! I chose this colour because I like my browns to be ashy and not orange. I do not want flaming orange hair.

R was made of awesomesauce and won me a Doraemon – after the past week of being teased by a certain somebody about owning a yojigen pouch because I lug large bags around, I guess I’m stuck with the little “feline robot”. It’s really cute though XD And once again, R also won me the Domo pouch, which is actually a key holder! Thank you!

The inside of the pouch is so cute! There are little Domos in different poses hahahaha.

I didn’t realise until after we left the place, but inside the Domo pouch there was a golden egg inside. There wasn’t anything inside the egg or anything, and now I suspect that this is a promotion thing going on at Prize Paradise. Hopefully I’m heading out to the city sometime soon and I’ll give this back to the counter. I hope it means a prize 8D But if not, they can reuse it for next year lol – I swear it wasn’t intentional that I took it with me, I just didn’t know it was inside to begin with o_o

So because Ramille were parking near mine, I am babysitting their Domo-kun that sits in the backseat usually.

Craptastic blur. WHY?!

Their Domo-kun is so huge in comparison to my little Domo ❤ But the cousins are hanging out together temporarily ^^

I decided to watch UP and it was so lovely! The graphics were so well done and I cried during the movie. The idea was just so beautiful ;__; It was so sad! But I really loved it.

By the way, R, I’ll have to side with C on this one – the kid from UP is definitely Asian because he has Asian eyes. Also his “mum” clapped like a Japanese lady 😛 They also got a Japanese kid to do his voice, so Russell is Japanese-American XD

He has almond eyes! Only Asians have them!

Today, ie. Monday

Anyway, I’ll be watching movies for today 😀 I also checked your car, Ramille, and it’s clean and fine. 🙂

Today I’ll be starting my 30minute hula hoop sessions. I can actually hula hoop non stop for 20minutes, so I’m gonna bump that up to 30minutes now. And I’m going to spin faster, too. Hehehe. And yes, the hoop does work!

Hope y’all enjoyed this long ass post. Is this a better structure than my usual blogging? If so I’ll continue to blog like this, because this post took me a lot longer than usual to write.

Until next post!

PS: I am 100% sure that I left something out that I was supposed to write about. But I forgot. Hmm. It’ll come to me – later. OH YES – I have a few things to sell ._. Self reminder to post here and on Gumtree.


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