Likas and Silka Papaya Soap reviews

So, here I am talking about Likas and Silka. I’ve written about them before in one of the “How did you find me? / Searches of the Day” posts, but I think this should get its own review.

I am not going to post up pictures.

There are a few reasons:

1. My methodology of testing these soaps was not accurate
2. You can look up the images of the soaps for yourself
3. You just have to trust me based on how I described them to work. I can’t compare before and after.

I heard from C that there was Likas actually available in Sydney, and I received a bar of it from her. I later then went on my little field trip (it was actually quite ghetto and frightening in retrospect) and bought some more soap. When I was there in the little Filipino supermarket, I noticed that they sold Silka as well, and it was 20c cheaper at $3.30. (I think this was the price – I don’t have Silka anymore) 

Being the curious little girl I am, I bought 2 bars of Silka just to test it out.

Verdict? Likas works. Silka also works. They both work.

What’s the difference? Likas is a slightly larger soap, almost unscented, whilst Silka is heavily perfumed but smells very fresh. The problem I had the most with Silka was reading all the FDA warnings since it was denied import into the States due to a colour additive. I figured that if they sold it here in Sydney, it would be good enough (we have pretty strict regulations here).

Which one is more effective? Hard to say.

I started off using just one Likas bar and I could tell that it was drying out my skin and it lightened some areas that I really didn’t think would lighten – including my forearms and to a degree my fingers (I know, wtf, dark fingers). I then went on the two bars of Silka which didn’t dry out my skin at all (it contains vitamin E), but I was freaked with the FDA warnings anyway and wanted to finish them ASAP. During that course I think it kept me fair (it was summer here in Sydney) and I haven’t tanned. The darker areas I mentioned about however, didn’t lighten any more than they already did.

Things to note: I’m Chinese, so I’m generally fair in my own way. I don’t like to tan. I don’t wear sunscreen except for the SPF on my face from bbcream and lotion (I know this is bad, but meh). Occassionally I used the Silka whitening lotion Ramille got me if I know I’m going to be out for a sunny day (eg. photoshooting). Having said that, the lotion is only SPF6, but I haven’t gotten any darker at all.

Oh, and I walk to Uni as well. I don’t wear a hat or sunscreen, but I wear sunglasses. I haven’t tanned from that, either.

I think if you have some areas on your body that are well – I can’t say abnormally, but darker than expected, Likas should be able to lighten it for you. I use Likas in the shower- I lather it up all nicely (it lathers very well) and I use a Korean Italy towel to exfoliate all over. I’ve stopped that for a while because I’m a bit lazy on the exfoliation (this always happens when I start uni again), but it was proven to be quite effective. Think about it – remove dead layers of skin, whiten the new layer.

In a way though, these soaps are more about maintaining your skin to a certain fairness rather than bleaching your skin. I still don’t consider myself to be the milky shade I’d like to be (photos beg to differ though), but I’ll continue using Likas. I won’t be buying Silka because I’m worried about the coloring additive (it’s silly, isn’t it? A perfectly good soap, but the colour undermines the entire product).

How does this compare to other “whitening” products? Oh this is very cheap and affordable in comparison. I know a bar of Dettol soap is only $1/ bar, whilst these are 3-3.5x the cost, but it’s well worth it. There are so many whitening products out there and I highly doubt they work. This is a fairly cheap and mild product, so it’s definitely worth a try. I again stress this: you won’t turn whiter overnight. Notice the spots you think are darker than what they should be, and you will find a difference.

Can I use this to whiten my face? C warned me not to get this on my face, but I did it anyway because I loved how smooth it made my face and how squeaky clean it felt. Surely enough, the skin on my face was too dry and started pumping out oil. Yep, I got pimples. And my skin wasn’t so smooth no more LOL. I suggest you just use something like a rice mask (eg. the one by SKINFOOD is quite good – I am using that now) once or twice a week, and you should be fine. Use bbcream with a good SPF and drink water and milk. Over time your face will pale up.

I’ve switched back to Likas and I found that I’m not peeling any more. Probably because I got over the initial exfoliation stage and I don’t really have much excess dead skin to peel. During my time when I used Likas and Silka I did NOT moisturise at all. For those who get exceptionally dry, please put on some lotion 🙂

Where to buy this in Sydney? At any Filipino grocery store.

Recommended? Oh yes, very. Good price, easy to use (you don’t have to go out of your way or spend extra time – you just use this in the shower so it takes no time at all) and quite effective.

OTHER NOTES: I can’t believe this, but I actually forgot to write the most important aspect of these soaps: they clear up your skin. If you have KP aka chicken skin (those bumps along your arms or legs that just won’t go away), Likas and Silka help to unclog your pores and smoothen the skin out. I am amazed because after just maybe 6 months of using this soap, I think the bumps have decreased in size by 50%. I believe that with another 6 months with good exfoliation should get rid of these altogether.

Also, my eczema scars are the dark type (you know how they’re red and then they turn dark) – Likas has helped to fade them. Some of them are faded that they’re almost gone. Again, it takes time, but it’s worth the try. I’ve tried various things to help the eczema marks go away, but this has been proven the most effective since it’s easy and fused into the daily routine.


29 thoughts on “Likas and Silka Papaya Soap reviews

  1. oh my god, i love u! thank you SOOO much for all your wonderful help!!!!!!!!!!! you helped me out IMMENSLYY thank youuu sweety!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. and now I’ve finally decided to use Likas Papaya soap, at last! Coz its been a quite long time already since i compare this 2 whitening soaps without even trying. I know Likas will dry out skin and Silka has too much color additive and will darken the skin first before turning into fairer skin. Just now I’ve read this, I will surely rush to grocery and buy one 🙂 thanks to you gurl!

  3. OMG. Thank you very much for this review. I’m here in the Philippines and yet I’m confused with the two. Finally I decided to use Likas. God bless and more power! ❤

  4. this review is no more true for the new productions of likas papaya soap… i have been using this soap since 2003 and i found it to be very good.. not until last or last two years there are lot of this fake kinds.. and i have been searching for original soap since i found that i have been using fake soap from the trusted outlet i used to buy..i tried buying from different locations and tried the soap… there are no difference as regard to the color, packing etc… and i usually bought them from mercury drug store since their purchase are directly from the producer of likas papaya… i have observed that the soap where no more as effective as their old brand…
    based from my experience, after washing ur face using likas papaya, you will feel the tightening of your face, as if you are having a “FACE LIFT” it is because it closes your pores on your skin if not mistaken a so called exfoliation effect… aside from that, pimples and black heads are not a problem.. after washing your face before bedtime, you will find your pimples or blackheads dried out the following morning… and most of all, a continuous use of this soap makes your skin flawless…
    but just lastyear or more than a year now,, likas papaya has i think changed the ingredient of the soap… the new kind of likas papaya, which packing and scent(no scent) has no difference compare to the old one, has disappointing results…
    after using this soap on your face it will whiten your face, but has NO exfoliation effect.. the whitening of your face after washing is somewhat due to some (white)ingredients that sticks to your face, wich will just disappear after some hours in a day… unlike with the continuous us of original(old brand) likas papaya which makes your skin looks healthy white and glows even under the sun,, the new likas papaya simply makes your skin dry and your whiteness does not glow… it simply makes your skin look PALE…
    with my used of the original brand, my skin looks healthy white, glows, and pinkish…
    but with the use of the new likas papayas, i never had them anymore… it simply make my skin pale, leaving something that stick on your skin uppermost layer, and it even causes rashes on my skin..
    so, the question here is: are this fake likas papaya that i happened to use? or are they the new likas papaya now? with new ingredient..?
    i am convinced with my own experience that this likas papaya on the market now are made up of different ingredient as the old one… i myself bought samples from different places in the philippines (gensan, cebu, manila) and all of them have the same disappointing effect…
    so i conclude likas papaya is no more that effective..a counterfeit .. they took advantage of their established name and shift to maybe cheaper ingredients while increasing the price in the market…the original cost of the papaya i used to buy was only 43pesos, until in increases slowly up to 77pesos today while decreasing its efficiency..
    so before buying this papaya soap… you have to think if not twice, think thrice.

    • Thanks for the indepth review of your product. I haven’t seen much difference considering I don’t live in the Phillipines or need the soap on a very often basis (I just use the soap to keep any tan away), but it sounds like the product just isn’t working any more for you. Have you exfoliated manually? I noticed that when I first used the soap it made my skin peel, but after that I had to use a rough towel to rub off any dead skin. That way it keeps my skin looking healthy.

      It sounds like the soap is getting really expensive over there too…

  5. PLease help me Guyz….. I just want to know if Likas Papaya soap really cure red acne? I’m using the product almost 2weeks now. But the only effect is whiten my skin more. I want to know how many weeks or months i need to wait to see the real effect. Pls… answer my question. THANKS!

    • Likas is a soap. All it does will dry out your skin. If your red acne is oily in nature, then continue to use Likas because most likely, a dermatologist will prescribe something that will dry out your skin (which is what Likas is doing anyway). If the soap isn’t making your skin worse, continue to use it. If it makes your skin worse, stop using it immediately and see a dermatologist.

  6. Hi Kmisa, Thanks for the reply i really appreciate it. I hope Likas can help me to cure my red acne ‘coz i don’ t want it to be worse… Anyway, i also want to ask if its normal when i used the soap i feel itchy and my face become oily? Do you have any idea how many weeks or months i need to wait to see the result??? Please reply again. Tnx & God bless =)

    • Hi Gladys,

      Your skin is itchy and gets oily because Likas is making it dry (your skin is making oil because you’re removing all your oil with soap). You still need to moisturise morning/ night and exfoliate once a week.
      I can’t say how long it takes for you to see results – if any – everyone’s skin is different. If the problem with your red acne has to do with hormones then the soap will only play a minor part. If your red acne is around your forehead and you have a fringe/ bangs covering your forehead, you should probably clip your hair away from your face as that might be the problem.

  7. hi.. i’m having a problem with my zits for 2months now. and i don’t know what soap to use.i’ve tried different kind of soaps already. for the past weeks, i’ve been using just a hypoallergenic baby soap coz i know it’s not too harsh for my face. but i wanted to change my soap, and i’m confused which soap to use, LIKAS or SILKA. Hope any two of these will wipe out my pimples and some pimple marks in my face. please help me.. THANK YOU!

    • Likas is unscented, Silka is, therefore I suggest using Likas.
      What’s wrong with the soap you’re using now? I don’t see why you need to change soaps all of a sudden, because Likas might not make your skin better, it was never designed to be used as a remedy for acne/ pimples. The most it’ll do is dry your skin so that your skin rejuvenates itself faster, but you can do that without necessarily using Likas.

    • Likas is designed to whiten skin over a period of time naturally, it was not designed for whiteheads and soap definitely does not help softening skin. To get rid of whiteheads you might want to consider a product named Off with those heads from b.liv by Cellnique. To soften skin, keep hydrated and mousturise. Likas will only help you whiten about half to one shade in 2 weeks, results take time. HTH!

  8. hi can u help me to answer my question???i want to know if likas papaya will white my skin in just 2 weeks???will likas can remove my white heads????and soften my skin???

  9. guys i just have a question… i started using silka papaya lotion and it made me itch and then some like chiken skin appear on my arms and legs… what can i do to get rid of them????

    • Moisturise with a good body moisturiser made for sensitive skin, I found chicken skin happens when you exfoliate too much or use harsh products on your skin but don’t moisturise. It should go away within a week or so.

    • hi, this happened to me like two years ago atfer using silka lotion.. the doctors were also confused but then they knew i was just having some type of hypersensitivity reaction..
      they gave me physiogel cream to remove the bumps, itchiness and redness and also anti-histamine . maybe you’re experiencing what i had experienced.. you should probably use products that are hypoallergenic 🙂 and/ or for sensitive skin 🙂

  10. Hey guys! I’m excited to post this comment and hopefully it will be helpful to you guys.
    I’m Korean but I tend to tan very easily, and recently because of all the running I’ve been doing outdoors, I’ve gotten to a pretty dark shade especially on my shoulders, arms and decolletage (chest area). I think what most people don’t realise is that not all Koreans are naturally as ghostly pale as all the Korean celebrities appear to be. Some of us are born with darker skin and tan very easily, myself included. For darker Korean skin types, it is just as hard as it is for any of you to get that pasty white glow.

    I’ve been wanting to get said glow recently because I’m getting married in a year and I don’t want to look too tanned in my wedding dress. Also, my tan is quite uneven and I have tan lines on shoulders and back… tan lines are so unattractive…

    Anyways I did some Googling on skin whitening and I found that skin whitening regimes are highly sought after by some African girls who want to be a few shades lighter. A found one forum where African girls post on skin whitening and they all seem to use Likas Papaya Soap and find that it is quite effective for them.

    That’s how I found this blog article by Kmisa. After learning that you can buy Likas in Sydney, I went to that same supermarket (Chow King in Parramatta Westfield) and bought two cakes of it, as well as one Silka. Likas cost $3.00 a bar (!) and Silka cost $2.70. Dirt cheap!

    Just now, I used Likas four times (literally!) and I can definitely say I have had immediate results. I think my method of using it made it even more effective so I’m going to recommend it to everyone.

    I stood in the bathtub and dampened my skin by pouring warm water all over my body using a small bowl. Then I got the Likas Papaya Soap and made a thick lather in my exfoliating towel (the Korean ones which are much rougher than other ones, you can get them at Korean grocery stores), then I rubbed the towel all over my body. If you’re using a Korean exfoliating towel for the first time, it will probably hurt and feel like sandpaper on your skin because you’re not used to it. I’ve been using it all my life so I can rub it really hard and it doesn’t hurt one bit, but feels heaps nice! Then I rinsed myself off with more warm water from the bath tap.

    Next I used my hands to create a thick lather with the Likas Papaya Soap, and rubbed the lather all over my body, concentrating on the darker parts (for me, shoulders, arms and decolletage). After massaging it in for a few minutes, I rinsed it off again. Then I repeated the whole procedure two more times. I used it on my face just once, but I let it sit for a couple of minutes then rinsed it off.

    Everywhere on my body looks clearly lighter, especially the darker parts, probably because it’s more obvious there. It even seems to be lightening some dark scars that I have on my legs.

    Like others who have posted here, I found that soon after I had dried myself off, my skin began to be slightly irritated and feel quite tight. So before all the moisture from my LIkas bath evaporated from my skin I quickly rubbed in my body lotion, and on my face rubbed in some oil (“Nude Oil” by Nude by Nature, best skin oil ever! You can get it at some pharmacies or at Myer, etc.).

    I really can’t wait to try it again tomorrow, I know I will have my pasty white glow soon!

    Good luck 🙂

  11. i just red this and thank you for the info. I just want to ask since you said that your a chinese. I wondering where would i find bl chinese cream?

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